When it comes to printing banners, it is essential that you choose the right types of banners for your event. Whether you are looking for a waterproof outdoor banner or a professional backdrop, knowing which banner is best will truly help you in the long run. Below, we have outlined the different types of banners that we have available at Aura Print and where they are commonly used.

Which banner should you choose?

Our most popular banner material is a PVC vinyl. PVC vinyl is a strong and sturdy plastic material, which is tear resistant and water resistant, making this banner material ideal to be hung outside. Being an opaque material, PVC is not affected by different lighting and can be used to display big and bold designs. This material is available in three different weights: 440PVC and 510PVC both allow for a single-sided printing banner and 700PVC allows for a double-sided printing banner.

PVC banners are commonly used for outdoor advertising and step and repeat banners.

What is a mesh banner?

Now we know what a PVC vinyl banner is you may be wondering what is a mesh banner? Mesh banners are made of a material containing small holes within the fabric, making the banner semi-transparent. These holes allow the wind to pass through with ease, preventing the banner from being torn or blown away in windy weather conditions. Due to the transparent nature of the mesh material, this types of banners can only be printed single sided. Any print that appears on the front will also appear on the back as a reverse mirror image.

Mesh material banners are typically used for barrier covers and outside banner displays.

What is a backlit banner?

Our backlit banners are designed to fit within a lightbox. Unlike most banners, the backlit material does not have an additional layer, which allows light to pass through. When lit up from behind, the light illuminates the print, creating a bright and vibrant image.

This types of banners are commonly used for promotional materials for cinemas and theatres.

Portable printing banners

Pull up banners are fixed within a retractable stand, allowing the banner to be easily set up and taken down. As the banner is fitted inside the stand, it can be transported and put up in a wide range of different locations. This type of banner is available in three different materials – standard, premium, and heavy-duty. Each material has its own benefit, with the standard roller banner being lighter to carry and the heavy-duty banner being the most durable.

Retractable banners are often used for exhibition displays and indoor advertising.

Vector images of PVC, mesh, backlit and pull up banner

When it comes to printing different types of banners, which finish is best?

The best finish for your banner is one that is suited to where your banner will be displayed. Knowing where your banner will be displayed beforehand will help you to choose the appropriate banner finish for your banners.

Classic hems and eyelets provide your banner with some weight and a method of attaching your banner to a surface, such as a railing or a wall. Our print team position the eyelets every 50cm (unless specified), to provide plenty of points to secure your banners.

Clean cut banners tend to be used as tabletop displays as they can lie flat on a surface. This banner finish allows your banner to be easily moved as it is not attached to a specific place. Without any additional eyelets, this types of banners is perfect to be fitted within a frame or display stand.

Pole pocket banners are designed to fit through a pole and tend to be fixed on the sides of buildings or streetlights. The pole pockets allow this banner to hang securely without being disrupted by the weather.

Which fixing should you choose?

Your fixing of choice will be determined by the location you want to display your banner. Banners that are to be fixed to railings will require a different fixing to suspended banners that attach to the ceiling. Before you go ahead printing banners, you must always know where it is to be placed.

Our washers, plugs and screws are designed for types of banners that are to be fixed to a solid surface, such as an outside wall. The screws fix the banner into position, helping to keep the banner’s shape and prevent the banner from moving.

Our cable ties and bungee cords are best for banners that are to be attached to a railing or fence. The ties thread through the eyelets, securing the banner in place and are easy to adjust and move.

Banners that are to be fixed through a pole require a pole pocket finishing.

Ready for printing banners? Let us help

Here at Aura Print we know a little something about printing banners, it is, after all, where our print journey began. We understand that choosing the right banner is important which is why we are here to help advise you to make the best choice from our different types of banners. Our team are standing by to answer any questions you may have about our custom banner printing service and how it can work for you.