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Guides (AP-UK)

  1. How To Supply Artwork For Kiss And Die Cutting

    Get creative with kiss cutting and die cutting.
  2. What Is Color Core?

    Our triple thick paper explained.
  3. Setting Up Artwork For Foil Printing With Examples

    Create stunning foiled artwork with ease.
  4. SRA3 Paper – What Is It?

    Professional printers don't use A4 or A3 paper, but larger SRA3.
  5. How Is Paper Made?

    A brief history of how paper came to be.
  6. Have An Eco Friendly Christmas With Aura Print

    Our top tips for staying green this Christmas time.
  7. Kiss Cut Vs Die Cut: Which Should You Choose?

    Is die cut or kiss cut the best choice for your next print project?
  8. What Is GSM Paper?

    Know which GSM paper to pick for your next print.
  9. How To Design A Postcard

    Making your own postcard is a fun way to promote your business
  10. How AI Is Shaking Up The Print Industry

    How has AI impacted the print industry?
  11. 5 Printed Products To Level Up Your Tattoo Business

    These print products will take your studio to the next level.
  12. Printed Books vs. eBooks: Rediscovering the Joy of Reading

    We pit eBooks against paper books to find out which is really best
  13. The Rise Of Digital Ticketing

    We've taken a deep dive into the rise behind digital ticketing.
  14. How To Design A Cocktail Menu

    Create a delicious cocktail menu with our 3-step guide.
  15. Explaining Our Folded Print Layouts

    We've expanded our print possibilities with our folded flyers.
  16. Colour Matching: What Do You Need To Know

    Colour Match Your Orders
  17. Packaging Design: What You Need To Consider

    Learn to create innovative packaging design.
  18. 5 Valentines Must-Haves for Your Etsy Card Store

    The romantic flavours your etsy shelves are missing
  19. How To Make The Perfect Business Card

    Print your perfect business card with Aura Print.
  20. How To Set Up Photos For Print

    Prevent your photos from printing darker.