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Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging

Looking for a way to make your product packaging stand out? Let the team here at Aura Print help with our packaging printing service! Whether you need custom box printing for your cosmetics brand, crowdfunded electronics, or even your handmade jewelry, we've got you covered. Our expert packaging designers will work with you to create custom packaging boxes that create aspirational unboxing experiences.

Our packaging printing service includes custom packaging boxes that are tailored to your product's specific needs. From unique shapes and sizes to graphics and messaging, we'll work with you to create packaging that is truly unique.

Truly Personalised Packaging

One-of-a-kind packaging starts with materials, and at Aura Print we've got the best selection of paper types and finishes you could ask for. From laminate finishes including gloss, matt, and soft touch to added luxurious touches such as metallic foil and spot uv. We have all the tools to enable your custom packaging to stand out against your competition.

If our pre-made templates aren't exactly what you need, don't worry - we allow our customers to submit their own completely custom packaging. All we need from you is the flat height and width of your unfolded box and we can give you an instant price.

Alternatively, if you need something one-off creating, our design team is able to create product boxing ideas from scratch. That means you can work with our packaging designers to create packages that are tailored to your exact needs. Want a custom shape or size? No problem. Need a specific material or finish? We've got you covered. How about unique package inserts, you betcha! Whatever your needs, we'll work with you to create packaging that meets them.

Product Packaging For Unforgettable Unboxing Experiences

We know that packaging printing isn't just about functionality - it's about brand building and creating an experience. Whether you want to include custom messaging or graphics, personalised packaging is a great way to create a memorable unboxing for your customers. Imagine your patrons receiving their order in packaging that is uniquely branded and tailored to their interests. It's a great way to make a lasting impression and build customer loyalty.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn more about our packaging printing service. We'll work with you every step of the way to create custom packaging boxes that are both visually stunning and functional. Whether you're packaging cosmetics, gifts, or electronics, we'll help you make a lasting impression with custom packaging that is tailored to your product's specific needs. Don't settle for generic packaging - let us help you stand out with completely custom packaging that truly reflects your brand.

Square Tuck Box Packaging

Custom Box Packaging

Bring your product packaging to life with made-to-measure, custom nets, and bespoke packaging printing.

Tray Packaging

Custom Tray Packaging

Box tray packaging is great for displaying any matter of product. Choose between our templates or your own custom-designed box net.

Hang Box Packaging

Custom Hang Box Packaging

For hanging display packaging, our hang boxes are a perfect choice. Choose between a drill hole or euro slot to ensure your packaging fits your display stand.

Pillow Box Packaging

Custom Pillow Box Packaging

Our innovative pillow box packaging is designed to cradle your items and deliver a delightful unboxing experience.

Window Box Packaging

Custom Window Box Packaging

Let the contents of your box shine on through by including a die-cut window into your packaging.

Drawer Box Packaging

Custom Drawer Box Packaging

Our slide-out drawer packaging creates a great presentation when unboxing. Simply pull out the tray from its packaging sleeve.

Box With Lid Packaging

Custom Box With Lid Packaging

With a fully removable lid, our box with lid packing is ideal for use as gifting or wrapped up with a ribbon.

Sleeve Box Packaging

Custom Sleeve Packaging

Our sleeve packaging is perfect to wrap around wooden boxes and leather cases, to advertise the goodies inside.

Pouch Box Packaging

Custom Pouch Packaging

From fudge to tea leaves, our packaging pouches made from cardboard are ideal for small giftable items you want to sell.

Triangular Packaging

Custom Triangular Packaging

Just like a Toblerone tube, our triangular packaging can be used to house all matter of items, from chocolate to socks.

Hexagonal Packaging

Custom Hexagonal Packaging

Ready to stand out on the shelves? Our hexagonal boxes are perfect for providing an amazing unboxing experience.

Custom Packaging

Need Completely Custom Packaging?

Need packaging that you've not found? Talk to our team about bringing your entirely custom packaging ideas to life.