Celebrity business cards are often prime examples of both successful and creative designs. Below, we’ve taken a look at different famous people business cards that you can use to take inspiration for your new cards.

Mark Zuckerberg Business Card

Mark Zuckerberg first business card is far from the stiff designs seen in the corporate world. Recipients of Mark Zuckerberg CEO business card are unlikely to remember anything other than the headline with the phrase I’m CEO *****.

Mark Zuckerberg and his business card

Steve Wozniak Business Card

Rather than paper, Steve Wozniak business card is a metal business card with his details engraved into the surface. Parts of the metal have been clean cut through and other elements that have been embossed, creating interesting textures on the surface of the metal.

Steve Wozniak and his business card

Steve Jobs Business Card

Steve Jobs business card serves as an example of less is more. This design utilises a professional layout, with the Apple logo to the left and the content aligned to the right. Looking at this company card, you know exactly who it belongs to, the company they represent and how you would be able to contact them.

Steve Jobs and his business card

Donald Trump Business Card

Trump business card during his run as president of the United States is typical of government official cards. Donal Trump business card uses a wide sans serif font and a central layout, making this design easy to read and understand. Unlike most government cards, Trump has used his own logo in the top left corner of the card.

Donald Trump and his business card

Bill Gates Business Card

To the modern viewer, Bill Gates first business card for Microsoft may seem incredibly dated. This design uses the bold, bright colours typically seen in the 70’s. In the present, Bill Gates business card moves towards a minimalistic design, using white space and a simple layout for this design.

Bill Gates and his business card

Coco Chanel Business Card

The design seen on Chanel business card is typical of the time period. Coco Chanel business card has the logo front and centre, with the remaining contact information aligned to the bottom of the card. This draws focus to the centre logo so that viewers know exactly who this card belongs to.

Coco Chanel and her business card

Jonah Hill Business Card

Jonah Hill business card is incredibly simple, with only three lines of text across the front. Hill has used an old-style gothic font alongside a modern sans serif font to create a complimentary heading. The sarcastic phrase “I just met Jonah Hill and it was a letdown” is truly reflective of Jonah Hill and his comedic career.

Jonah Hill and his business card

Arnold Schwarzenegger Business Card

Alongside being an actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger is also a governor and his card layout reflects this. The serif font found on Arnold Schwarzenegger business card is classic and timeless, with a mixture between centre and left aligned text. Schwarzenegger’s logo brings a touch of colour to his card without becoming too overwhelming.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his business card

Steve Martin Business Card

Steve Martin business card differs from other cards as the design contains a quote, instead of contact information typically found on company cards. “This certifies that you have had a personal encounter with me and that you found me warm, polite, intelligent and funny” can be seen across the top of this card, with Steve Martin’s signature to the bottom right.

Steve Martin and his business card

Feeling inspired?

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