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Custom Printed Tags with String

Custom Printed Tags with String
14 October 2020
Custom Printed Tags with String

Hang Tag Printing With String

Since we love giving you the customisation options we most often get asked about, we've decided to add tag string to our custom printed hang tags. It’s now easier than ever to order custom tags with string. If you’re already sold, then head on over to our product tags page to order or read on to find out what price tags with strings we’ve added to our site.

Various Product Tags With Strings Applied

Hang Tag String Loops

Firstly, we’ve decided to offer just a few pre-set sizes of hang tag string loops. This will make it easier to order hang tags with string and also let us see what else customers might want. If there’s a certain type of string that you want to see, then let us know! No matter if you need your hang tags with string for clothing or for candles, we love offering you just the options you need to order your product tags with ease.

Close Up Of Product Tags With String Attached

Gift Tags With String

We’ve decided now’s a great time to add custom gift tags with string as we’re actually coming up to that dreaded time of year! Yep, CHRISTMAS! We can take the pain out of creating personalised gift tags with string now though as using our site for ordering your tags is so simple!

What String Loops We’ve Added

So without further waffle, here are the different types of product tag strings we’ve added to our site. As we add more, we’ll update this list.

Hang Tags With Elastic String

We’ve added eight different types of strings for your product tags. All of these string loops come in a length of 260mm and a cord thickness of 0.75mm. It’s important to know that the length (260mm) means the length of the entire string. So once tied the length of the loop becomes around 130mm from knot to drill hole.

The strings available are:

  • White elastic string
  • Black elastic string
  • Red elastic string
  • Gold elastic string
  • Silver elastic string
  • Flax cord
  • White string with clip lock
  • Black string with clip lock

Note: Our clip lock tag strings can only be supplied with your order since once they have been connected, it is hard to unclip them. Therefore we only offer the option for customers to apply themselves.

Types Of String

Eco-Friendly Tags With String

Because we also sell a lot of recycled paper tags and kraft tags, we’ve also added flax cord look which is perfect for printing brown price tags with string.

Flax Cord Product Tag String

How To Apply Your Tag String

Since we’re masters of leaving the choice up to you. You can either choose to have us apply the strings to your tags or you can apply them yourself and we’ll just supply the loops. To apply your product tag string just follow these steps.

1. Poke the end of the loop without a knot through your tag. We recommend going from the backside so the loop pokes out of the front of your product tag.

2. Pull the loop so it’s around halfway through the hole.

3. Take the knotted end of the product tag loop and thread it through the loop on the front.

4. Now pull the knotted end gently and the tag will wrap cleanly around your tag drill hole.

How To Apply A Product Tag String

Want To Order Your Label Tags?

We hope the overview of our new paper tags with string has been useful for you. To order these all you need to do is head on over to our product tag printing page and when you get to the custom options related to stringing you’ll be able to choose to include the product tag string, what colour you want, and if you’d like us to apply them or not. It’s really as easy as that.

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