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Business Card Printing

  • You've stumbled upon the best business card printing UK wide, hands down.
  • We can even design and print business cards for you, just send us a brief.
  • Choose from over 40 hand-selected paper types and finishing options to make your card stand out.

We take business card printing to heart as we want to share in your success; after all, when your personalised business cards make a great first impression, so do we. Done right, personalised business cards are an extension of you and your business. They’re often the first thing you’ll hand to clients, no matter if you’re at a trade show or making a sales call.

At Aura Print, we understand that there can’t be a one size fits all approach when you need to order custom business cards online. We’ve built our business card printing configurator tool all around what our customers want, not need, so you can finally get those custom business cards you’ve always wanted but no other printer offered you.

We Make It Simple To Print Business Cards Online

No matter if you need some luxuriously thick personalised business cards, or you’d like your business card printing on a range of eco-friendly papers, we have a range of over 40 paper types for a truly custom business card printing experience.

Our selection of hand-curated papers are just the beginning however, we allow you control over every aspect of your custom business cards. Once you’ve selected your paper, you can then choose from a range of unique finishing options to make your bespoke business card stand out. Such as high quality full colour print, airbrushed edges, a laminate finish, rounded corners and much more. You can even choose the size and shape of your bespoke business cards to really stand out.

Your custom business cards are there to help you get your foot in the door with potential clients, and we've given you every choice we possibly can to enable you to stand head and shoulders above others in quality and uniqueness.

We Can Even Design And Print Business Cards

Business card printing is nothing unless it’s paired with a fantastic design, that’s why we don’t just offer you the chance to print your own design, but we also have an in-house team of professional designers ready to design and print business cards just for you. It’s as simple as selecting it as an option below, then once you checkout, just send us your design brief.

Don’t worry if you need fast turnaround business card printing as our team of designers often sends you the first draft of your design within 1 working day. All changes are free and we’ll never print until you say the word Go!

If at any point you;d like a guiding hand to print business cards online, then our fantastically friendly customer service team would love to help, answer your questions, and assist you place your order.

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Traditionally a business card in the UK is 85mm wide x 55mm tall. In the USA, business cards are 3.5" wide and 2" tall. To learn all about the other typical business card sizes, you can read our blog explaining what size is a business card. You do also sometimes get square business cards and mini business cards. While we do allow you to print your business card at any size you want, we've given you all of the most popular preset sizes to choose from which will allow your business card to fit in 99% of peoples pockets.

We offer business card printing on a range of over 40 paper stocks, so the choice really is up to you. Our most popular options are silk or uncoated paper, however, recycled is a great eco-friendly alternative.

You may also see mention of business card paper gsm. This is a measurement of thickness. We've written a blog explaining exactly what GSM means here.

We love giving you choice, that's why we have the option to split your total print quantity between multiple designs. This means that if you have the same business card design, with different names, then you can print them without having to make a separate order. For example, you need business cards for you and your employee and want 200 each. You could order 400 business cards over 2 designs. This works out much cheaper and easier as you get the benefit of discounts when ordering larger amounts. You can have whatever quanity of each you need too, it doesn't have to be an equal split.
If you're needing to design your own business card, then we have a handy template that you can download and create your own artwork. If you're wondering how to make business cards in word, then take a look at our blog post which gives you a step by step guide to make business cards in word. If you're looking for an amazing business card, we also offer a design service for business cards, just order it alongside your print.

If you need to know how many business cards to bring to a conference then our answer would be "more than you think you need"!

In reality, it all depends on the length, size and nature of what conference you'll be attending. If you're exhibiting in a booth, then we'd say 1000 is a good bet, but if you're simply visiting, then 100 should be enough, just make sure to only give out your card to whom you really want to be in touch with.

We love digital printing business cards as it's fast, has amazing quality, and allows us to offer you fast turnaround business card printing. You'd be hard-pressed to know the difference between the two unless you're a print expert or need to match exactly to a Pantone booklet swatch.

Offset, often referred to as litho, is an older technique of business card printing involving rollers, specifically mixed inks and a huge print press. To fully understand the difference we have a blog explaining the difference between the two print methods.

Yes, all paper business cards we offer are fully recycleable with your regular recycleable items. We try to make what we offer as green as possible by using plant based inks and making sure the papers we offer are sustainable and recycleable. You can read all about sustainable business card printing here.
In short, there are no regulations when it comes to what you want to print on your business card. Even if you have LLC in your business name, if you think your customers will need to know that, then we'd say include it, but if not, then we'd probably keep things simple.

This is all down to personal preference and how your business operates. If you have a store or HQ where you'd like clients to visit then it's probably not a bad idea to include a brief address, such as a street name and postcode.

If you run an online store though, your contact information is key. including your email address, phone number and website is usually more beneficial as you can then include all your other details on your site contact page.

In short, all of our business cards are made out of paper or plastic.

The type of paper is really the way in how you can make your business card stand out. That's why we give our customers such an amazing choice of over 40+ hand selected business card paper so they can create the exact business card they wish.

We’d love to tell you that there’s only one best font for business cards, but this simply isn’t the case. All business cards are different, each with its own best font choices that match the design. As a standard, the best font for business cards is one that is easy to read, matches your design, and doesn’t distract from the overall appearance of your cards.

Business cards can be used in a variety of ways, not just for handing out your contact information. The additional space can be used as a photo gallery to promote your business or use the back as a loyalty card to encourage your customers to shop with you again. The alternative uses for business cards are practically endless. If your idea can fit within the space, then why not give it a whirl?

When thinking of places to hand out business cards, you may be imagining a corporate scene with men in suits. But this isn’t the only place to hand out business cards. Why not take the opportunity to hand out your business card with any orders you make, in artist alleys or conference halls, or even take the old-fashioned approach and have your card displayed in a shop window. Anywhere that potential customers can see your business card should be considered as a place to hand out business cards.


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Click the icon above to download our PDF template including all available sizes.

Artwork Requirements

  • Allow 2mm of bleed around all of your artwork for cutting tolerances.
  • Format all artwork to CMYK.
  • Set your resolution to a minimum of 300DPI.
  • Supply your artwork in PDF, JPG, packaged AI or EPS formats.
  • Keep all text, logos and foreground images within a 3mm margin from edge of page.

Sample Packs

Business Card Sample Pack

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