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Say Hi To Our Team

Good companies are nothing without good people, and we're proud to have some of the very best working here at Aura Print. We have a mix of newly qualified professionals and experienced veterans keeping the cogs running smoothly, but one thing we all have in common is our enthusiasm for offering you the best service possible. We work tirelessly for our customers to maximise speed and quality, ensuring that only the best finished print leaves our doors.

So, with all that said, here are your hosts.

Customer Service & Pre Press

Suzanne Ranshaw

Customer Service Advisor

Suzanne is our long-standing customer service advisor, you'll likely have seen her on our chat window! Just don't call her Susan, otherwise she will spontaneously combust.

Jade Sylvester

Design and Pre Press

The self-titled office funny woman, Jade has a MA in graphic design and the pre-press skills to match. Jade is here to answer artwork questions you may have.

Nicola Lees

Design and Pre Press

South Africa's finest and dog lover Nicola is a wizz when it comes to creating custom designs. Need help bringing your artwork to life? Nicola is on standby to assist you.

Printing & Finishing

Lukasz Gradus

Production Manager

Taking the head of Aura Print's production team, Lukasz can be found printing, laminating, and checking whether your artwork will print to the highest standard.

Chris Dyson

Wide Format Printer

Little Chris is Aura Print's very first employee! Manning the wide format machine, Chris prints all the banners and signs that make their way through our print studio.

Darren Holmes

Printer and Finisher

You'll find Daz stood at our guillotine working his magic trimming large SRA3 sheets into business cards, flyers, and all the other custom sizes we have at Aura Print.

Janet Lightowler

Printer and Finisher

No nonsense Janet is here to whip these boys into shape! She can be found working on our Konica printing press, painting edges, and adding those finishing touches.

John Hetherington

Printer and Finisher

Musician John brings his lighthearted nature to the Aura Print production team. He can be found manning our Velo Blade, custom-cutting invitations and stickers.

Jack Green

Printer and Finisher

Jack oversees all the super digital foil printing we produce at Aura Print. Gold, silver, and copper, Jack has it all, along with the other amazing foil colours we host.

Branden Joy

Printer and Finisher

Branden is responsible for our Ricoh printing press, specialising in all our fancy ink finishes! He can also be found packing orders to be shipped across the globe!

Kevin Jagger

Printer and Finisher

The newest member of Aura Print's production team, Kev enjoys long walks, romance films, and quality control checking your orders before they are shipped.


Zoey Gilbert

Marketing Manager

After rowing the mega challenge of Loch Ness, there is no task that marketing manager Zoey cannot handle. She can be found making exciting content for our site.

Rob Mather

Marketing Executive

Lover of the Aura Print group chat (yes we have one!) Rob is the writer behind our blog and product content, helping you to make an informed choice in print.

Jenna Beastall

Marketing and Design

Colourful eyeshadow wearer Jenna designs all the lovely images you can see on the Aura Print website right now! She also writes our artwork-focused blogs.


Customer Service Bot

Beep boop, it's C.L.I.V.E and I'm here to let you know we've received your email or chat message. I'm also a pretty good blog writer you know!


Liam Smith


Liam first started Aura Print as a one-man band in his garage and has since grown this phenomenal business into what it is today! "Who's excited?!"

Emma Smith


Behind every great man is an even better woman! Emma is a lover of antiques and all things vintage, spending her free time routing through charity shops.

Mark Joy

General Manager

Mark is the man behind the day-to-day activities of Aura Print. He can be found under a mountain of paperwork, researching new finishes for us to offer.

We're A Lovely Bunch, Honest!

We hope our bunch of lovely mugs fills you with confidence! But what about you? We'd love to work with you so if you're thinking of getting a quote you can use the links below to get in touch, see some reviews, or even learn more about us.