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Choosing Sustainability: Exploring Our Eco-Friendly Printing Options

Choosing Sustainability: Exploring Our Eco-Friendly Printing Options
15 March 2024
Choosing Sustainability: Exploring Our Eco-Friendly Printing Options

At Aura Print, we are committed to providing innovative and eco-friendly paper types for the products you love. If you care about the earth we live on and want to make a positive impact, you'll be happy to know that we share your concerns. We are dedicated to offering eco-friendly printing options with affordable price tags.

We realise that printing is important to many businesses, but we also understand that the print industry has a significant impact on the environment. That's why we're not just focused on the paper stocks we offer, but everything from the ink we use to the state-of-the-art print machinery to ensure that what we produce and how we produce it leaves a positive impact on the world we live in. The majority of our product range, including greeting cards and business cards to name a few are available in our wide variety of recycled paper stocks.

In this post, we'll take an in-depth look at our recycled paper stock range and eco-friendly attributes to explore the reasons why you should consider going eco for your next print project.

Why Your Choice Matters

At Aura Print we source all of our sustainable printer paper from a single distributor, where we partner to offset all of the carbon created in manufacturing the paper itself. At a rate of 125%, we’re currently offsetting more carbon than is created – go us!

We also use a vegan printing process to create your custom prints, which means that we don't use any animal products. Our printer inks are natural and sustainable, made from vegetables. This not only leads to cruelty-free printing but also helps to make the recycling process easier and reduces print pollution rates.

Plus, the quality of the print is nothing short of vibrant because it's made with sustainable ink. As for our printers and printing processes, we always keep up-to-date with cutting-edge print technology, and all our printers have eco-friendly printing settings. This means that we reduce the amount of energy required for each of our print runs. Whether you're ordering sustainable bookmarks or require a bunch of sustainable stickers, you can rest assured that the carbon footprint created by your order is fully offset.

But why is this important? Well, Sustainable printing practices significantly reduce the print industry's environmental impact, addressing issues like deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste generation. This approach ensures the preservation of natural resources and biodiversity, which is crucial if we want to continue living here on Earth.

Opting for sustainable materials doesn’t just tick environmental boxes but also ticks off some economic benefits that are often overlooked. These benefits include saving costs, increasing profits, enhancing efficiency, and boosting customer satisfaction, in turn, helping us to produce high-quality prints, with fast turnaround times and plenty of inclusive eco-friendly options for our customers. What’s not to love?

Meet The Stars of The Show

At Aura Print we are constantly striving to diversify our recycled & sustainable paper stocks. You might want to consider one of our old favourites or new arrivals for your next print project and to help you make a more informed decision, we’re about to dig into the details for you.


Our recycled paper is a crisp, white uncoated stock perfect for versatile, sustainable printing. The ‘no sheet ever looks the same’ characteristic of recycled paper lends itself to rustic printing where planet-saving imperfections are just your style.


Cultivated from the land and woven to perfection, our cotton stock delivers strength and softness perfect for gift cards, invitations, and anything else that may require a skilfully crafted all-rounder.


Created from wood chips treated with a hot mixture of water, sodium hydroxide, and sodium sulfide, the wood is essentially pressure-cooked to create the rustic, rigid paper many have come to adore. Find out how Kraft Paper is made.


Cannabis, another bio-cycle stock is a truly modern, environmentally responsible, and sustainable paper for printing and one we’re excited to stock. High-quality cellulose from European-grown cannabis is visible in the subdued colour and sparse vegetal inclusions, and the hemp is palpable in the paper’s slightly coarse texture. Talk about natural!Cannabis, another bio-cycle stock is a truly modern, environmentally responsible, and sustainable paper for printing and one we’re excited to stock. High-quality cellulose from European-grown cannabis is visible in the subdued colour and sparse vegetal inclusions, and the hemp is palpable in the paper’s slightly coarse texture. Talk about natural!


Now this is what we call ‘a paper that gives back’. Made from plant fibres, Rag is a compostable stock, thus providing nutrients to grow new plants. The combination of cotton and FSC-certified cellulose from fresh fibres results in an ecological paper with amazing purity, durability, a stunning feel, and an elegant style ideal for letterhead printing and embossing.


Another compostable stock in the bio-cycle range, this natural/ivory stock is both acid-free and pH-neutral. The naturally stunning imperfections of our wheat stock are a result of the composition of resource-saving fibres such as straw, grass, cotton, and cannabis.

There you have it, our current selection of eco-friendly papers which we strive to grow and develop. We caught up with one of our customers George from For Pete’s Sake a sustainable brand offering an affordable, eco-friendly alternative to peat-based composts, and asked why he opted for a recycled stock for his custom prints over regular stock.

Digging Into The Vegan Ink Advantage

Our presses are stocked with vegetable-derived toners, made from natural or renewable sources, such as soy, vegetable, or algae. The benefit that using eco-friendly ink has on the environment is that it reduces the use of petroleum-based products, which are harmful to the environment and human health. Eco-ink also produces less volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are pollutants that contribute to smog and respiratory problems. Not only that, our vegan inks printed onto our recycled stocks offer vibrant, exceptional quality printing. By opting for our eco-friendly paper stocks and inks for your custom prints you can proudly showcase your dedication to saving the planet, one recycled print at a time.

State of The Art Printing Tech Makes A Difference

It's amazing how much we can do to help the environment, even with something as simple as printing. Our commitment to eco-friendly printing practices goes beyond just using sustainable paper stocks and inks. We use 'Green Printers' which are designed to minimise the environmental impact of printing by reducing energy consumption, carbon emissions, noise, and waste. These printers have built-in features like energy-saving modes, automatic duplexing, low-temperature fusing, and eco-friendly toner cartridges, which make them great for the environment. In addition, they can be integrated with software that optimises printing performance and efficiency. It's comforting to know that every time we print your orders, we're taking a step towards a greener future.

So, there you have it, our eco-friendly printing options in all their glory. The next time you need Greeting Cards, Business Cards, Flyers, or Invitations, consider choosing something from our recycled range. By doing so, you'll not only receive high-quality prints but also help reduce the amount of waste and damage to the environment.

If you want to see and feel our recycled stocks before placing your order, we recommend ordering one of our sample packs and joining us in our mission to create a more sustainable future, a win-win situation for our customers and the environment if you ask us.