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What Size Is A Business Card?

What Size Is A Business Card?
7 May 2024
What Size Is A Business Card?

When you’re out and about with business types and networking, the standard business card still holds its ground as one of the most important tools in your wallet. Sure, we're navigating through the digital age where LinkedIn and digital contacts are paramount, but the physical satisfaction of exchanging a well-designed business card is still the first touchpoint on forming a new professional relationship.

So, what size is a business card supposed to be? Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a blossoming startup, understanding the nuances of business card dimensions can set the stage for making impactful first impressions. Remember, we don’t have to stick to the shapes of old either, die cut business cards mean you can break free of the confines of straight lines and corners!

What Size Is a Standard Business Card?

Diagram showing standard business card with measurements 85mm x 55mm

Globally, the dimensions of business cards can vary, but there is somewhat of a consensus about the standard size. Typically, a standard business card measures approximately 85mm x 55mm in the UK. However, across the pond to the USA, you’ll find that the standard size shifts slightly to about 3.5 inches by 2 inches. Why the difference, you might wonder? It's all about the metric versus imperial measurement systems and the slight variations in wallet and cardholder designs across regions.

What size is a business card UK-wise? This table covers the standard size, and you can simply flip the dimensions over if you would like a portrait version!

Standard business card size mm85mm x 55mm
Standard business card size cm8.5cm x 5.5cm
Standard business card size inches3.35 inches x 2.17 inches
Standard business card size pixels322px x 208px

Diagram showing standard portrait business card with measurements 55mm x 85mm

What Is the Size of a Business Card in Different Countries?

If you're a jet-setting business professional or catering to an international clientele, knowing the local standards can be quite beneficial so you can create the correct sizes for your destination.

In most European countries, the typical business card size hovers around 85mm by 55mm—neatly fitting into most wallets and business card holders designed in the region.

However, if you venture into Japan, the scenario changes slightly with cards typically measuring 91mm by 55mm, offering a bit more width to play with for design, text, or even just to add some clever breathing space to your design.

Here’s a handy comparison to give you an idea what is the average size of a business card around the globe.

CountryWidth (mm/inch)Height (mm/inch)
USA & Canada89 mm / 3.5 inches51 mm / 2 inches
UK85 mm / 3.35 inches55 mm / 2.17 inches
Australia90 mm / 3.54 inches55 mm / 2.17 inches
Europe85 mm / 3.35 inches55 mm / 2.17 inches
Japan91 mm / 3.58 inches55 mm / 2.17 inches
China90 mm / 3.54 inches54 mm / 2.13 inches
India90 mm / 3.54 inches55 mm / 2.17 inches
Russia90 mm / 3.54 inches50 mm / 1.97 inches
Brazil88 mm / 3.46 inches48 mm / 1.89 inches

Design Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Business Card Size

Ok, definitely don’t be that guy, but now that you're well-versed in what is the normal size of a business card, how about some tips to ensure your business card not only fits the size criteria but also packs a punch in terms of design (without being over the top)?

Keep It Clean

With the standard size in mind, ensure your font sizes are readable. Typically, a font size of 8 pt should be the smallest you go for the main text, with smaller details not dropping below 6 pt. To get a better idea of this, you should have a look at our business card templates.

Use Space Wisely

Nobody likes a mess, so it should be the same on your business card. A clean, uncluttered layout speaks volumes more than squeezing in too much information. Breathing space can be every bit as important as your other design elements.

Emphasise Your Brand

Let your business card reflect your brand personality. Whether it’s through a colour scheme, a unique logo, or a creative tagline, make sure it aligns with your overall branding strategy.

Quality Matters

Consider premium paper stocks and finishes. A tactile experience can make your card memorable. Think embossing, spot UV coatings, or even foil business cards for that mesmerising shine!

A Look at Alternate Shapes For The UK

The most popular business card size UK is the standard landscape (85 x 55). There are, however, other card sizes that you may come across out in the wild.

The Mini Business Card

Diagram showing mini business card with measurements 85mm x 35mm

Meet the standard business card’s little sister – the mini business card. Mini cards do everything that the standard card can do, just at a smaller size.

Mini business card size mm35mm x 85mm
Mini business card size cm3.5cm x 8.5cm
Mini business card size inches1.38 inches x 3.35 inches
Mini business card size pixels133px x 322px

Smaller company cards are a cute accessory for your business if that’s your target market. Whether you want smaller business cards to fit into your branding or fancy a way to stick out from your competitors, the mini business card is a great choice.

The Square Business Card

Diagram showing large and small square business cards with measurements 85mm x 85mm and 55mm x 55mm

Square business cards offer a modern design visage, a great twist on the more traditional landscape or portrait business cards that you would normally find.

At Aura Print, we have the option between two different square sizes - the large and the small. What's great about square cards is they allow you to create a fun card design, without having to be too adventurous with the shape. It is, after all, a square not a custom die cut.

Large SquareSmall Square
Square business card dimensions mm89 mm / 3.5 inches51 mm / 2 inches
Square business card dimensions cm85 mm / 3.35 inches55 mm / 2.17 inches
Square business card dimensions inches90 mm / 3.54 inches55 mm / 2.17 inches
Square business card dimensions pixels85 mm / 3.35 inches55 mm / 2.17 inches

A Quick Mention on Bleed

Setting up your cards to include bleed is simple. Take your dimensions of business cards as listed above, and then add 4mm to both the height and width. Here's an example:

UK Standard business card size mm 85mm x 55mm
UK standard business card size mm with bleed89mm x 59mm

Adding 4mm to the height and width will provide an additional 2mm bleed area along each of the four edges of your cards.

Check the Colours and Resolution

Our recommended resolution for print is 300 dpi. This will ensure all your lovely business card designs print nice and crisp, instead of being blurred. Vector programs, such as Adobe Illustrator, will be automatically set to 300 dpi. Other editing programs, such as Photoshop, may need to be manually changed.

We also recommend setting up your artwork in the CMYK colour mode. This will provide you with the most accurate representation of the printed colours from your screen.

3 business cards showing correct resolution, CMYK colours, and bleed indicated on each card

Over to You

The world of business cards is more than just about sizes. It’s about crafting a piece of your professional essence into something that will make a great first impression, something that will make wallet-fodder of your competitors’ cards.

Whether you stick to the standard size or decide to step out with something unique, the key is to maintain a balance between creativity, professionalism, and practicality. Your business card can be your best ally, so make it count!

If you want to get started on your business card but are not sure where to start, pop us a message on the website, give one of our team a call, or if you’d prefer you can order our business card sample pack to get your hands on our available stocks.

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