What Size Should A Business Card Be?

Business card dimensions can vary slightly depending on your needs and how you want to portray yourself or your business to potential customers. Your business card size may be decided through the tone of the design or your personal branding, however, one size may not fit all.

Sometimes a standard business card size will suffice, but if your design suits, or you wish to stand out, you may want to go for a square business card. You could even opt for a rounded corner business card if you want an average business card size that still stands out.

What Is The Standard Business Card Size?

One thing to consider, is no matter which business card size you choose, is what your potential customer is going to do with it? Most likely, they’ll place it in their purse or wallet. Now, imagine the embarrassment when the business card size you’ve selected is too large and doesn’t fit!

A good starting point then is, if you have a bank card and a ruler handy, is to check the size of that. Most bank cards measure around 85x55mm, so, as you may have guessed, this is the go-to UK business card size.

If you want a business card in a different size or shape, it’s best to use 85x55mm as your business card layout size and design something within those boundaries. That way, your business card size will still fit in your customer's purse or wallet.

Business Card Size 85x55mm

Design Your Own Business Cards

So, when designing your business card artwork, you’ll need to know what size to set up your business card. While you can design your business card in word (we have a handy blog about that here), we always recommend designing your business card in adobe photoshop or illustrator with 300 ppi.

Below, we’ve outlined the size business cards should be, with exact business card dimensions that you can use yourself.

DESIGNERS TIP: Make sure to also apply 2mm of bleed area around your business card artwork. If you’re unsure of what bleed is, then we have a blog explaining it here.

Business Card Size In mm

When setting up printed business card artwork, we always use mm including bleed as our measurement of choice. Below is a handy chart showing standard business card size in mm.

Business Card Size

Width x Height in mm

Width x Heigh in mm (with bleed)

Standard Business Card (Landscape) 85x55mm 89x59mm
Standard Business Card (Portrait) 55x85mm 59x89mm
Small Square Business Card 55x55mm 59x59mm
Large Square Business Card 85x85mm 89x89mm
Mini Business Card (Landscape) 85x35mm 89x39mm
Mini Business Card (Portrait) 35x85mm 39x89mm

Business Card Size In cm

If you prefer to use centimetres, here we have our chart showing standard business card size in cm.

Business Card Size

Width x Height in cm

Width x Heigh in cm (with bleed)

Standard Business Card (Landscape) 8.5x5.5cm 8.9x5.9cm
Standard Business Card (Portrait) 5.5x8.5cm 5.9x8.9cm
Small Square Business Card 5.5x5.5cm 5.9x5.9cm
Large Square Business Card 8.5x8.5cm 8.9x8.9cm
Mini Business Card (Landscape) 8.5x3.5cm 8.9x3.9cm
Mini Business Card (Portrait) 3.5x8.5cm 3.9x8.9cm

Business Card Size In Pixels

If you need standard business card sizes for photoshop, or an adobe illustrator business card size, you may wish to use pixels as your measurement for business cards.

We don’t recommend using pixels and instead strongly recommend using mm as your measurement of choice. This is because adobe illustrator or photoshop, when using mm in document setup, along with CMYK colour and 300dpi, automatically adjusts your artwork to the right pixel density.

There are many converters out on the web to make mm into pixels, but lots of them spit out different results so the chances of getting your business card size in pixels correct are pretty low. Trust us, setting up your business card size in mm is the best choice.

Business Card Size Template

If you’re struggling with any of the above business card sizes, then we have you covered with our handy downloadable business card template. You can also check out our blog what should I have on my business card? This will help you to decide the key information to get across to your new prospects and it also shows you an example of our die-cut business cards.

Alternatively, if you’ve reached the end of this blog and are still unsure, why not have our design team create your perfect business card design? It will save you time and money in the long run and makes sure your business cards are high quality and designed by a professional.

If you need any advice, please get in touch and our customer service or design team in the studio will be happy to help! If not, get out there and impress your family, friends, or whoever is asking ‘what size is a business card?’

Assorted Business Card Template Sizes