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Sustainable Packaging Printing

Looking for a packaging solution that is eco-friendly and sustainable? Look no further than our amazing range of sustainable packaging options!

We understand the importance of packaging sustainability and are proud to offer alternatives to plastic packaging that are environmentally friendly. Our packaging options include eco-friendly paper, FSC certified materials, and sustainable box packaging in all shapes and sizes.

We believe that sustainable packaging is the way of the future, and we are committed to helping our customers make the switch to eco packaging. Not only is sustainable packaging better for the environment, but it can also benefit your branding. By using environmentally friendly packaging, you can show your customers that you care about the planet and that you are committed to sustainability.

Sustainable Materials For Sustainable Box Packaging

Our hand-selected environmentally friendly paper types include paper made from unbleached brown kraft paper and FSC-certified packaging board. These materials are not only sustainable but also durable and high-quality. We believe that sustainable packaging should not come at the cost of quality, and our packaging options are proof of that.

Not only that, but all of the inks we use are plant-based too so you can sleep easy knowing your carbon footprint for environmental packaging is as small as can be. If you want to go even further, our blog about what you need to consider when creating environmentally friendly packaging talks all about how you need to design your eco-packaging around a cradle-to-grave mentality, thinking about how it is created (packaging material), the supply chain, and also disposed of.

Make The Switch To Eco Packaging

We offer completely custom packaging solutions, so if our templates aren't exactly what you need, we can create a sustainable packaging option that is perfect for your products. Our packaging can be used for a wide variety of products, including cosmetics, food, clothing, and more.

So why wait? Make the switch to eco-friendly packaging today and join the movement towards a greener, more sustainable future. Contact us to learn more about our eco-friendly packaging options and how we can help you create the perfect packaging solution for your brand.

Square Tuck Box Packaging

Custom Box Packaging

Wanting some custom packaging that reflects your eco-friendly values? Then you're in the right place with our custom box packaging. We print on FSC certified card for the best eco friendly boxes.

Tray Packaging

Custom Tray Packaging

All our tray boxes are printed onto eco-friendly warm white card stocks. Personalise your box with your own designs, printed using our environmentally friendly inks made using vegetables!

Hanging Box Packaging

Custom Hanging Box Packaging

Our hang boxes are a great choice if you're looking for eco friendly packaging. These boxes have a handy cut out, allowing your products to be hung up high on shelves for your customers to see.

Sustainable Pillow Box Packaging

Custom Pillow Box Packaging

Eco friendly printing doesn't have to be boring. Our pillow boxes are a creative way to package and protect your products whilst keeping it eco-friendly with FSC certified and recyclable card stocks.

Sustainable Window Box Packaging

Custom Window Box Packaging

Want your customers to be able to see your gifts and trinkets before buying? Then our window boxes are the right choice! Go extra environmentally friendly and request your box without the plastic window.

Sustainable Drawer Box Packaging

Custom Drawer Box Packaging

We've made it possible for you to stay eco-friendly whilst also having an amazing range of print options. Pick your own custom size to tailor your drawer boxes to match a variety of different products.

Sustainable Box With Lid Packaging

Custom Box With Lid Packaging

Here at Aura Print, we provide professional and green packaging that is bound to impress your customers. Take our boxes with lids for example, these beautiful boxes keep your products nice and safe whilst also being good for the planet.

Sustainable Sleeve Packaging

Custom Sleeve Packaging

Already have your own boxes but want to add a special touch to the outside? Then check out our sleeve boxes. You choose the dimensions of this wrap around so you can be confident that these sleeves will match your boxes perfectly.

Sustainable Pouch Packaging

Custom Pouch Packaging

For packaging that can be used again and again, why not try our pouch boxes. Our pouch boxes are printed using warm white card which is completely recyclable. Once you are finished with your boxes, just pop them into the recycling bin.

Sustainable Triangular Packaging

Custom Triangular Packaging

For eco-friendly packaging that stands out from the rest, our triangle boxes are the right choice. Printed using sustainable inks onto recycled card stock, you can't get any more environmentally friendly than these boxes!

Sustainable Hexagonal Packaging

Custom Hexagonal Packaging

Shout about your eco-conscious values with your own sustainable hexagon packaging. These boxes can be easily stacked together, allowing your to create beautiful product displays that will entice your customers.

Custom Sustainable Packaging

Need Completely Custom Packaging?

Not found the type of packaging you need? No problem! Our team is ready and waiting to discuss your fully custom sustainable packaging needs. Contact us now.