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One Way Vision Film Printing

  • Design viewable from the outside while allowing you to see through from the inside
  • Display promotions on your windows with barely any loss of light
  • Any size or shape printable from small to large windows

Our perforated one-way vision window film is an incredibly creative way to transform your shop windows or doors into amazing looking displays. No matter if you want to advertise your brand, add some privacy, or just grab some attention, our one-way film printing can instantly change the look of your windows, simply peel, stick and be amazed at the design on the outside and the see-through nature of the inside. It really is that easy and quick to install.

Our calculator below will let you pick and choose from the many different sizes and finishes we offer and then give you an instant quote. If you’re not sure what to choose or have any questions we have friendly sales staff ready to help, simply give us a call or email and we’ll do our very best to help.

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What are One Way Stickers?

Generally referred to as perforated window sticker, one way stickers are commonly seen in shop advertising, providing an innovative solution to garish window stickers that block out light and views. One way stickers are printed on a gloss vinyl that allows window shoppers to see your awesome promo while customers and staff inside can see through the printed sticker to see what’s going on outside.

Why do I need One Way Stickers?

While shop windows are the most common place to see one way stickers in action, they’re also popular for company vehicles and school windows. Wherever there’s glass and an advertising opportunity, perforated window stickers come into action.

How do I stick a One Way Sticker?

The easiest way to stick a one way sticker to glass is by exposing a strip of adhesive at the top of the sticker, firmly attaching this to the glass surface and working your way down, slowly peeling the backing while preventing the adhesive from touching the glass surface. Using a squeegee (if you don’t have one, try a credit card), apply medium pressure on the perforated film, starting from the top and working your way down.

Will a one way sticker reduce the light in my store?

While a one way sticker will mean less light enters your window, it is made from vinyl sheets packed with thousands of tiny holes, allowing light to seep through where a conventional sticker would block any view of the outdoors. The graphic on the inside is dark to ensure the light passing through your decal has maximum effect.

Are one way stickers easy to remove without leaving marks on the window?

Perforated window stickers are designed to be easily removable without damaging the window surface. However, the ease of removal can depend on how long the sticker has been in place.

Artwork Requirements

The Basics

Allow 2mm of bleed around all artwork for cutting tolerances.

Format all artwork to CMYK.

Set your resolution to a minimum of 72DPI.

Supply your artwork in PDF, JPG or fully packaged AI formats.

Keep all text, logos and foreground images within a 5mm safe zone from the cut edge.

Die Cut Or Kiss Cut (Shaped) Products Including Stickers

Indicate cut lines using a 1pt magenta line on a separate layer or separate page. See our helpful guide about how to supply artwork for die/kiss cutting.

Drilled Products

Indicate any drill holes using a 1pt magenta line on a separate layer or separate page.


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Sample Packs

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