How To Install A Banner

Outdoor banners are a great way to advertise your business or event. They provide an effective way to attract customers and promote your products and services outdoors. However, it needs to be securely fastened to ensure a safe environment for people walking by.

Best Way To Hang Vinyl Banners

There are a few ways to securely attach outdoor banners. For example, we can supply banners with pole pockets. This allows the installer to thread stakes or posts into the pole pockets and hit them into the ground. We can also produce banners with tough metal eyelets (also known as grommets) spaced equally along the edge. The eyelets are key to securely attaching banners as they reinforce the holes to increase tear resistance. They also provide an easy way to tie the sign to pillars, fence posts or railings. The even spacing helps the installer to get a neat finish with the right amount of tension.


Top 3 Fixings For Securing Signs And Banners

Aura Print offers custom banner printing that is fully water, tear and scratch proof. You have a choice of material, size, thickness and whether you want a single sided sign or double sided banner printing. Aura Print also offers a choice of fixings that can be shipped with your order for extra convenience.

The fastener options include: screws and wall plugs for attaching to walls, cable ties for added security or bungee ties for a quick removal process. Read on to find out how to use them and discover which is best for your project.

How To Hang Vinyl Banners With Eyelets Using Cable Ties

The cable ties are looped through the holes and the ends are then wrapped around the fence to secure the banner in place. For windy applications, mesh vinyl banners are ideal because the tiny holes allow the wind to pass through the material. 

It is easier to secure the top corner first, and then the one underneath it. Working your way along the length of the sign. It can be useful to loosely install the zip ties at first, until you are happy with the positioning.

Best For: A tight, secure grip around posts, pillars and fencing. 


How To Hang A Vinyl Banner On A Wall With Screws

Wall plugs are tapped into pre-drilled holes in the wall to create a secure fixing point. Then the screws are inserted through the eyelet and a large washer. The large washer pulls the banner tightly into the wall as the screw is tightened. The wall plug helps the screw to grip tightly into the wall to hold the banner securely in place. Without using the plugs, the screws can come out of the wall. Aura Print can supply Rawlplug Uno universal plugs with corresponding screws and large washers with your order.

Best For: Installing banners onto brick walls such as the outside of a building

How To Install A Banner With Eyelets Outside Using Ball Bungees

To install the ball bungees, they are firstly slipped through the hole. Then, they are pulled to stretch around the post. Then the ball end of the fastener is pushed through the rubber cord loop. The ball on the elasticated bungees remains tight to the banner to hold it in place.

Best for: Reusability and a fast dismantling process by hand. Ideal for temporary banners and event signs.


How To Hang Vinyl Banners On The Wall Without Holes

PVC banners can be attached to walls using a staple gun. However, this will damage the material. We also do not recommend using glue or double-sided tape unless the banner is very small and light.

Eyelets are recommended. This is because they provide a neater look, reinforce the hole and protect the material from power tool damage.

Planning Permission For Advertising Banners

Planning permission for banners, advertisements or signs may be needed for advertisement bigger than 0.3 square metres.

If your banner is less than 0.6 metres square you will probably not need any planning permission, especially if it is a temporary sign. Nor, will you need permission if your banner is on enclosed land or displayed inside a building.

Top 3 Tips For Hanging A Banner Outside

1. Install it on a calm day, so you are not battling the elements. If it's raining and windy, it can rush the installation and make it trickier than it needs to be. If you know that the area can be very windy, you should request mesh banner printing because the material is windproof. See our blog article the 'best material for outdoor banners'. 

2. Check you have the correct amount of fasteners. The eyelets indicate how many fixings are needed. Do not be tempted to just use the four corner eyelets on large vinyl signs. This will not be secure in windy weather.

3. It is easier if you start with the upper corner, then the hole underneath it. Then move across to the next one at the top, and then the one underneath it. Continuing along the length of the sign. It can be helpful if you loosely install the cable ties and then go back and tighten the fasteners once you are satisfied with the positioning. 

Aura Print banners are posted in as little as 2 working days from proof approval. Browse our range of material types for custom banner printing.