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Sticker Printing: How To Create Your Own Custom Stickers

Sticker Printing: How To Create Your Own Custom Stickers
12 October 2020
Sticker Printing: How To Create Your Own Custom Stickers

How To Make Stickers

Printing your own stickers is tons of fun. Whether they’re for your own business to stick on your parcels or just for your own enjoyment. Custom stickers have nearly endless uses.

The best way to print your own customised stickers is to start with your design. You’ll first need to decide if you want custom shaped stickers that follow the outline of your sticker design, or if you’re happy to just print your design in a square.

Basic square stickers are quite simple to print at home, but for anything that has a more intricate shape, you’ll need to find a printer with a specialist sticker printing machine like us (nudge nudge)!

Printed Sticker Sheet Sticker Ideas

Can Any Printer Print Stickers?

As we’ve just touched upon, not just any printer can print stickers. It all depends on the material you’re wanting to print on, the shape of your sticker, what you’re actually wanting to print (ie. Any special finishes such as metallic foil stickers) and finally the custom size of your stickers.

Printing personalised stickers on a desktop printer is very limiting, and it also means you’ll have to cut out your stickers by hand. If you’re looking to print a few hundred custom shaped stickers then you’ll want to look at short-run sticker printing instead.

If you just need a few address label stickers to post on envelopes then you could print them on a desktop printer and cut them out with scissors. However, if you were wanting gloss stickers or anything other than paper stickers then you’d need to look at buying them.

Desktop Printer & Laptop Printing Stickers

What Are The Different Type Of Stickers?

In the world of bespoke sticker printing, there are many types of printed stickers to choose from. Ranging from the material that you print onto, to the finish of the stickers.

Paper Stickers Vs. Vinyl Stickers

Probably the first thing to decide between is the type of material you want to have stickers printed on. The main choice offered would be to get stickers printed on either paper or vinyl material.

Paper stickers are usually much cheaper to print and are a quick option for small-batch sticker printing or printing thousands.

Vinyl stickers tend to be a little more expensive but the benefits include a much longer-lasting sticker. They’re also great at being water-resistant so will last much longer when used outdoors.

On both vinyl and paper stickers, you can have a matt or gloss finish so the actual look of the stickers won’t differ too much if you choose to have laminated stickers printed.

What Are Laminated Stickers?

Laminated stickers are stickers that have been printed on either paper or vinyl material and have then had a protective laminate coating applied.

Not only does the laminate make the sticker thicker and more luxurious, but the protective layer also makes the print scratch-proof and even better at being fade resistant.

You can print laminated stickers in either gloss or matt appearance. We recommend using matt stickers for indoor uses and gloss stickers for outdoor. If you need outdoor stickers then we also recommend printing on vinyl too as it’s water-resistant.

Stickers Being Laminated

What Is The Difference Between Die Cut And Kiss Cut Stickers?

Die-cut stickers and kiss cut stickers both relate to the way your sticker is delivered to you. Although these are print industry phrases, the best way to understand is to first know that any printed sticker has the sticker part and the peel-off backing.

Die-cut stickers essentially have been cut to shape through both the sticker and the backing. So if you have a rabbit-shaped sticker and it’s die-cut. Both the sticker and the peel-off backing will be to the shape of the rabbit.

Kiss-cut sticker printing however only cuts the sticker part of your sticker and leaves the peel-off backing intact. Essentially what you’ll receive are custom shaped stickers on one sheet. More commonly you’ll get as many of your stickers printed and arranged onto a single sheet. Each sticker is then able to be peeled off to its custom shape.

Wide Format Stickers Being Kiss Cut

Where Can I Have Stickers Printed?

Well, you’ll be happy to know that here at Aura Print we’re sticker printing experts. All of the stickers we’ve mentioned above we can print, including fancy finishes such as metallic foil stickers and fluorescent stickers. See our article 'Coffee Shop Stickers' for inspiration on how sticker designs can be used to promote a small business.

If you’re still not sure exactly what you need or want advice on what sticker would work best for your uses, just get in touch with us and we’ll do all we can to help you print stickers online.