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A Guide To Double-Thick (Duplexed) Card Products

A Guide To Double-Thick (Duplexed) Card Products
15 March 2024
A Guide To Double-Thick (Duplexed) Card Products

Why have milk when you can have cream? Why splash in the lake when you can jump in the sea? Why settle for thinner cardstock when there are duplexed options? Among the various techniques that have emerged in the printing world, duplexed, double-thick card products stand out for their strength and the bonus ability to contain coloured/painted edges.

This comprehensive guide delves into the intricacies of duplex printing, the creation of double-thick card products, and their numerous benefits. So, if you want to know why you should be considering duplexed stock, read on.

The Benefits of Levelling Up Your Card

Levelling up duplex card


Opting for double-thick card products brings with it a host of advantages other than stand-out marketing. Spending a little extra can add a wealth of benefits including:


These cards withstand wear and tear far better than their thinner counterparts. So provided you don’t need to change the details displayed on the card, you will have a product that will last years without creasing. This is an excellent choice for a card that’s going to be on display for a long time, a piece description card in an art gallery for instance.

Luxurious Texture

The heft and texture of double-thick cards convey a sense of luxury. It’s not common to come across duplexed card materials, so if you opt for it, your print will stand out! Play around with colour and add foil embellishments for that top-tier finish!

Tactile Experience

The weight and texture of duplexed cards make them memorable. Much like a handshake, a firmer stock delivers more conviction - a stronger card just feels richer in the hand. Garnish it with a soft-touch laminate, and you’ve got a card that is instantly memorable.

Crafting Double-Thick Card Products

Infographic for Duplex

Double-thick card products are the epitome of quality and durability in cardstock. These are crafted by adhering two or more sheets of board, resulting in a robust, high-impact multiple-layer card. The process also allows for creative variations, including colour core—a multi-coloured edge achieved by combining different coloured boards, adding an extra level of personality.

The adhesive that we use in such card creation is as powerful as it gets. A duplexed card shouldn’t feel like it’s made from separate layers, so it’s massively important that a solid adhesive is used. A huge amount of pressure is then applied to allow the card to bond over many hours to result in a robust, thick card that’s ready to impress.

The Thickness Factor

The thickness of these cards can get up to 700gsm (or 800gsm if you decide to go for our excellent colour core), significantly surpassing the standard 350gsm of typical card thickness. This substantial thickness ensures that your card will not only stand out visually but also feel superior in the hand. And who doesn’t want to deliver a strong impression when showing off your business card, which is critical in Japan.

So, you’ve got your excellent design, and your branding is on-point, it’s now you should be thinking that a heavy, duplexed stock is the best choice for your marketing materials. It’s not just for vanity purposes, but ideal as a calling card that will look and feel new for much longer than conventional cards. Using a thicker card for personalised certificates or invites has the same effect, bolstering a guarantee of luxury for an event or celebration.

How We Print Onto Heavier Stocks?

While thick cardstocks ooze quality, printing on stocks heavier than 700gsm is generally discouraged precisely because of its thick build. The excessive weight can lead to printer jams and potential damage, resulting in costly repairs. And then there’s ink adherence issues to think of that can cause smudging, defects, and other nasties, compromising the product’s quality which is simply unacceptable.

We get around this by printing onto the thinner stock first before combining (duplexing) the stock to get the level of thickness required. Paramount to our process is the fact that we are giving you the best print quality in the industry, we don’t use shortcuts.

Into The Wild

So why should you spend that bit extra and go for a duplexed stock? Whilst we’ve covered some reasons above, there are some other instances to think about.

Business Cards

Ok, ok… seldom do we take so much notice of business cards as those guys, but you must admit, a double-thick business card certainly makes a bigger impression on clients and customers. And yes, like the cards in the video, we can print your name in a shimmering foil.

Product Tags

You put a lot of effort into the product you’ve made. This is a product that could potentially be sold in many stores around the world. Nothing says “premium” more than a thick label alongside your product, proudly displaying all your details.

Again, we can’t stress enough what a difference a colour core can make to the appearance of your product swing tags. Stunning swing tags simply take your brand to the next level.

Event Flyers And Invitations

Don’t leave your event details to chance, along with a catchy design, a duplexed card stock can make your event much more appealing. Again, it’s all down to that tactile handover. How many times have you thrown a paper flyer straight in the bin but felt like you had to glance at the glossy, thicker offerings you were given? It’s just pure psychology that we’re inclined to pay more attention to more upmarket materials.

Playing Cards

Who doesn’t like a good game of cards? Now, whether you’re into the more traditional card games, or perhaps you’re an aficionado of more recent games like YuGiOh or like to collect Pokemon playing cards, you’ll notice that no game card worth its salt is made from flimsy stock. If you want to create your own deck of playing cards, duplexed stock is an absolute must.

Milestone Documents

Certificates, invites and many other documents may fulfil their initial use straight away. But many people like to keep hold of such documents as a memento. A thicker stock can be kept for longer without any degradation.

Think about paper articles that you may keep – one of the things we do to preserve them is to glue them to thick card. So why not make your memory as durable as possible at its core?

Duplex Products

Duplexed, or double-thick card products represent the perfect blend of functionality, longevity, and design prowess. They offer a sustainable printing solution and create a lasting impression with their substantial feel and professional appearance.

We would absolutely recommend that you consider this weight of card for any card, tag, invite or document that you would consider of importance.