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The Rustic Charm of Kraft Paper Printing

The Rustic Charm of Kraft Paper Printing
15 March 2024
The Rustic Charm of Kraft Paper Printing

When you think of ‘kraft paper,’ what pops up? Maybe it’s just the trusty old brown paper that wraps your parcels like a cosy blanket, or perhaps it’s the go-to material for your creative side hustle, a statement for your next marketing campaign, or a key ingredient to the theme for your wedding.

As the world turns greener and everyone’s becoming more environmentally friendly, kraft paper is strutting its stuff on the eco-catwalk. Kraft paper is a versatile material that can be used for just about anything including, invitations, menus, and all manner of creative projects. In this post, let’s get deep into why kraft paper has such an appealing charm and why kraft paper printing is gaining in popularity.

The Allure Of Kraft

Kraft Bow

It must be said, there's something undeniably captivating about the simplicity of kraft paper. Its natural brown hue and subtle texture give off a sense of warmth and authenticity that feels connected to the Earth. This charm lends itself to almost any physical media, including rustic wedding stationery – and thankfully, there are ways to bring your own bespoke ideas to life with printing!

In short, kraft owes its tactile tantalisation, just take a look at how kraft paper is made for the details on what makes kraft paper different to standard recycled paper.

The Kraft Paper Appeal, What’s In It For You?

Kraft Wedding

Kraft paper's appeal stems from its raw, organic aesthetic. The warm, unbleached base and subtle texture speak to a desire for something genuine and understated. It's no wonder kraft paper has become trendy for all things rustic – especially weddings!

Imagine kraft invitations, place cards, and tags with matching string, perfectly complementing natural, bohemian themes. But the charm doesn't stop at weddings – birthdays, anniversaries, and flyers for events get a touch of natural elegance when paired with kraft paper. It’s the unsung hero that delivers a charm that can’t be denied. Just look at some of the excellent uses our customers have employed Kraft for.

Slab Kraft Prints

"I LOVE my Kraft cards. They really help my designs pop and they’re always great quality!"

- Bridie King (Youslab)

Kraft Paper and Your Projects

This humble material is much more versatile than you might think!  Businesses can create eco-conscious, memorable cards with kraft paper. Greeting cards and invitations gain a personal, heartfelt touch when printed on this unique stock. Using Kraft for all of your business outbound stationery can really help bolster your brand, both in vain and as an advocate for the environment.

If you have products to sell or gifts to give, kraft paper becomes a beautiful, sustainable solution. Even flyers and leaflets get a unique edge when you opt for the rustic feel of kraft. And don't forget the tags and labels – perfect for homemade treats or personalised presents!

What About Printing On Kraft Paper?

You might be wondering, "Can we really print on kraft?" The answer is a resounding yes! Modern printing techniques work beautifully with kraft paper stock. Digital printing is a good bet for any size of print run and fast turnaround times.

You can be certain that we have some of the best gear in the business to make sure that your artwork looks at its absolute pinnacle.

But remember, sometimes less is more. Which leads us to…

Colours or Classic Black?

Kraft Colours

The classic choice is simple black ink against the natural kraft background. It's a timeless, elegant look that works fantastically for text or minimalistic designs. Don’t be fooled, this is a combination that has proven to be extremely effective time and time again.

But don't rule out colour! With careful selection, bright tones can create a gorgeous vintage effect against the earthy kraft. Each colour on Kraft can convey your message clearly (although context is key).




Red, Orange, Yellow


Associated with energy, excitement, and passion

Blue, Green, Purple


Promote feelings of calmness, relaxation, peace, and tranquillity.

Black, Grey


Evokes a sense of sophistication, balance, and practicality.

"We decided to opt for Kraft paper for our business due to its eco-friendly nature, durability, and natural appeal. It's the perfect choice for those who care about the environment and want to make a lasting impression on their customers."

- Jessica (Three Pines Candle Company)

Wrapping It Up

Kraft paper printing infuses your projects with warmth, natural beauty, and a touch of eco-consciousness. It's an ideal choice when you want to stand out in a world of overly polished designs and materials. So why wait? Let the rustic charm of kraft paper elevate your next project!

I wouldn’t have a job here without mentioning the fact that Aura Print can cater for all your kraft printing needs. We specialise in turning your designer dreams into reality. We’re amongst the best kraft paper printing services out there. You might say, we’re masters of our kraft…

I’ll get my coat.