This week, we caught up with Jonathan Swan from the Flare Network, who has recently ordered his own decks of custom designed foil poker cards. Jonathan initially came to us with an idea of how he wanted his foil poker cards and foil poker card boxes to appear and was looking for help with the designs to achieve an outstanding print result.

From there, our in-house design team meticulously created a custom design for each card within this poker deck. That’s over 52 uniquely designed cards! Once the designs were approved, Jonathan’s poker cards were printed with a fiery metallic copper foil for both the cards and the box. The final result is a complete deck of custom designed poker cards that look absolutely stunning with the copper foil.

We spoke with Jonathan about his experience creating these completely unique poker cards and poker card boxes.


Photograph of three custom foiled poker cards, king of hearts, ace of clubs and joker

Tell us about yourself

“My name is Jonathan, and I am a software developer and YouTube content creator. My focus is creating content surrounding crypto currencies, which is posted through my channel the Flare Network.”


What inspired this foiled poker card project?

“The inspiration behind this project was to create a physical item that I can deliver worldwide to those who financially support me via various memberships as a way of showing my appreciation,” says Jonathan. “My channel is extremely community orientated and giving back to my members was the inspiration behind this incredible project!”


Photograph of two custom foiled playing card boxes


What gave you the idea of custom foiled playing cards?

“Many members within the community are avid poker players and I have the intention to start hosting regular tournaments to create a sense of inclusion and friendship amongst each other. To continue this theme, I decided I wanted to create some physical cards to give my most generous supporters. I wanted this project to be above and beyond the expectations of the recipients of these cards, which is why I opted for the foil printing option which is of extremely high quality.”


Close up photograph of custom foiled poker cards, king, queen, and ace


Have you ever tried foil printing before?

“I’ve never tried foil printing before and was unsure what to expect,” remarks Jonathan, “but both I and the recipients of these poker cards are more than happy with the quality Aura Print has produced!”


What was it like working with our in-house graphic design team?

“Working with the design team was a real delight,” says Jonathan. “I had somewhat of a vision and created an extensive brief for your design department to work with. Over time, the design was adapted and refined until I was happy to proceed into production.”

Jonathan adds “Although I have some creative abilities, it was great to see the evolution of the design from in-house professionals and how the initial concept transformed to the final illustrations.”


Photograph of custom foiled poker cards different suits


Print your own foiled poker cards

We absolutely love Jonathan’s foiled poker card decks. If you are interested in printing your own custom poker cards, why not get in touch with our team? Whether you already have designs or are in need of some assistance, our in-house graphic design team are here to help.