How Do You Make Your Own Poker Cards?

If you love playing poker, why not have a go at designing your own personalised deck of cards? It’s easy to make your own DIY poker cards with our custom playing card printing service. There is no minimum order quantity for our printed playing cards and we have a huge selection of customisation options.

Our high quality card stock, specialist papers and luxury laminates lets you create custom decks that look and feel special. If you are a graphic designer, you can advertise personalised playing cards that are customised for each order.

Read on for poker card design tips and see how you can make your own custom deck of playing cards. We will look at the most popular poker card designs for selling online, but first let’s look at the best card stock for playing cards.



What Kind Of Cardstock Is Used For Playing Cards?

We have a near-unlimited choice of paper types and weights for customising your playing card designs. The most popular paper for playing cards is 300gsm silk card stock. We don’t offer anything less than 300gsm paper for printing playing cards because they will feel too thin and flimsy.

For high quality poker cards we offer specialist paper types, such as colorplan card stock that will make your deck stand out.



High Quality Poker Cards

We pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art printing equipment, customer service and quality of our prints. As we print everything in-house, we control the quality of our work. Our stringent quality control process ensures that your playing cards are nothing less than perfect. This means you can rely on us to ship directly to your customers by opting for our drop ship option.




Special Card Stock For Premium Poker Card Designs

For a premium finish, our 800gsm Colour Core paper has a central coloured layer along the edge of the card. It makes a beautiful alternating coloured stripe pattern when the cards are stacked together.

Colour core paper makes your poker cards stand out when you advertise them for sale online. It adds a premium and exclusive finish, which is what most poker clubs try to create for their brand.  

What Are The Best Poker Cards?

The most popular poker card decks have a matching design on the back of all the cards. The best poker card designs are personalised and exclusive. The personalisation adds to the value of the cards, making them an ideal gift for friends and family.

Buyers will pay more for a design service where they can choose a bespoke design which is tailored to the gift recipient. This could be something as simple as adding the person’s initials or the name of the poker club. You could advertise that you will design each deck specifically for your customer’s requirements.


Poker Card Design Tips For Selling Decks Online

The most sought after poker card designs include skulls and marble effects.


Skull Poker Cards

Skull designs have been a favourite style of playing card decks for a long time. They will no doubt continue to be one of the most popular poker card designs for a very long time. If you design your playing cards with a skull on the back, you can upload them to your online shop. Knowing that they will be a popular hit with anyone searching to buy poker cards online.

Tips For Designing Poker Cards That Sell Well Online

Using a variation of similar skull designs enables you to sell bundles to your customers. Usually two decks with different back colours are used in one game of poker. Therefore, if you add several skull designs to your shop, you customers can select their favourite ones to buy together.


Skull Poker Card Symbols

A skull poker card theme can be applied to both the back and the front of the cards.

Add skulls to the front by designing the king queen and joker into skeleton illustrations. The ace can be drawn with skeleton heads in the middle of the card. The hearts and diamonds can have a blood splatter affect to add to the gory style of your deck designs.




King Poker Card Design

‘The King Of Poker’ is a great slogan to add to the back of the cards whether you add a personalised name for each design or not. It appeals to buyers who are looking for gifts for their loved one who is good at playing poker.


Marble Poker Cards

Marble affects are a highly sought after design element that can be easily integrated into your design. We can print your marble effect onto Ebony paper. You can also use a grey or off-white colour for the designs to add to make it stand out against the black background.


How Do You Host A Poker Night At Home?

Now you have some inspiration for designing poker cards. So why not start thinking about a mini casino in your house. It is a great way to entertain your family during lockdown. Gather everyone in your household together for a games night and show off with your own custom poker cards. We also offer stickers and die cut flyers to help you host your own casino night. You can have personalised poker chips as part of your games night.