Printed wallpaper: custom doesn't have to be costly

Personalised printed wallpaper

Shopping for the right wallpaper can often be hit-and-miss, especially if you have a very clear idea of the design you want beforehand. But if nothing in the stores matches up to your ideas, then you can always just print your own custom wallpaper instead – using the exact design, material and colour scheme you really want. (Custom wallpapers are a fantastic way to cover surface imperfections, too.)

Thinking of designing your own printed wallpaper?

With an entire online world of images, designers and artworks to choose from, the design options for your custom printed wallpaper are pretty much endless. Digitally printed wallpaper also has the distinct advantage of being much more durable and long-lasting, since it's generally of a higher quality than that found in the shops. This is especially true for our custom printed wallpapers, since we only use the highest-quality materials, and we don't simply churn out wallpapers on some vast production line.

Everything we print, from flyers and PVC banners to personalised wallpaper, is produced and checked piece by piece and then hand-cut by our print experts. So if you already have an image to use for your wallpaper, or if you have an idea and want us to design your perfect wallpaper for you, then we're happy to help!

Using printed wallpaper in your home

Personalised wallpaper at home really allows you to design something to reflect your personal style. It’s a great way to update your home’s image, creating a fresh new look in a cost-effective way. Wallpaper is always easily changeable, so in other words you can keep updating it as much as you like. It’s a great talking point with friends, and can also be a great marketing tool in helping to sell your home. (It's a common feature in showhomes, to give a bit of individuality and character to a house; effectively making it feel like more of a home.)

Trends change all the time, and there's an endless array of options spanning many decades for inspiration. Vintage-inspired wallpapers are a popular choice, as are animal prints and modern geometric patterns. Perhaps you need a certain colour print, or a design that you have an image of and want as a paper? We can make that happen! Some people choose to match the architectural period of their home, whilst others like to use different themes in different rooms. Using your own personal photos for a photo wall is also a popular choice. Maybe you might like to use your kids' artwork, or photos from great holidays as a feature wall. Alternatively, using a giant printed map of your local area as a custom wallpaper is also an increasingly popular choice.

Commercial and office printed wallpaper

There are lots of great reasons to use custom printed wallpaper in your office. It can be a great way to advertise your brand, showcasing the products that you sell on a large scale. Thanks to digital print processes, colours can be reproduced in vibrant colour and high definition, making brands, products and designs bright and appealing for office visitors and clients. Also ideal for exhibition spaces, and really anywhere from cafes to giftshops, a custom printed wallpaper makes you or your brand instantly memorable, and helps it to truly stand out from the competition.

The durability and strength of digitally printed wallpaper really comes into its own in a busy commercial environment. Chairs, furniture and people can leave marks and scuffs that can be scrubbed off custom printed wallpaper, increasing the time that it remains in a good clean condition. It's also a great way to cover a wall that might not be in the best condition, providing a smoother and smarter surface. If people are impressed with your artwork or shop design, they're also more likely to share it on social media, which is free advertising for you!

Changing to bespoke wallpaper can be a cost-effective way of keeping up with current trends and seasons. If that's an important consideration in your industry, you should definitely consider using custom printed wallpaper as a way of showcasing your brand, products or services.

How do I get my wallpaper printed?

Easy! Just choose the type of paper or vinyl you'd like to us to print onto and provide us with the image, or contact us if you want us to create a design for you. Choose the size and approve your finished proof for print, and we can get straight to work on producing your custom printed wallpaper. All our papers meet the relevant fire regulations and are made using only high-quality materials, designed for longevity and durability. So whichever design or wallpaper material you choose, we'll make sure it's printed to exceptional quality, and really made to last.

With decades of combined experience in the print industry, our team can produce your personalised wallpapers to any finished size on either paper or vinyl PVC. Every wallpaper we produce is supplied with either a peel-off backing or is ready to paste, depending on the printed material. And, since we produce all our custom wallpapers in our own print workshop, the price you pay is always direct. If you'd like to know more, or if you have any questions about printing your own bespoke wallpaper, just get in touch with our team and we'll be happy to help!