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Interesting Swing Tags Are Important

Interesting Swing Tags Are Important
7 September 2020
Interesting Swing Tags Are Important

Why Are Swing Tags Important?

Swing tags, also known as hangtags in America, were originally invented as product labels to display the price and size. However, they are so much more than that.

An eye-catching swing tag design can mean the all important difference of whether the shopper buys your product or your competitor's product that is next to it on the shelf.

6 Reasons Why You Need Swing Tags For Your Products

browsing products on the shelf

Make Your Product Packaging Stand Out In A Crowded Area

Retailers have more brand alternatives and product variants to give customers more choice than ever before. Customer satisfaction specialist, Malcolm Gladwell explains that customers are more satisfied when they have more choices. He uses tomato sauce as an example where Howard Moskowitz worked with the competitors Ragu and Prego to develop multiple types of pasta sauce in the early 1980s. Sales went through the roof for both companies and it retailers began to stock a wider variety of options.

To help the customer, retailers display similar products together, sometimes in small spaces. This means that your product might be next to your competitor’s product.

An interesting swing tag can catch the eye of the shopper as they are browsing products during the buyer decision process. Therefore, an eye catching swing tag design can grab their attention and help your product to stand out from the crowd of alternatives on the rest of the shelf.  

authentic tag

Swing Tags Can Reinforce Quality And Credibility

Products with a swing tag reassure the customer that they are buying a high-quality product. They can reassure the customer, not just that they have picked up the correct size, but they can speak volumes for your credibility. They can reinforce the quality by displaying awards, approval stamps or verifying the authenticity of the product.

  coffee bags with sustainable packaging

Hang Tags Emphasize Why Your Product Is The Best

Your tag can reinforce your USP, quickly letting customers know why your product is better than the ones nearby. For example, these swing tags reinforce the fact that they are ethically sourced Fair Trade coffee beans.

cruelty free product labels

Reinforce Your Brand Identity, Values And Attributes

Swing tags are an important part of branding because they are used to talk directly to the buyer. You can get your brand values and attributes across by showing them that you are ethically sourcing ingredients or against animal testing. It reassures customers that they are investing in a good brand that is in-line with their values and expectations.

Brand Values Help To Influence Future Purchasing Decisions

It makes a good impression with the shopper and if they don’t buy your product this time, they will remember it in the future. If your brand values resonate with the shopper, it can build brand loyalty. It can be a good idea to include social media channels on your product tag so they can follow you. 

sale tags 

Increase Your Sales

The hang tag is usually the same size as a business card, so it can be used to persuade a short promotional message to customers to increase your sales. Tags can be used to advertise a deal so that customers bulk buy your product. It can also be used to advertise limited edition products, so that customers to buy now while stocks last.

Informs Your Customers

Hang tags can be used to speak to your customer to reinforce any selling points for your product or brand. It is one of the key areas that a potential customer will read when they have narrowed their purchasing decision down to a few alternatives. They always look at swing tickets to compare pricing and review the perceived value and benefits of each item before they make a purchase. Read our article ‘How To Design A Hang Tag’ for content and design tips.


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