The summer holidays are finally upon us, which means it’s now time to start thinking of ways to keep your kids occupied through these sunny months. With plenty more time on their hands, it’s not going to take long before the novelty of the summer holiday wears off and for your children to become bored. No doubt this summer, you parents are bound to hear the dreaded words “I’m booorrred”, which is something that no parent wishes to hear from their kids.

Here at Aura Print, we sympathise with parents attempting to keep their children busy this summer. We know that the summer holidays can often be a challenging time to think of new, exciting ideas to entertain your children. This is why we have decided to create and release our own deck of match playing cards that your children can play with this summer.

Our colourful, summer-themed playing cards are bound to be enjoyed by your children and keep them playing for hours on end. And the best part about them? Our summer match playing cards are completely free to order!

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About our summer match cards

Within our decks of summer-themed cards, you will find 40 illustrated cards, each with a picture of a different item commonly found in the summertime. From beach balls to ice cream, your children will instantly recognise each image as something to be seen in the sun. Each card has a corresponding twin card, making 20 pairs of cards within the deck.

These summer playing cards are tucked within their own custom playing card box, keeping them safe and protected when not in use. We’ve made sure that our cards are as child friendly as possible, with a matt lamination to provide a layer of protection, a rounded corner to reduce any sharp edges, and a small card size to be easily held in small hands.

Summer match cards from different angles

Ways to play with our summer match cards

There isn’t just one way to play with our summer match cards, in fact, we’ve created three different games to play with our creative decks.

Snap is a true boredom buster that you will have probably played with your children before. Simply divide the deck equally between the number of players. Then, take it in turns to play a card in the middle. If the played card matches the previous card underneath shout “SNAP!” and claim your cards. Be careful, as other players also have the opportunity to claim the cards, so you need to be lightning quick. The game finishes when there are no more cards to play and the player with the most claimed cards wins.

Why not use our summer match cards to test your child’s memory? Lay out each of the 40 cards face down on a flat surface. Turn over a chosen card and try to find the other card that matches. If the second card doesn’t match, turn both cards back over and continue trying to find matches. If the cards do match, take both cards as prize. The game ends when all the cards have been matched and the winner is the player with the most matching cards claimed.

Matching pairs game with summer playing cards

This deck can even be adapted to play red queen, or in this case, avoid the seagull. Before starting the game, remove one of the seagull cards from the deck and put it back inside the box. Then, deal out the remaining cards equally between all players. Fan out the cards in your hand, without letting the other players see, and take a card from the next player to the right. If this new card matches a card already in your hand, put them down as a pair. If it doesn’t match, continue the rotation with the next player taking a card. The game continues until all cards have been matched and the loser is left with the lonely seagull. The winner is the player with the most paired cards.

Order your free summer snap cards

We’re sure that over the summer months your kids will be wanting to play a new game. So why not treat them to one of our summer match card decks? With 40 completely custom summer-themed designs, we know that our playing card decks are bound to entertain your children. Simply get in touch with our team at to order your own set of match cards.