Environmentally Friendly Business Cards

Business cards play a vital role in creating opportunities and giving a good first impression to potential customers. Therefore, choosing an environmentally friendly business card will enhance your brand identity and reinforce your green values.

eco friendly sign

We have a large range of sustainable business cards which are all printed on thick, rigid paper. This includes recycled business cards made from 100% recycled paper in weights of 350gsm and 700gsm.

Eco Friendly Printing

litho printing plates

The printing industry is constantly becoming more environmentally friendly, refining its materials and processes to reduce the impact on our planet. Commercial printers used to use off-set printing methods. It begins with a prepress stage where metal plates are ‘burnt’ using a photomechanical or photochemical process. Some printers still use off-set printing methods.

Our Printing Methods

Digital printing is a plate-free technology, so it is much more efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional off-set printing methods. Our digital printing method generates much less waste and it quickly completes up to 48,000 sheets per hour. All our business card materials are easily recycled by putting them in the recycling bin with the rest of your paper waste. If you choose one of our luxurious laminates to increase the lifespan of your business card, it is still recycled in the same way as other paper such as newspapers.

 kraft paper business cards

Kraft Business Cards

Kraft business cards are one of the most eco friendly business card options. There is no bleaching chemicals used in the production of kraft paper which is why it retains its natural brown colour. The material is 100% recycled kraft paper which is beautifully rustic and yet modern with an earthy grip and texture. It’s better for the environment than any other type of paper, even recycled paper.

Reinforce Sustainability Values

The paper stock is a natural brown colour which helps to reinforce your sustainability values, especially among eco conscious individuals. People associate kraft paper with green brands, sometimes subconsciously. The subliminal messages of your business card indicate that you are a green brand that cares about the environment because you have opted for a natural paper rather than one which is processed using chemicals.

Recycled Business Cards

man holding a business card that says go greenRecycled business cards are a popular environmentally friendly option. You can choose from 350gsm and 700gsm. The double thickness has a high quality, luxurious feel, making an impressive first impression of your brand.

Cotton Business Cards

While paper can be recycled, there still has to be trees chopped down to form the original paper, and while this can come from waste, it's still harmful to the planet. A superb eco-concious business card option could be to opt for cotton business cards. Made from 100% cotton, these cotton cards are actually formed from sustainably sourced cotton, and since cotton makes far less of an impact than trees do, the overall impact is smaller.

Smooth Recycled Paper

smooth recycled paper business cards with green inkTraditionally, the recycled fibres gave the paper an uneven and slightly patchy finish. Thanks to advances in modern processes, high quality recycled paper looks and feels very similar to non-recycled business cards.

Business Card Sample Pack

business card sample pack

We have the largest range of paper types and finishes. Therefore, we have developed a sample pack so you can compare our paper types side by side, examine their qualities and choose the best type for you.

It contains an example of 700gsm silk and 700gsm recycled paper. The silk feels smoother than the recycled paper that feels like uncoated paper, but there is not much difference in appearance. In fact, it is difficult to tell them apart until you examine them up close, side by side. If you move the samples around under the light, you can see the slight difference in texture. Order a business card sample pack to see if you can tell the difference between our recycled and silk paper.