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The best promotional merchandise ideas are high quality corporate gifts that will be treasured for years. With more people becoming eco-conscious, marketing managers are turning towards sustainable promotional products that are made in the UK. Read on to discover why you should budget for printing branded playing cards and the benefits of promotional items.




Promotional Playing Cards Spread Joy During Lockdown

Promotional merchandise can be used as corporate giveaways to keep your brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds. Gifting promotional items is a random act of kindness that will help to increase brand loyalty.

Card games have become so popular during lockdown, that your playing cards will seem like a thoughtful gift. Your brand will be at the forefront of their minds, while they are having fun playing card games. Helping to strengthen your business relationship and increase customer satisfaction.


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3 Benefits Of Promotional Merchandise For Companies

Here are 3 advantages of using high quality promotional merchandise according to a study by The Advertising Specialty Institute.


1 Proven To Increase Brand Awareness

The study concluded that 88% of people remembered the advertisers better if they received promotional merchandise from them.




2 Corporate Giveaways Wins New Customers

Corporate merchandise can help you to acquire new clients from your competitors. Giving out branded products, such as custom playing cards will increase your chances of getting new customers by 83%.



3 A Firm Favourite

70% of brands and organisations think that promotional items are still relevant and effective. Helping to strengthen relationships and reach your marketing goals.

According to the British Promotional Merchandise Association, it makes 56% of people more favourable to a brand.


3 Reasons To Use Branded Playing Cards



1 Quality Merchandise Is Kept The Longest

Standard giveaways such as pens are easily discarded or lost, especially if they are perceived as low value items. Whereas, high quality merchandise and unusual items are kept hold of for longer.

At tradeshows, promotional playing cards stand out compared to standard giveaways. Creative or high-quality merchandise is much more likely to give a good impression of a brand.

Luxurious promotional playing cards are more likely to be treasured by the recipient. This means that each time they play cards, your brand will get exposure and reinforce a positive brand image.

Your branded deck will give a good impression to the recipients’ guests. Your brand will be associated with positivity and looking after its customers. Your brand and products may become a talking point, if the guest asks where the cards are from.


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2 Corporate Gifts Build Customer Loyalty

Branded playing cards are a cost-effective way to make your brand memorable. However, they are not just for building brand awareness. Corporate gifts have a variety of uses in marketing campaigns.



Direct Mailing Branded Gifts To Strengthen Relationships

They can be used as part of a targeted direct mailing campaign. Direct mailing a pack of branded playing cards will seem more like a gift than promotional merchandise.

For B2B companies, playing card decks are small enough to be enclosed with a company update addressed to purchasing managers. It lets customers know that you are thinking of them during lockdown. Making them feel special and strengthening your relationship.


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Free Corporate Gift With Orders To Increase Sales

They are sometimes used as a free gift with the first order or orders over a certain amount. The tempting gift encourages customers to spend more money.


Random Acts Of Kindness Will Build Loyalty

A random act of kindness is a technique used by many companies to build customer loyalty with existing clients. Enclosing a surprise gift in an order strengthens relationships and builds customer loyalty. Loyal customers are more likely to recommend your company and its products or services.

This technique can also be used by start-up companies and independent artists who want to thank patreons and customers. However, custom bookmark printing is often better suited to their marketing budget.



Christmas Gifts For Customers

They can be used as corporate Christmas presents. It’s a great way to thank them for their support and custom throughout the year. Branded playing cards can either be handed out in meetings or sent in the post.

Why not enclose them with an order around Christmas time as a surprise gift. This adds to your unboxing experience, while making your brand more memorable. Customers will appreciate the Christmas present and it will strengthen your relationship, which ultimately builds brand loyalty.




The Best Eco Promotional Merchandise UK

Playing cards manufactured in the UK are a hit with eco friendly brands. We use vegan toner and we have a selection of sustainable paper types to choose from. Green brands can reinforce their sustainability values by choosing kraft paper playing cards. The naturally brown kraft paper is instantly noticed by eco conscious individuals, reinforcing your green brand attributes.

Playing cards are treasured for many years, but they can be recycled. Even if you opt for a laminate finish, the paper is still recycled in the same way.

We make the playing cards in Huddersfield and we hand check everything for quality before it leaves us. To see our digital printing process, check out our blog Huddersfield Town Top Trumps : How These Playing Cards Are Made.