Just because we have standard prices across the board doesn't mean we don't love our trade customers and offer them amazing value in other places.

We always want more customers to use our print service to re-sell print products to their clients, especially with all the effort we've put into expanding our range of business card finishes and print materials. Not least including foil business cards, GF Smith Colorplan business cards and a host of other unique business card finishes that we'll expand upon further down.

We've blogged about why our customers are spending more with us, but the main takeaway is that if you're using someone else for your print reselling needs, you could be missing out on over double your business card sales.

Yes, You Could More Than Double Your Business Card Sales

Outlandish claim I hear you screaming, but no, we're not joking, if you only offer your customers "Standard" business cards then you're missing out on over double the amount of potential sales. So we're clear, by the standard we mean 350gsm/400gsm silk or uncoated business cards. As apposed to foiled, painted edged, double thick and many other luxury business card finishes we can offer.

56% of our customers chose to upgrade to one of our unique hand-selected paper types over the bog standard 350gsm/400gsm card. Put simply, if you're not offering your customers the same type of paper options we do, then you're missing out on additional revenue and profit.

You'll keep missing out too because, in a year alone, the number of our customers wanting fancy business card finishes has grown from 46% to 56%. A growth of 22%. We expect by this time next year, that number will be in the 60% of customers who choose to upgrade over standard business cards.

Pie chart showing number of customers who upgrade to a unique paper type

Your Current Supplier Is Letting You Down

Look, we know reselling comes down to price, but when we asked our customers if they knew about all the different paper types available, and knew somewhere/someone to print them, 86% knew what they wanted but couldn't find any other printer than us who actually gave them the choice.. Frankly, your current supplier of print thinks it's easier in the long run for them to offer less paper choices which halts innovation. We've already got plenty of other paper types that we're testing from vellum paper to hemp paper for additional green printing options.

We're also telling you, that customers are always looking to stand out. From our survey results, 58% of customers will spend more on upgrading their business card to get compliments and 24% believe that making their business card stand out will decrease the chance of their card getting binned, thus increasing ROI.

If you haven't already, we really do recommend giving our business card survey blog a read, it has so many stats that all point to customers wanting more choice that you as a re-seller can take advantage of by using us as your printer, even just for the luxury stuff since we already know bulk printers.

Statistics for thicker business cards

So, What Can We Offer Resellers?

Foil Business Cards

Foil business cards account for 25% of all the business cards we print. Facts.

From our survey, 58% agreed that adding metallic foil to a business card makes the card more likely to be kept. An extra 30% also agreed but mentioned that they hadn't yet tried it. There are plenty of opportunities there.

Additionally, we also offer the largest range of metallic foil shades, not just gold and silver, but holographic, copper and our exclusive black chrome which no one else in the UK has as it's a trade secret!

We also allow you to print foil on almost all of our over 40+ unique paper types, allowing for even more flexibility for you to give your customer exactly what they want without compromise.

Painted Edge & Colour Core

To help you take advantage of the fact that 82% of customers think that standing out in a stack of business cards is important we can offer triplex colour core cards and painted edge business cards. There simply is no better way to stand out from all the white edge business cards than making your cards a striking red colour core or neon yellow painted edge. We think it's an unfair advantage over anyone who isn't offering this to their customers.

Thick Business Cards

Did you know that 86% of customers agree that a thicker business card looks more professional when surveyed. Yeah, our customers told us that. Perfect for upselling to yours right? Well, on top of offering a huge range of paper types, we also offer, 540gsm, 700gsm and 800gsm card options, essentially double-thick versions of everything we do. If your customer wants to stand out of look professional, this is the go-to finish that will work with any design brief you have.

Recycled Business Cards

When we asked our customers, 54% said that both their customers and themselves care about using recycled stock. Luckily we have an amazing choice of recycled paper stock including 100% recycled business cards, kraft brown paper business cards and cotton business cards . Each helps your customer shout about their carbon footprint which is especially important these days.

Foil business cards

Final Words

So, before we leave and let you mull over using us for you and your customers' print needs, the final stat we want to leave you with is that if a budget wasn't an issue, 92% of customers would upgrade to a more luxurious finish or paper type. That number right there screams upsell potential, you just need to explain why, and with our blog about business card statistics along with our survey, there are plenty of reasons!

If you're convinced, all you need to do to begin reselling our print is to create an account and place your order for what you need. If you need help, just give our customer service team a call or drop us a message and we'll help all we can.