Personalised Envelope Printing

If having bespoke printed envelopes for your event or business is something you're considering, then our custom envelope printing is ideal for making a real impact. Not only will custom printed envelopes complement your card, but they also have a higher open rate than plain envelopes. Our article below has plenty of pointers to make your envelopes a real success.

Promotional Envelope Printing

Printed envelopes can be used to protect and seal letters however most people overlook that adding your company logo to your envelope is a great way to make it easily recognisable and memorable.

You can also include business reply envelopes for documents to be returned. Printing on both the front and the back of the envelope means more space for promotional purposes and assures that at least one side will get noticed.

Window Envelopes

Printed window envelopes are a great time saver as they let you print an address on documentation to be put inside the envelope and show through. It essentially means you save money by printing a single design rather than spending extra to print individual postal addresses on each individual envelope, which can run up a large bill if you have lots of post to go out.

Method Of Sealing

Gone are the classic lick and seal glue on envelopes in favour of the more hygienic and easier to use peel and seal envelopes, which feature a ready-made adhesive strip.

These are not only easier to use but because all you need to do is peel off a strip of paper to reveal the glue, it gives an overall better and consistent seal. The last thing you want is your letter coming undone in the post.

Shape Of Envelopes

The classic business envelope size is a rectangular DL shape that measures 220mm x 110mm. Don't let that limit you though, there are plenty of different shapes and sizes to fit your needs.

A square envelope is popular for sending invites to events, or if you're unable to fold your mail, such as a certificate, you can get a full sized A4 envelope. Keep in mind the varying cost of postage depending on the size dimensions of the completed item. It might sound great to have a big envelope, but the costs can ramp up fast.

White And Coloured Envelopes

If printing envelope designs sounds too hard then perhaps blank coloured envelopes could work. You don't have to worry about the design and can simply choose any colour to complement your theme. White is the most cost-effective option but bear in mind bright colours are great at getting noticed.

Paper Quality

Quality envelopes create a premium, eye-catching impression and mean your letter is less likely to be discarded as junk mail. It's also great at giving the impression of importance.

Design Pointers

Using the same logo, design and paper quality ensures a cohesive look with a personal touch. Taking care of these smaller details will help to give a positive impression of your business and give people confidence. Think of everything you send out as a first impression of your business. Make a good one and business should come your way.