How To Make A Professional Candle Label Design

When searching the shelves for a new candle, more often or not, we’re going to be judging the candle based on the candle label design. Of course, the scent of the candle will be the deciding factor for our new purchase. But, to even get to the point of picking up the candle to have a good smell, we need to have already been won over by the custom candle labels.

Now more than ever, your candle label design is influencing your customers into picking up your candle – or into leaving it behind on the shelf. When making your own candle, you should spend some time crafting your candle label ideas. This way, you’ll have a beautiful, scented candle, with a lovely candle label that your customers will be excited to pick up.

Traditional Candle Designs, Bonfire, Buttercups, Apple Pie Flavours

What To Include On A Candle Label Design?

With an ever-expanding market for candles, knowing what to put on your own candle label isn’t always easy. Some candles go all out, choosing to display every single possible bit of information about the candle on the candle. Other candles take a more minimal approach, showing only a select portion of the candle details on the custom candle labels.

Planning out the text you want to include will save you a lot of time when it comes to creating your design. If you’re stuck for ideas or just need a helping hand, use this little list of what to include on a candle sticker:

Your Company Name

Your customers will want to know who they’re buying a candle from. And, if they want to buy another in the future, they’ll know exactly where to go.

The Candle Scent Name

Perhaps the most important information to include on your candle. What does your candle smell like? Get creative with your candle name – we’ve all seen hundreds of “sandalwood” flavoured candles but not so many “starlight beaches” or “buttercup fields” for example.

The Candle Ingredients

What is your candle made from? Is it a handcrafted soy wax, locally sourced beeswax, or a set gel wax? Your customers want to know what the candle is made from, especially if they’re looking for eco-friendly and vegan options.

The Candle Warning Label

Your candle is designed to burn. With anything that is intended to burn or is a flammable material, you need to include candle warning labels alongside your candle. For more on candle safety labels, check out this guide from The British Candle Federation.

The Weight Of Your Candle

How big is your candle? Is there only one candle size available or do you offer a mini and a maxi.

With all your information gathered together, you can begin the design of your own custom candle labels.

How To Make A Professional Candle Label Design In 3 Steps

1. Choose Your Custom Candle Labels Shape And Size

Take it from our team of artworkers when they say that choosing your candle label shape and size first takes a lot of hassle out of creating and printing the design. To choose your candle label size, you need to know where the candle label will be attached. Does your label stick to the front of a jar? Is it designed to seal your candle packaging? Will it be stuck to the candle itself?

There’s also the shape of your candle sticker to consider. Will you be opting for a standard square or do you fancy branching out into die-cut stickers?

Knowing that all candles are different, we cannot provide you with a standard size for candle labels. Instead, you’ll need to measure the space you want to stick your candle labels to and choose a size from there.

Candle Sticker Shapes: Rounded Square, Circle, Custom Shape, Arch

2. Pick Your Brand Style And Stick To It

Before running away to whip up ideas of candle labels, you need to decide on your brand image. Picking a distinctive brand style is essential to creating a set of individual candles that all come together to form a cohesive group. Ask yourself whether your brand is vibrant or calm, natural or artificial, minimal or maximal.

Understanding your brand inside and out will help you to create the best candle label designs for your business. The main things to focus on when building your candle brand imagery are:

· Typography

· Colours

· Style

Typography: The Fonts You Use Tell A Story

Picking the right font is crucial to getting your brand message across. If you’re aiming to be an uber-modern candle brand, then an old-time serif font may not be for you. Have a look around at other candle label designs that are similar to yours. What kinds of fonts do they use?

Have a play around with different fonts and different font pairings. If you find any fonts that you like, set them aside and keep looking. Find as many font choices as possible and then narrow them down until you have found the perfect font pairing for your custom candle labels.

Colour Palette: Set The Tone With Colour Tones

A set colour palette can do wonders for your candle label ideas. You can either make your own colour palette or generate one from Google or Adobe. Using a colour story can help to link all your candles together, even if they are completely different fragrances.

Of course, you don’t need to pick three colours and then find yourself limited in the designs you create. Something as simple as sticking with neon colours or pastel shades can be enough for a colour palette.

Style: Market Your Candles To Your Ideal Customer

The style of your candle label design is intended to attract attention from your target market. Think about who will be buying your candles. An eco-conscious audience will be looking out for a natural style with hand-drawn illustrations or plenty of kraft. Whereas a young professional might be wanting something a little more modern and minimal.

Make sure that your style isn’t too confusing. A customer needs to be able to pick your candle up from the shelf and understand what type of company you are, just from the candle label design. If you’re wanting to market towards an older audience but are using on-trend patterns, wires will be crossed as to who should be buying your candle.

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3. Special Finishes Elevate Your Designs

After you’ve finished your candle label design you can look to special finishes to add that little bit extra to your labels. Whether it’s metallic gold foil or simple soft touch laminate, unique finishes can help to elevate your designs to stand out from the rest.

When considering a special finish, it’s important to know whether it will affect your design process. For example, metallic foiling is a two-step process, with foil being applied after the print. This will affect your design as you’ll need to consider whether the foil will land on the print.

If you’re ever in need of help with considering special finishes in your designs, get in touch with our team who can guide you through our printing processes.

Create The Best Candle Label Designs With Aura Print

If you find yourself struggling to bring your candle label ideas to life, why not employ the talents of our design team? All you need to do is select “supply brief and we design” when ordering your candle stickers, send us over your brief and ideas for candle labels, then sit back and let us take care of the rest.

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