Custom Made Labels For Candles

Candle making involves more than just melting wax into containers and moulds. It takes months of research, tests, and experiments to create a candle that has a lovely strong scent throw.

hand pouring wax into a glass

Once you have perfected your candle line by experimenting with dyes, fragrances, wicks, waxes and additives, the next critical step is making the candles visually appealing to buyers. Read on to see how to make labels for candles and what to include on your design to show off your product benefits and enhance your brand.

Why Use Candle Labels?

Your product labels are the first thing that a customer will see. Candle labels are an effective way to enhance your branding and emphasize what makes your products special. A good label design can persuade shoppers to buy your candle rather than a competitor’s product. 

blank label on grey candle votives

What Should I Include On My Candle Label?

High quality pictures and colours that enhance the appeal of the candle are important, but the text itself has more influence than most people think. Here are the 4 most important things to include on the sticky label. 

1 Logo And Unique Selling Points

A large logo creates awareness of your brand. Underneath the logo, you can add the type of scent and anything that makes your candle special.

Tip: Emphasize That It Is Hand Poured

Adding ‘hand poured’ in front of the type of wax you use creates a more artisan feel. Reinforcing the fact that it is handmade makes it feel more special than a mass-produced product.

2 Add Your Website So Customers Can Reorder

If you have a website, include it on the label so that customers can reorder and browse the rest of your product range. If someone receives the candle as a gift, they can see where they can buy candles from in future.

3 Social Media Handles

Add social media handles to encourage customers to follow your brand. This makes it easier to inform customers about your latest products and company updates. You can run competitions to encourage customers to tag their friends or post photos of candles they bought from you.  

4 Candle Safety Information

Candle Safety labels are usually stuck to the bottom or the back of the candle with a warning about never leaving a burning candle unattended. If your fragrances contain hazardous ingredients, you might need to include a CLP label.

Tip: Keep The Design Simple

It’s important to keep it simple to avoid overcrowding the label, which can put customers off and make it difficult to read. Make sure the font is legible and try not use more than two types of font. This helps to ensure your label is easy and quick to read when it is on a shelf with many other candles.

Candle Label Design Tips For Branding

You need to make sure the candle appeals to buyers by emphasizing why your candle is special. Here are 8 points for consideration to inspire ideas for elevating your brand.

8 Ideas To Emphasize What Makes Your Candles Special

1 Differentiate Your Brand Using Company Ethics

Labels can be used to reinforce your brand identity by showing off your company ethics. Let customers know what you stand for and what to expect from you. For example, if you have any sustainability values, it will add to the value of your brand and help to differentiate your business.

2 Add Your Eco Benefits To Your Label

Consider your environmental stance and how that can persuade shoppers to invest in your brand rather than your competition. Are your ingredients from a renewable source? Do the candles burn cleanly? Are they biodegradable at the end of their life?

Offering to refill the container for your customers for a discounted price may appeal to eco conscious individuals, while also increasing customer loyalty and repeat orders.  

handpouring wax into tin containers

3 Emphasize The Handmade Qualities

If you are making your candles yourself, you might want to emphasize the words ‘hand poured’ on the label to give it an artisan feel. Or perhaps personalise it by adding a couple of words about what inspired the scent in your recipe.

4 Add The Ingredient Benefits

If you don’t use palm oil or paraffin wax, make it clear that your candles are more environmentally friendly by adding a few words under your logo such as ‘toxic free and eco-friendly ingredients’. Alternatively, a more positive phrase such as ‘100% natural, or ‘organic’ could be added before the type of wax you use.  

There are many benefits of soy wax, coconut wax and beeswax which can make your candle line more appealing. The summary below gives an overview of some of the benefits of beeswax, coconut, and soy wax that you could use on your label to elevate your brand.

soybean plants being harvested

5 Soy Wax Benefits

Soy wax is made from soyabeans, a renewable source, which is a great way to attract eco conscious shoppers. Plus, soy wax has additional benefits because it is non-toxic and burns cleanly.

If you know where your soy was grown, include it on your label such as ‘made from responsibly sourced soy wax’.   

coconut wax flakes in a bowl

6 Coconut Wax Branding

Some benefits that you could consider adding to your coconut wax candle label includes: a slow even burn, amazing scent throw, smokeless and soot-free, non-GMO, sustainable and obtained via a natural process.

beeswax candle and bottle of essential oil

7 Beeswax Candle Marketing

There are many benefits of beeswax and it releases negative ions. Ionizing the air is said to help combat mould spores, pollen and dust. There are no added fragrances of colouring, it’s a naturally warm colour and has a slight honey scent. It burns longer than soy or paraffin wax candles, so test your candle and add the burn time to your candle label.  

8 Essential Oil Benefits

Add the essential oil therapeutic properties to your label design. Describe the calming, reassuring or mood boosting effects of your product to entice people to buy it. For example, ‘handmade with pure lavender oil to relax the senses’.

kraft paper plain tag

Product Tags For Candles

Natural looking kraft paper tags stand out as being eco-friendly as well as having an earthy feel and rustic texture. Our article 'Interesting Swing Tags Are Important' shows how a hang tag can make your products stand out in a croweded retail environment.

Our article How To Use Swing Tags To Communicate Brand Values explains that kraft paper can be used to reinforce your green values if you have a focus on using eco friendly materials. Another great tip is putting your social media handles and website on your tags. This allows customers to learn more and become part of your social media community.

Product Tags That Double Up As A Gift Tag

Having a logo on one side of the custom product tag and leaving a space on the other side lets customers use your tag as a gift tag. If you want your candle to stand out from the crowd, you could use die cut hang tags in a festive shape such as heart for valentines day or a christmas tree during the festive season. We now sell custom printed tags with string already attached for your convenience. 

 Christmas Candle On A Fireplace

Festive Label Designs

It is important to have a few Christmas scented candles in your product line because 35% of candle sales occur during the Christmas holiday season according to The photo above shows one of the festive label designs that we printed with gold foil for ChilliWinter. 

Foil Stickers For Candles

Foil Stickers are a great way to add a seasonal greeting to your candle jar to make it a perfect Christmas gift choice. We printed the gold foil sticky labels below for Kool Kandle's online shop.

Christmas Wishes Label On A Candle Next To Oranges And Pinecones

Tips For Choosing Label Materials

You need to pick the right type of sticker for your container. Standard paper stickers are designed for flat surfaces only and they will not adhere to the curved sides of a candle jar.

glass jar candle with green vinyl label

Stickers That Stick To Plastic

If you need stickers that stick to plastic or glass, our transparent stickers have a clear background and adhere strongly to both curved and straight surfaces. These vinyl stickers withstand the rain, making them ideal for citronella candle jars that are left outside in patio areas or on garden tables.

yankee candle with peach label

The only disadvantage is that vinyl sticker graphics can be affected by the colours that are behind them, as you can see from the photo above. If you are making labels for candles with coloured wax, it will affect the colour of the label, unless you choose our paper stickers. Paper stickers are more opaque and therefore they make your graphics more vibrant.

Stickers That Stick To Metal

silver coloured tin with purple candle inside

If you are adding labels to curved metal surfaces, our high tack adhesive stickers or vinyl stickers are needed. Please note that isopropyl alcohol must be used to wipe down the surface of the metal. This is because manufacturers often use coolant and lubricant during their manufacturing processes. This nearly always leaves oil residue on tins and metal jars, especially on the joints, which prevents any type of sticker from adhering.

We Can Design And Make Your Candle Label For You

Now you have a few ideas about what you should include on a candle label, this should help you to develop a label that elevates your brand and candle making business. If you need help with the design, our talented team of designers can help you out.