3 Styles Of Corporate Greeting Cards And Why You Should Use Them


Business greeting cards can be used to reinforce customer relationships and build brand loyalty. Clients love to feel appreciated and it encourages them to return and reuse your product or services.

Sending a corporate greeting card increases brand exposure in your contact’s office. Particularly, business Christmas cards that sit on desks for the entire month of December.

The best 3 corporate greeting cards styles for relationship building are Christmas cards, thank you cards and birthday cards. Read on to see why you should consider printed greeting cards as part of your relationship building strategy.


business christmas cards with coprorate branding


1 Business Christmas Cards

Corporate Christmas cards are one of the most popular branded greeting card styles for several reasons. Here are the main reasons why you should consider having Christmas cards printed for your company.


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Corporate Christmas Cards Boost Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty takes work, but it’s worth it. Businesses who neglect their customers tend to lose them to their competitors. Don’t let that happen to you! Custom printed branded Christmas cards are a proven way to increase customer loyalty especially if they also show gratitude.  

It’s a good opportunity to thank your customers for their support during the year and tell them you look forward to working with them in the new year. It lets them know that you appreciate their custom and customers loves to feel appreciated. Custom printing loyalty cards is also a good way to increase repeat purchases.


Show Appreciation To Retailers, Distributors And Suppliers

If you are sending the cards to a network of retailers or distributors, try to include a more specific thank you message. This could be achieving certain business goals together, such as a record level of sales or successful product launches. Acknowledging their efforts makes them feel like they are important to you. Especially if they have contributed to another successful year for your business.

You should also show appreciation to your suppliers. Without them you wouldn’t be able to fulfill your customers’ orders throughout the year. Showing gratitude to your suppliers makes them feel important and helps to build a stronger relationship with them. A stronger relationship with your suppliers will make them act faster to help you out in future.


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Tip: Make your Christmas cards look friendlier by creating artwork for the inside of the card. Why not make it look like all your team members have signed it? Simply scan your signatures into your computer and add them to your inner page artwork.

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Christmas Cards Improve Employee Engagement

Employees and other internal stakeholders feel cared about when they are given a Christmas card. The gesture of appreciation and warm festive wishes helps to make them feel valued.

Thanking them for their hardwork throughout the year lets them know that they are appreciated. The recognition motivates them to keep up the hard work and commitment to their employer. Appreciation is also a key factor in job satisfaction, so it improves employee retention.   

The Christmas card can be handed out along with small Christmas presents such as a box of chocolates or some vouchers. Or it can be distributed with workplace secret santa gifts.



Branded Christmas Cards Increase Brand Exposure

Custom branded Christmas cards raise brand awareness. They often sit on office desks for the entire month of December.

The positive vibes will be associated with your branding. It reinforces the positive relationship that the recipient has with your brand. For maximum effect, add a team photo into your Christmas card design. It adds a personal touch and reinforces a friendly and supportive brand image. Perfect for when you want to develop a connection with business contacts who are far away or haven’t had chance to meet all the team members.

Tip: If you have some exciting news to share about the new year, you can include a small message in your card. Be sure to include your website so they can look at corporate news in detail.

 thank you for your order colourful graphic

2 Business Thank You Cards

Printing custom thank you cards for your business is one of the best ways to show appreciation.


Thank You For Your Order Cards

Our customers commonly print cards which say ‘thank you for supporting my small business’. It lets the buyer know that they are supporting a family business. They feel good about shopping small and it makes them more likely to buy from your shop again. This type of thank you note is normally a small printed flyer rather than a folded greeting card.


 'thank you for supporting small business' graphic

Thank You Cards Quickly Form Strong Relationships

Thank you greeting cards can be used to acknowledge a supplier who has gone above and beyond to help you. It can also be used to thank your contacts for their continuous commitment.

Branded thank you cards can be sent to any of your business contacts who have gone above and beyond in their role. It lets them know that you really appreciate their efforts and motivates them to help you again in the future.

office staff holding a thank you sign

Thank you notes can be used to create a relationship with important business contacts who can support your marketing efforts. For example, you could send one to a media contact who has given you some extra space in a magazine. It lets them know that you really appreciate the extra coverage. They will think of you next time they have some space to fill.

Corporate thank you cards can be used if you regularly exhibit at the same tradeshows. It’s nice to send a thank you card to the organizer. They will remember your company when they have a cancellation of a premium exhibition space or a limited sponsorship deal.



3 Corporate Birthday Cards


Birthday Cards For Employees

Corporate birthday cards show your internal stakeholders that you care about them. Sending a birthday card to employees can make them feel like part of a work family. It improves job satisfaction and makes them envision being a longterm member of the team. They are driven to achieve more for a company that they love.     

Birthday Cards For Business Partners

If you are printing corporate birthday cards for employees, consider printing extra ones for business partners.

You can send them to key contacts to form closer relationships with regional sales managers, distributors and suppliers for example. The branded birthday cards will advertise your brand in their office. It will form a positive talking point and make them feel special.


We Can Design Corporate Greeting Cards For Your Business

We have a team of talented designers who can design Christmas cards, thank you notes or birthday cards for you. Select ‘supply brief and we design’ when you place your order online and we will start designing some ideas.