Reasons For Using Flyers And Tips For Making A Success Flyer


Custom flyers are one of the most versatile and effective marketing tools, especially for promoting events. Done properly, they can quickly communicate messages and persuade customers towards buying a product or service.

Even with the popularity of digital marketing, flyer marketing is still an effective way to increase sales. Let’s take a look at the top 6 advantages of flyers and 6 design tips to keep in mind when you make flyers.

benefits of using flyers

Benefits Of Ordering Flyers With Aura Print

#1 Affordable

Studies show that leaflet printing or flyer printing is more cost-effective than other channels of promotion. For example, response rate statistics from DLM show that 48% of consumers respond to leaflets, 47% respond to direct marketing and 47% to TV ads. 

#2 Quick Turnaround

Our flyers are posted within 2 days of proof approval using the next day delivery service.

#3 Great For Short Notice Events

Quickly gets your messages out there about your event or meeting.

#4 Complements Digital

Printed materials can support digital media. For example, a QR code can link to a webpage to get further information.

#5 Easy To Measure Flyer Success

QR codes, leaflet numbers, discount codes can make it a measurable type of marketing.

#6 Physical Part Of Your Brand

Your message can easily get lost in an inbox full of emails. Even if they check their emails before your event happens, they can delete your email before they even open it. When someone is given a physical copy such as a flyer, they are more likely to look at it.

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How To Make A Promotional Flyer 

Start By Choosing The Flyer Size

When designing flyers the first thing to consider is the size. Most people prefer A6 size (148mm x 105mm). A6 flyer size is ideal for distributing to crowds of people and for posting through letterboxes. It is also a good size for pinning to a noticeboard.

A7 (105mm x 74mm) can be used for flyers, but it has limited space for information so it might not be the best choice for you. Anything smaller than A7 paper is normally too small for flyers, but it is ideal for use during the event, for promotions such as drinks vouchers or discount at the till.

A5 flyers is another very popular choice. It is great if you have a lot of information to present to the customer or event guest. Usually, anything larger than A5 paper is considered to be too big to be the best option for a flyer.

benefits of using flyers

Good Flyer Design Tips

We have a team of professional designers that can create a flyer design for you. They can also help you with your branding and other marketing materials such as folded leaflets, brochures and business cards.

Whether your flyer is being distributed or displayed on a noticeboard, in a window, or on a shelf, it needs to stand out. Here are our 6 design tips for making your event flyer stand out from the pack.

#1 Keep The Flyer Design Simple

Keep the design simple to avoid missing out on potential customers by overwhelming them with too much information. According to statistics you have roughly 2 seconds to make a good first impression and capture the reader’s interest. 

#2 Create A Flyer With A Foil Focal Point

Foil printed flyers catch the light, drawing attention to the areas that you want to be seen. The holographic foil printing option diffracts the light and shows the colors of the spectrum at different angles. Our holographic foil flyers are ideal for prestigious events to highlight special guests and make the logo stand out.

#3 Highlight The Main Points And Benefits.

Here are some tips for quickly getting your message across to potential customers.

Use Headings On Your Flyer

Using headers and subheadings can let your reader quickly skim the key points and then read the smaller details if they want.

Stick To Two Fonts (Max)

For clarity and easy reading, it is advisable to stick to one or two font styles. Make sure the font is clean and legible too.

Make Your Flyer Easy To Read

Short sentences and bullet points are easier and faster to skim read. Capital letters can be eye catching, but it is harder to read than lowercase. 

#4 Create A Good First Impression

Flyers and leaflets are often the first interaction you have with a potential customer. Double sided flyers in full color create a better first impression than single sided ones. Other ways to achieve a premium look include:

Thicker Paper

We have the largest range of paper stock. We print foil flyers with a choice of thick paper types, which start at 250gsm paper. 400gsm card gives a more expensive feel and it is the same thickness as a postcard. 700gsm is very thick card which is sometimes chosen for event tokens.

High Quality Images

Make sure you use high-resolution attention-grabbing images with good clipping paths.

Use Foil And Brand Colors

Foil can give a luxurious look to a flyer when it is used as part of the graphics or to pick out key details. When eye catching holographic elements are used with brand colors, it creates a lustrous first impression of a luxury premium brand, product or service.

#5 Measuring Promotional Success

You could have an offer on your flyer so that your customer takes the flyer to the event. When the flyers are handed over, they can be counted to see how effective the flyer marketing was. Here are a few more ideas for measuring their effect:

Group Offers 

Group discounts such as 2 for 1 deals encourage guests to pass the message around their friendship group. 

QR Codes

These can be used to help your guests to register in advance to avoid queueing on the door. Instead of handing over the flyer, the amount of customers is measured by the amount of visitors from the QR code.

Discount Codes

If the discount code is required upon order, it can be an easy way to track the amount of customers you have gained from your flyer campaign.

A good response rate for targeted flyers is 2 to 3%. A well targeted list with a well designed flyer can reach 8%.

#6 Link Back To Your Business

Always include your contact details such as: telephone number, address, website and social media handles. They can be added at the bottom of your flyer without being intrusive and may result in more social media followers.