Chic Business Cards

Having beauty business cards that match your vibes is crucial. No matter if you’re doing nails, hair, massages, or facials. Making sure your clients, new or old have a wonderful first impression often starts when they see your details.

Matching your style or line of work to your beauty calling card can often be the difference between having a waiting list of clientele and not.

Getting chic business cards designed can often start with a colour pallet. Maybe you’re a nail artist that loves bright colours, or perhaps you have a makeup artist business and need luxury metallic finishes. It’s unspoken, but customers associate certain styles with industries, so make sure yours isn’t confusing.

Beauty Business Card Colour Pallet

Beauty Therapist Business Card Tips

You can do one google search for beauty therapist business cards and be bombarded with ideas ranging from bland to over the top. Our top tip for people in the beauty industry looking to get their card noticed is to focus on the type of treatments you offer.

For example, if you’re a beautician who focuses on pampering & moisturising golds and browns could work for you. Especially if you chose to have metallic foil business cards.

On the other hand, if you’re more about detox and cleansing, then fresh colours such as pastel blues and mint greens coupled with plain white offer a light and professional look for your beauty business cards.

Fresh Pastel Colour Pallet Business Cards

Hairdresser Business Cards

For hairdressing business cards, you’ll first need to choose for if you’re wanting cards for you, or salon business cards. It’ll all depend on your working arrangements.

Next, you’ll probably need to think about what clients you want to attract, or what you’re specialised at. It’s often said that if your business card is unfocused or unclear, those are the clients you’ll attract.

For example, if you focus more on cutting hair, then including things like scissors in your hairdressing business card is a clear indication of what customers can expect. On the other hand, if you’re interested in more styling, you could have silhouettes of different hairstyles you specialise in on your business card.

If you’re looking to build a brand for you or your salon though, there’s nothing wrong with keeping things clean and treating your name like a brand. It’s an elegant way to go where you can simply mention your name and that you’re a hairstylist. We often see this combined with having your name in fancy finishes such as rose gold foil.

Hairdresser Business Cards

Beauty Slogans For Business Cards

Sometimes, if you’re just including your name on your beautician business cards, it can help to have a slogan.

A classic one will always be “Hair by” then your name. It makes things perfectly clear about what you offer. But how about incorporating some of these beauty slogans for business cards into your design:

  • Beautiful. Colourful. You.
  • A Cut Above The Rest
  • Be You(tiful)
  • Believe In Beauty
  • Define Yourself
  • Glamour Is a State of Mind
  • Look Good. Feel Good.
  • Making You A More Confident You
  • Time To Treat Your Skin

Beauty Slogans For Business Cards

Mobile Beauty Business Cards

If you tent to offer your treatments at your customer's homes then that’s a huge selling point you don’t want to miss out on. Whether you’re a mobile beautician or masseuse, letting your customers know you can come to them is a game-changer.

You could even include that you come to your clients on your mobile beauty business cards by including it in your slogan. Something like “The Massage Your Body Needs With The Comfort Of Home” sends a clear message.

Mobile Beautician Business Cards

Beauty Business Card Designs

So at this point in reading, you should have a decent idea of what you want to design for your business card. If you have a logo or know exactly what you want designing then why not print and design your business cards with us.

We Can Design And Print All Your Beauty Business Stationery

We offer an in-house print and design service which won’t be beaten. We can take care of all your business stationery needs such as folded appointment cards, signs, posters and even certificate printing for when your staff have passed their training. Just contact us or order online and we can get your salon stationery made within a few days!