Business Card Printing Finishes For Design Inspiration

Aura Print specialises in high quality business card printing with special finishes. With years of experience in luxury business card printing, we have developed over 300 custom print combinations to choose from.

This guide about print finishing techniques such as painted edge business cards is created for design inspiration. We will summarise our luxury paper types and our amazing business card finishes to help you design your perfect business cards.

We always strive to offer the best online business card printing services with more customisation options than anyone else. Our friendly print experts are always happy to help and we have designed a business card sample pack. It is designed to let you get your hands on our fanciest finishes and paper types fo design ideas. Whether you are a business owner, graphic designer or marketing specialist, this guide will give you ideas for achieving a premium look for your brand.

Best Business Card Finishes And Printing Techniques

Luxury business card printing UK graphic designers have been searching for is right here. We have summarised all our print finishing options below, so you can start designing creative business cards. Read on to discover our best print finishes for custom business cards that will make your branding stand out.


Painted Edge Business Cards


Painted Edge Business Cards


One of our most popular print finishes is painted edge business cards. It’s perfect for adding a flash of brand colour around the edge of the card to complement the logo. The painted coloured edges work best when they have a bold and striking contrast to the colour of the card.

Painted edge business cards work particularly well with bold vibrant colours such as yellow. We printed these painted edge business cards for Just John, where the bright yellow contrast makes the design pop. We have been printing this design for over 10 years. It just shows that painted edge business cards never get old!


Painted Edge Business Card Designs Make An Eye Catching Display


Painted edge business cards make your branding stand out at exhibitions and networking events. When you display your business cards in a pile on a tradeshow stand, the vivid bright coloured edges are very eye catching. It draws attention to the business cards and makes visitors more likely to pick one up.

Visitors immediately see that you thought about how your literature will be displayed on the exhibition counter. This shows potential business partners and buyers that you pay attention to small details and take pride in what you do.

As more businesses become eco conscious, more exhibitors are opting for piles of business cards rather than plastic business cardholders. It also makes your business card easier to pick up, which makes a difference at a busy exhibition. Having your business cards in a container at the back of your exhibition booth can be off-putting to a business professional who is in a hurry.

Pink Painted Edge Business Cards


Best Business Card Finish For Displays

Bright colour painted edges are the best business card finish for creating an eye-catching display. They make a bold and lasting impression when displayed on your point of sale counter, in your showroom or your exhibition stand.

With our custom print runs, your can order small quantities or multiple designs for corporate business card printing. This means you can stack different brand colours next to each other for a creative display.


Die Cut Business Cards


Die Cut Business Cards

Nothing stands out more than a business card that is die cut into an unusual shape. We printed this uniquely shaped business card designed by Puddle Duk, a clothing brand that was influenced by the Tales of Jemima Puddle Duck.


Custom Die Cut Business Card Range

Die cut business cards can be printed on a huge range of paper types. This includes silk, gloss, uncoated, recycled, kraft, textured conqueror, pearlescent and colorplan card stock. For a luxurious finish, you could use 800gsm colour core paper which has a central-coloured stripe on the edge of the card.


Die cut business cards can be designed with a cut out area too. The holes can be used to create a bespoke shape and cut out lettering. We can also design your custom shape business cards. We designed this shape for a pest control specialist with a custom cut nibbled cheese shape.

Pest Control Die Cut Business Cards



Best Business Cards For Creative Designs

Die cut business cards are best suited to brands that want to reinforce their product or services in a fun and friendly way. They are the best business card customisation option if you want to make a memorable first impression of your brand.

Business Cards For Painter Decorators


High Quality Plastic Business Cards


Our strong plastic business cards are made from high quality 750-micron PVC. They are the most long lasting and durable option. Like our tear proof business cards, they are fully waterproof and scratch proof. The added advantage of plastic business cards is that they feel more expensive. A card that is perceived as high quality is much less disposable, so they are less likely to be thrown away. 

This high-quality plastic is a popular choice for tradesmen business cards. They are chosen by joiners, builders, plasterers, bricklayers, painters and maintenance engineers who need a robust business card that doesn’t get damaged and is easy to wipe clean.  

Plastic business cards are ideal for freelance skilled tradesmen who work on busy building sites and want to give their business card to builders on site. For example, if you’re a roofer and give your business card to a contractor, you can be confident that your business card will not get damaged in their tool bag or pocket.

Best For Unique Business Cards That Stand Out

Plastic business cards aren’t printed onto traditional paper, so they immediately feel unusual. Rounded corners make your business card design look even more different for a distinct look that will stand out.  

Many businesses are swopping paper for plastic business cards due to the unusual finish that makes a memorable first impression. The strong PVC creates a high perceived value because customers immediately know that the material is more expensive than standard paper versions. 


Colour Core Business Cards


Colour Core Business Cards

Colour core paper is a reassuringly thick 800gsm card stock. These ultra-thick business cards are made of three bonded sheets of paper, with a coloured central layer. The coloured line on the edge of your cards, makes them seem much more sophisticated and it enhances your branding.

We printed these premium square business cards for Butter in Liverpool which double up as loyalty cards. They chose ‘Factory Yellow’ colour core card stock which matches their brand colours when stacked on the counter. The white and yellow stripes on the edge of the cards added a luxury finish to their branding.



Our colour core business cards add sophisticated stipes of brand colours making a beautiful finishing touch to your design. Triplex business cards are three times thicker than standard ones, so they immediately feel more luxurious. This paper is a great choice if you want to enhance your branding and give a high quality first impression.

These heavyweight business cards have an amazing finish when the central colour is matched with your logo or business card design colours. When the cards are stacked together, the striped brand colours attract attention and make customers more likely to pick one up.

They make a high quality impression of your business at networking events too.  Extra thick business cards make a bold impact when handed over to business partners and clients for the first time. The luxurious triple thick business cards make a strong and reassuring introduction.


Coloured Paper Business Cards


Coloured Business Cards

Colorplan coloured paper adds a vibrant colourful touch to your business card design. Our coloured business cards are printed onto colorplan coloured card stock. They make an impact with a vivid colour range that includes 17 versatile shades. Perfect for matching to your brand colours or just your mood. We recommend choosing just black for the darker shades so make your details stand out.



Best Business Card For Colourful Designs

The colourful range of colorplan papers is the best choice for printing coloured business cards. This card stock is perfect for matching your brand colours or just your mood. Whether you are meeting new contacts at a networking event or sending your card in a mailer, these colourful business cards will make an impact. 



Magnetic Business Cards


Magnetic business cards are perfect for people who are maintenance specialists. They are commonly used by plumbers, HVAC specialists, computer technicians and gas engineers. Their business card can be kept on display on the apparatus, so their details are there when a maintenance specialist is needed.

Magnetic Business Cards For Boiler Engineer


Best Business Card For Maintenance Specialists To Generate Repeat Custom


Magnets can be attached to computers, which makes magnetic business cards the best choice for computer repair technicians. They are popular with a wide range of IT technicians and computer businesses for generating repeat custom. It gives customers a caring impression of your company because it shows that you are there to help. Magnetic business cards are great for supporting large businesses with a dedicated IT person who is ready to help.


Gas Engineers also use magnetic business cards to reinforce their support services. It’s ideal for putting on a boiler and displaying the next service due date. An effective business card design that pretty much guarantees that your customer will call you to book your services again.


Folded Business Cards


Folded Business Cards

Our folded business cards are chosen by professionals who want to add a little bit more information about their company. Most of our customers print them in a rectangular shape, but we can print any size you like. Just specify your own dimensions when you place your order online.


Best Business Card Type For Appointment Reminders

Folded business cards are ideal for appointments, health check-ups and aftercare information. They are particularly popular with beauty businesses for writing appointment dates and times on the card. There is space to remind clients of any pre-care information, such as arriving without makeup. The space is also used to include other treatments available or for asking your client to leave a review or recommend a friend.

Top Tip: We recommend printing onto uncoated paper for the best writing surface. You can choose a soft touch or matt lamination which still allows you to write on the card.


UV Spot Business Card Printing

UV spot business cards add another dimension to your business card design. It adds depth and texture to a patterned background. It can be used to enhance your logo and make it feel like it is raised off the business card.



Best Business Cards For A Luxurious Texture

The raised UV printing is a popular choice with beauty businesses such as hairdressers and nail salons. The luxury finish adds another dimension to your design. The raised areas lift the design to make a patterned background really stylish. It’s perfect for a nail technician who loves creating patterned nail art. Why shouldn’t your cards be adorned with embellishments too?

Spot UV printing can be used to mimic water drops as part of the design to add a 3D design element. So it could be used for business cards for plumbers, sailing clubs, swimming teachers.


Kraft Business Cards


Kraft Business Cards

Kraft paper has a natural brown colour that is rustic yet beautifully modern. These eco friendly business cards have an earthy warm grip and a strong environmental message. We also offer recycled paper business cards which are smooth and available with a range of laminate options.


Best Eco-Friendly Business Cards

Kraft Business Cards are ideal for green brands because the natural brown paper resonates with eco conscious individuals. Alternatively, if you're looking for sustainable business cards, we offer 100% cotton paper business cards.


Pearlescent Business Cards


Pearlescent Business Cards


Pearlescent paper adds a shimmer to your business cards. This unique paper type has a silky appearance as it shimmers underneath the light. Pearlescent business cards shimmer in every colour to make your branding ooze opulence. Ideal for premium brands that want to have a strong and impactful, yet luxurious business card design.  


Best Business Card Paper Type For Luxury Brands

The shimmer is so irresistible when it’s coupled with our soft touch laminate. It elevates your luxury branding to take your business card design to the next level. It’s perfect for beauty clinics that want to have a luxurious but clean looking business card.


Textured Conqueror Laid Business Cards

Textured Business Cards

Choosing one of our luxurious paper types such as our textured conqueror card stock will help to elevate your branding. Your card is probably one of the first physical interactions that a person will have with your brand, so adding an interesting texture is a great way to stand out and make a memorable impression. 

Our range of conqueror business cards includes laid, wove and contour textures which are embossed into the paper. Laid has ridges, whereas wove has a very natural look and feel to the cardstock.


Best Business Card Type For Wedding Industry Professionals

Conqueror contour paper is often chosen for wedding invitation stationery because it has a unique hammered texture that looks slightly dimpled. The elegant and luxurious textured papers are therefore perfect for all wedding industry professionals including photographers, bridal boutiques and hairstylists.

You can order a sample pack at the bottom of the page to see and feel the different textures next to each other.


Top Design Tips For Luxury Business Card Printing

Here are a few design tips to consider before sending your business stationery to print.

1 Choose A Laminate To Enhance Your Branding

Our selection of laminates will add a protective layer to prevent damage, dirt, and discolouration. Choosing a laminate finish makes your card last longer, but it also enhances your design. We have three different laminated business card options to choose from and they have different benefits.


Matt Laminated Business Cards Have A Modern Look

The matt finish adds a modern, minimalist, and sleek impression. It also acts as an anti-glare, so it makes your business card easier to read. If your new contact carelessly puts your matt laminated business card in the bottom of their bag, rest assured, it will look as good as new when it gets to the office.


Gloss Laminated Business Cards Make Graphics Pop

Gloss laminated business cards offer maximum resistance to scratches, dirt and damage. Although this is the most protective laminate option, gloss is usually chosen for its ability to enhance graphic designs. It can make designs look crisp because it enhances colours by making them more vivid. Gloss laminated business cards are the best choice for designs with colourful graphic details.


Soft Touch Laminated Business Cards Feel Luxurious

If you are designing a unique business card that makes an impact, soft touch laminate makes it feel special too. Some people describe the texture a little bit like the skin of a fresh peach. While others say that it has a silky feel like short nape velvet.

Soft touch laminate has a sumptuous texture that immediately gives a luxury impression of your brand. It looks like a matt laminate, so the soft texture often catches people pleasantly by surprise.


Business Card Bleed


2 Check Your Artwork For Print

Here are a few things to check before sending your business cards to print.

Select CMYK

The standard colour system for printing is CMYK and when setting up your document you will need to select CMYK over RGB.

Supply Your Artwork At 300dpi at 100% Scale

Small format printing should always be supplied at 100% scale at 300dpi. Ideally, we prefer PDF or JPEG formats of your artwork because they are the easiest to work with.

Include A Bleed

We recommend a bleed of 2mm is added to the border of artwork. Any images or colour that reach the edge of the page would need to be extended past this point up until the bleed area guide. Like all machines, our guillotines could be slightly out (by up to 1mm) so you need to have a bleed.

Otherwise, if our guillotine is a tiny ¼ of a mm out. Then you will end up with a solid, thin, but extremely noticeable white solid line along the edge of your cards. Its best practice to keep all text within a 4mm margin from the edge too.

Double Check The Digital Proof Of Your Artwork

Checking for spelling mistakes and typos in the telephone number is crucial. You don’t want your new business contact pointing it out for you!

Rounded Corner Business Cards

3 Add Rounded Corners To Your Design

Business cards with rounded corners finish off your design with a subtle but elegant touch. The rounded corners make your card stand out as luxurious, while still looking professional. The rounded corners add a luxury business card finish that instantly makes them look more expensive.



High Quality Guaranteed With Aura Print

Our team of crafters have an exceptional eye for detail to ensure business cards meet our stringent quality requirements. We pride ourselves on our high level of customer support, fast turnaround and an unrivalled selection of paper types and finishes. We also have a team of talented designers who can create artwork for you too. We are confident that their skills and our luxury business card finishes will make sure your branding is so special, that it sets your company apart. 


Grab Your Business Card Sample Pack

For further inspiration, order a business card sample pack that has been meticulously designed to let you get your hands on all our fanciest finishes and paper types. The pack includes our best and unique paper types, all of our different laminates and exclusive finishes such as painted edges and raised spot UV Gloss.