Flyers (AP-UK)

  1. Best Paper Weight For Flyers

    100 to 120gsm paper is used for office stationery and letterheads. Double sided flyers should be at least 170gsm...
  2. How You Can Create Eco-Friendly Flyers

    Creating eco-friendly flyers is great for the planet and for your event. Learn how you can make your flyers more eco friendly.
  3. What Is The Response Rate For Advertising With Flyers?

    Getting the best return on investment for your flyers is crucial. Come read all about expected returns and how to improve it!
  4. 6 Reasons To Use Flyers And 6 Design Considerations

    Flyers can persuade customers to buy. Discover how to engage customers and make flyers easy to read...
  5. How Kraft Paper Is Made

    What are kraft and recycled papers, and how are they made? Read on to discover what they are and what they are used for.
  6. Different Types Of Printing Paper

    There are so many types and weights of printing paper that things can soon get confusing! In this quick guide we'll take you through all the major paper stock types, and their best uses in print.
  7. Printing: What Is Bleed?

    Bleed describes the area of a design that is printed beyond a page's finished edges. Learn all about print bleed in our handy guide.
  8. Printing onto textured paper

    Printing on textured papers involves a few considerations, including litho, digital and colour processes.
  9. What Is GSM Paper?

    The term gsm is often used when talking about different types of paper. What does it actually mean though? Come and learn!
  10. What is spot colour?

    Learn all about spot colour printing, Pantones and the 4-colour CMYK process, and their importance.
  11. What's the difference between litho and digital print?

    A comprehensive look at lithographic and digital printing technologies.
  12. 5 Top Tips For Designing A Successful Leaflet

    From headline to imagery, colours to CTA, let's look at what makes a leaflet design work.
  13. Promoting With Leaflets

    Printed leaflets are still a great way to get the word out about your business. But with such small returns on this marketing method, it's well worth making your leaflets' design as effective as possible.
  14. SRA3 Paper – What Is It?

    Professional printers don't use A4 or A3 paper, but larger SRA3.