Folded Metallic Foil Flyer & Leaflet Printing

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  • Folds offer more print area, with a smaller footprint
  • Grab more attention with high-shine metallic foil
  • Choose between a standard roll or zig-zag fold

Elegant and eye-catching, folded metallic foil flyers and leaflets make the ultimate statement for pamphlets, menus, wedding stationery and branded promotional materials. Combined with folded layouts and a smart use of space, they’re the perfect way to deliver more information in a compact, striking foil print design. We can fold your foiled flyers and leaflets in either a standard roll-fold or zig-zag layout, depending on your design and how much print you’d like to include. Should you need custom folds, just get in touch.

Our foil printing range is available in a variety of colours, including gold, silver, holographic, fiery copper and rose gold. We’ve created countless folded flyers and leaflets for every kind of customer you can imagine. Simply select your print options using the configurations below, if you need assistance however don't hesitate to get in touch.