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Foiled Business Cards

Elite Metallic Business Cards

Say “Nice to Meet You” to our metallic business cards, your newest business partner. It asks no questions, doesn’t need to be trained, and gets on with the job at hand: providing phenomenal first impressions on your behalf! 

Whether you’re a self-employed wedding photographer, corporate tech firm employee, or global entrepreneur, nothing says you take first impressions seriously quite like shimmering foil business cards. Adorned with up to 2 different foil shades (one color per side), your foil business card will be the belle of the ball, the star of the show, the toast of the town, outshining your competitors and showcasing your dedication to sophistication in print marketing. Choose from metallic gold, silver, holographic, copper, blue, and many more, along with a range of innovative customization options and premium finishes, all tried-and-tested to help you make a shining first impression. 

How Foil Business Cards are Made

At Aura Print, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer more customization options than the majority of our competitors, and that’s all down to our dedication to innovation in print. Instead of lackluster business cards complete with generic design layouts, we pour hours into product research and testing, ensuring we can offer the best foil accent business cards so you can feel the biggest impact. With foil print business cards, you’re guaranteed to stand out in a deck, remembered as the business owner with the amazing foiled business cards! 

Whether you envision full-cover foil business cards or foil printed business cards with your logo embellished in your brand colors, we guarantee absolute perfection in foil print. Digitally foiled, your custom foil business cards are available with as much or as little metallic foil as your design demands, with the option to browse a rainbow of metallic foil shades which includes colors seldom seen elsewhere. Alongside classic shades such as gold, silver, and rose gold, we offer a plethora of shades that are harder to pull off. Including pink, green, blue, and black chrome, we’ve tested our entire catalogue on every paper type we supply in order to ensure that you get top results every single time. How do we guarantee perfection, you ask? Well, alongside our talented team of customer service advisors and design mavens, our production workshop is manned by print finishing veterans, hand-checking every foil business card for any unlikely imperfections before shipping your foil accent business cards out to you. Talk about dedication to perfection!

Foil Favourites

Gold Foil Business CardsGold Foil Business Cards

Gold Foil Business Cards

Whether you’re looking to project success, confidence, or luxury, add metallic gold foil to your business cards to make a phenomenal first impression.

Holgraphic Foil Business CardsHolgraphic Foil Business Cards

Holographic Foil Business Cards

Watch your holographic business card recipients gasp in amazement as they see a spectrum of colours with every movement of the wrist, perfect for modern, innovative businesses. 

Silver Foil Business CardsSilver Foil Business Cards

Silver Foil Business Cards

Clean, elegant, and distinguished, showcase your dedication to sophistication with shimmering silver for business cards, available on a range of curated stocks.

Copper Foil Business CardsCopper Foil Business Cards

Bronze Copper Foil Business Cards

Project positive energy with stunningly rustic copper bronze foil business cards, perfect for adorning logos, contact details, and more. 

Rose Gold Foil Business CardsRose Gold Foil Business Cards

Rose Gold Foil Business Cards

Ever refined, if you want to project style, whether you’re a wedding planner, candle maker, or distiller, rose gold business cards are the choice for you!

Raise Spot UV Business CardsRaise Spot UV Business Cards

Raised Spot UV Foil Business Cards

Creating an astounding raised, glossy effect, raised spot UV business cards will have your recipients in awe of your dedication to stunning first impressions. 

Elevated First Impressions with Exclusive Shades

Green Foil Business CardsGreen Foil Business Cards

Green Foil Business Cards

Whether you’re a freelance landscaper or green is simply your brand colour, adorning your business cards with metallic green foil will have customers lining the street!

Red Foil Business CardsRed Foil Business Cards

Red Foil Business Cards

Showcase prestige and demand a call to action with impactful business cards embellished with metallic red foil.

Blue Foil Business CardsBlue Foil Business Cards

Blue Foil Business Cards

The colour of business, blue symbolises trust, honesty, and dependability, so why not sprinkle some metallic blue foil onto your business cards?

Pink Foil Business CardsPink Foil Business Cards

Pink Foil Business Cards

If your branding is pink-heavy, whether you’re a beautician or kawaii illustrator, adorning your business cards with pink foil is a guaranteed hit!

Purple Foil Business CardsPurple Foil Business Cards

Purple Foil Business Cards

Ever a colour of sophistication, if you want potential customers and clients to see your brand as a thing of luxury, stick with purple foil business cards!

Black Chrome Foil Business CardsBlack Chrome Foil Business Cards

Black Foil Business Cards

As unique as it gets, if your business is pushing boundaries, innovating, and paving the way for your industry, black foil business cards are a no-brainer!

Not Just Your Average Paper Types

At Aura Print, we're proud to offer more than just your average business card paper types. While many foil printers limit your options to silk & glossy paper stocks, we've spent countless hours testing our entire paper catalog with our rainbow of foil shades to provide you with a curated list of paper stocks that we think are perfect for metallic foil business cards.

From classics such as uncoated, silk, and gloss to ultra-thick, innovative materials and colorful cardstocks that you're unlikely to find elsewhere, we can't wait to see how you combine our foil shades with our amazing, exclusive stocks. 

Silk PaperSilk Paper


Arguably the GOAT of the printing world, silk stock handles full colour print coverage like no other while providing the perfect base for lamination and metallic foil. 

Gloss PaperGloss Paper


If you want your metallic foil business cards to truly shine, gloss paper might be the one for you. Perfect for full print coverage with a subtle sheen, gloss paper is the perfect canvas for your business cards. 

Uncoated PaperUncoated Paper


On the board of paper champions, we have uncoated paper. Providing its classic “raw” paper feel, if you want the metallic foil to do all the talking on your business cards, uncoated paper is the choice for you. 

Recycled PaperRecycled Paper


Packed full of character, recycled paper is the eco-friendly sibling of uncoated paper. Made from recycled paper, this stock is full of natural, charming blemishes that add to the eco-aesthetic of your foiled business cards. 

ColorPlan PaperColorPlan Paper


From deep ebony to candy pink, our G.F.Smith colorplan cardstocks are the perfect canvas for bold and brilliant foiled business cards, and are even available in hefty double-thick weights. 

Triplex Colour Core PaperTriplex Colour Core Paper

Colour Core

Made up of your choice of colorplan cardstock sandwiched between crisp white stock, foiled colour core business cards are a true sight to behold with breathtaking colour taking centre stage. 

Order a sample packOrder a sample pack

Why Use Us

High Quality Print MaterialsHigh Quality Print Materials
High Quality Print Materials

We have a huge range of papers and finishes, including luxurious and sustainable materials.

Stunning Collection Of FoilsStunning Collection Of Foils
Stunning Collection Of Foils

We have one of the largest selections of foil colors to be found online. 

Great Customer ServiceGreat Customer Service
Great Customer Service

Our customer service team are here to provide you with excellent customer care. 

Glowing 5 Star ReviewsGlowing 5 Star Reviews
Glowing 5 Star Reviews

Our customers love us! It's true and we've got the wonderful reviews to back up this claim.

From humble beginnings as a 1-man print enthusiast in the heart of England, Aura Print has spent close to 2 decades becoming the innovative print force it is today, cracking the States with the force of The Beatles. As a self-professed leader in cutting-edge printing and finishing, we’ve spent years exploring different foil print methods, testing different shades, and introducing different paper stocks, all so we can offer foil business card printing that outshines competition on both sides of the Atlantic. With the utmost confidence in our tried-and-tested digital foil printing process, you’re free to add as little or as much foil to the front and rear of your metallic foil business cards as your design requires, with our in-house quality assurance team ready to hand-check every single one of your double sided foil business cards before we ship them out to you. 

Now supplying businesses on both sides of the Atlantic with jaw-dropping business cards with foil, we’re proud to be a relied upon print partner for all things foil, allowing you to take your correspondence and print marketing to the next level. 

Revolutionizing Print with Foil Business Card Customization

When it comes to foil accent business card printing, we don’t simply slap on a bit of shine and ship your cards out to you. On the contrary, we offer an enormous selection of customization options curated to help you make your foil finish business cards truly one of a kind. Whether you envision foiled borders, foiled logos, foiled contact details, or full-cover metallic business cards, we guarantee not just satisfaction, but absolute delight. 

Starting with the right material for your foil business cards, we’ve assembled the ultimate cardstock contenders for your foil print business cards, allowing you to select the stock that best speaks to your desired aesthetic. From classics such as silk, gloss, and uncoated to recycled stocks and bold colorplan options, if you want to see our materials for yourself before ordering foil business cards wholesale, we think you should order a sample pack. Once you’ve settled on a stock, you’re free to choose the orientation, shape, and size of your cards, whether you’re looking for standard size business cards, square foil business cards, die-cut foil business cards, or something else entirely! Long story short, we allow you to choose virtually any and size when it comes to wholesale foil business cards, giving you the option to enter your custom size dimensions. What’s more, with more weight to play with than you’re likely to be offered elsewhere, you can print your foiled business cards in a selection of weights, ranging from lightweight to purely elite. For an absolute treat, why not explore our gargantuan 800g color core options? 

Now, let’s talk foil! At Aura Print, we offer a wider selection of metallic shades than any of our competitors, with colors ranging from glittering gold and sparkling silver to modern holographic, breathtaking blue, and astounding black chrome business cards. Essentially, we’ve tailored our available shades to only the very best, curated through extensive testing and customer feedback. We’re sure we’ve got a color in our catalogue to match your branding, and with the addition of luxurious soft-touch laminate, you’ll have customers lining the block to get their hands on your products. 

Beyond size, shape, and lamination, we go one step further by also offering painted edges and rounded corners, all in the hopes of making your foil printed business cards as amazing as they possibly can be. To see how we can help you take your business cards to the next level with metallic foil, select a foil business card option above and explore our configuration options today.

Sustainability and Foil Printing

We know what you’re thinking: “my foil business cards can’t possibly be sustainable, can they?”. In short, yes, yes, they can. We consciously partner with suppliers who we consider industry leaders, paving the way for a greener future for the print industry, and metallic foils are no exception. Our metallic foil transfers are outrageously thin, accounting for less than 1% of your business card’s final weight, meaning the foil won’t interfere with the composting or biodegrading process, while also remaining harmless to plant growth. 

Combined with our carbon neutral, recycled paper stock and vegan inks, your metallic business cards can be a stunning force for change! 

Fast Foiled Business Cards

If you’ve got a last-minute convention to attend or need some brand-spanking new business cards with foil logo for an event you’re catering next weekend, you’re in safe hands. With speedy shipping to the USA, we aim to keep production times short so you can start making that awesome first impression as soon as possible. What’s better, we offer an elite rush service for those looking to shave a day off their turnaround time, meaning you could have your custom foil business cards in less than 1 week!

Keen to find out how soon you could be distributing your new foil accent business cards? Configure your order or get in touch with our team today.

Choose our Design Service

It’s undeniable that your business cards can only ever be as good as your design permits. With that in mind, there’s only so much metallic foil can do for a lackluster design, which is why, if you’re lacking in the design department, we recommend making the most of our professional in-house design service. Armed to the teeth with big ideas and the design tools to match, our designers will work from your brief to create custom foil business cards for the ages, designed to blow your competition out of the water at every stage of the game. 

If you’re ready to team up with one of our designers to perfect your metallic foil business cards, we make the entire process painless. Select the ‘Supply Brief & We Design’ option on your way through the checkout, await your confirmation email, and send us your detailed design brief. This should include any design inspiration you have in mind, along with branding elements such as logos, contact information, and any other crucial elements! From there, your assigned designer will aim to have your design proof with you in as little as 1-working day, allowing you to suggest any necessary changes to the final design before we send your foil logo business cards off to print. 

That’s not to say you have to choose our design service, of course! If you’re content with putting together your own design for business cards with foil then we want to do everything we can to make it as easy as possible. With our downloadable templates for foil logo business cards, you can safely design your cards within our print tolerance boundaries, allowing for bleed, safe zones, and more. 

Can I have foil on both sides of my foil print business cards? 

Yes! Not only can you have foil on both sides of your business cards with foil accents, but you can opt for a different color on each side if the mood strikes. That’s right, so while you may be going for sophisticated silver on the front, you’re free to go wild with color on the rear, whether that’s chrome, copper, or even pink!

Do I have to have lamination on my foil accent business card printing? 

Fortunately, yes. All of our foil printing business cards are supplied with soft-touch lamination as standard. Soft-touch laminate provides the most reliably stunning results, therefore we believe every order should come complete with this smooth-as-butter finish! While our soft-touch lamination is so thin that it really just feels like a silky top coat, it not only helps protect your business cards from inevitable wear and tear, but also allows your chosen foil shade to impeccably shine. 

Can I add rounded corners to my foil finish business cards? 

Of course you can! Your double sided foil business cards can be supplied with either 3.5mm, 6mm, or 16mm rounded corners, perfect for creating that smooth finishing touch. 

Can I have foil on eco-friendly paper? 

Our eco-friendly range is constantly growing, and we’re proud to offer recycled paper across our entire foil printing range, providing a green alternative to commonly used, coated stocks. 

How do I decide what paper to have my foil business card printing on? 

We know that too much choice can be somewhat overwhelming, especially when you’re not fine-tuned to the intricacies of paper stocks. That’s why we’ve put together a sample pack crafted to showcase not only our immense range of paper stocks but also our foil shades, lamination, and additional finishes. Don’t go into foil printing business cards blind – order a sample pack today! 

Can you design my wholesale foil business cards for me? 

Absolutely! Our in-house design team is on-hand to design your business cards for you if you need help creating something amazing. Simply place your order, await your confirmation email, and respond with your design brief.

How should I supply my artwork for foil business cards wholesale? 

Firstly, we recommend downloading our design template and giving our foil artwork setup blog a read – this will provide everything you need to know about setting up your artwork for foil business card printing. Once you’re confident that your artwork is configured correctly, simply place your order, await your confirmation email, and respond with your print-ready artwork.

The Basics

Allow 0.08" (2mm) of bleed around all artwork for cutting tolerances.

Format all artwork to CMYK.

Set your resolution to a minimum of 300DPI.

Supply your artwork in PDF, JPG or fully packaged AI formats.

Keep all text, logos and foreground images within a 0.1" (3mm) safe zone from the cut edge.

Metallic Foil & Spot UV Products

Separate all foil elements from CMYK artwork, place foil elements on a separate page, and supply as 100% K (black). See our helpful guide about how to supply artwork for foil printing.

Die Cut Or Kiss Cut (Shaped) Products Including Stickers

Indicate cut lines using a 1pt magenta line on a separate layer or separate page. See our helpful guide about how to supply artwork for die/kiss cutting.

Folded, Perforated or Drilled Products

Indicate any crease lines, perforation lines or drill holes using a 1pt magenta line on a separate layer or separate page.

Spot Colors

Supply your artwork as CMYK + 1 Spot Color. See our helpful guide about how to supply artwork for spot color printing.

Name your spot colour layer with the color you've chosen, for example 'gold' or 'silver'.

Business Card Templates
Download Foil Business Card TemplateDownload Foil Business Card Template

Download our PDF template including all available sizes.

Folded Business Card Templates
Download Folded Foil Business Card TemplateDownload Folded Foil Business Card Template

Download our PDF template including all available sizes.

At Aura Print, our goal is to get your order to you as quickly and as simply as possible. We only use UPS for our deliveries, so you can be assured of safe transport and handling. Our products are packaged responsibly and thoroughly.

For more information on Delivery pricing and times, refer to our delivery and returns page.