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Why You Should Spend More On Business Cards

Why You Should Spend More On Business Cards
9 May 2024
Why You Should Spend More On Business Cards

Understanding how customers purchase business cards online is paramount to our business, but what about yours? Surely, you’d want to know how people are ordering business cards too to learn what people expect.

In this business card report, we’re giving you a glimpse into a snapshot of our business card sales between March and May of 2022 versus 2023. We’ve also surveyed our customers to better understand their approach when it comes to buying business cards with some interesting results.

This data isn’t just boring statistics though, it shows how our customers love the choices we provide for them. We believe that by giving you so much freedom to choose exactly what you want, other printers simply won’t offer you it because they deem it too “complicated” or “time-consuming”.

So, with our intro out of the way, let's get into the data!

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Standard Business Cards Are Uninspiring

Did you know that 88% of business cards get thrown away in the first week? We do, which is why we continue to add luxurious and unique paper stocks to print on. We found that as we add more paper types, the uptake of customers opting to upgrade to something fancier grows too.

Looking at our sales data, we found that the number of customers printing on our hand-picked paper selection over standard stock (standard = 350/400gsm silk/uncoated) increased by 22% year over year.

In 2022 46% of our awesome customers upgraded to use our unique paper types. In 2023 56% of our customers did. We’re hoping to increase this number more as time goes on by continuing to offer a growing amount of standout customization features on our website.

What Does This Mean for You?

Well, we believe the data shows that customers are hungry to make their business cards stand out, we just need to supply them with the options to do so.

Our customer survey data shows that 92% of customers see the value and would upgrade to a luxury finish over a standard 350gsm business card if they had a larger budget.

It's just then a case of having data that can convince customers to upgrade, or perhaps order fewer cards of better quality.

Fact: 86% of customers agree that a thicker business card looks more professional when surveyed.

So, what would you rather do, hand out loads of standard cards where the chance of getting thrown away is high, or invest in more professional-looking cards that have a much better chance of being kept? Your budget could be doing more harm than good.

Survey results from our customers about the likelihood of choosing a special finish, such as metallic foil (58%) for their business cards.

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Is It Right to Have a Budget?

This is a much more personal view, but when we surveyed our customers, only 24% had a budget less than $49. That means that over 75% of customers had a budget large enough to order 250 double-thick business cards with soft-touch laminate to both sides. This is probably one of the simplest ways to upgrade your business cards while still being on a budget, and as we’ve already touched upon, our survey shows a thicker card is more professional looking.

Quantity and quality are totally subjective, and another deciding factor is will this be a business card you’ll be handing out on mass, or are you likely to be more reserved with your offerings.

If slow and steady is for you, then a double-thick card will stand the test of time and will not hold an unwanted fold.

How Many Business Cards Should You Buy?

Speaking of 250 business cards, you may wonder if this is enough. Before looking at the sales data, I’d have thought that the average order may look something like 100 or 200 business cards. Between 2022 to 2023 the average quantity of business cards per order rose by 13% from 500 to 565.

That’s not to say that 250 business cards aren’t enough, we have customers that order 10,000 business cards at a time for all their staff, so these numbers are impacted by large orders like this.

To find out more about this data we surveyed our customers to learn what they are doing with their business cards.

Some notable facts are that 34% of customers have started to include business cards with their orders and 20% of customers are actively trying to hand out their business cards more as they think it helps their overall sales. Perhaps being selective of who receives a business card is the best way to be budget-orientated while minimizing waste.

Interestingly, through COVID, 8% of customers started a new business and needed to hand more business cards out for that initial boost of exposure so this will also be bumping up the average order quantity for business cards.

No matter if you're a printer like us, or re-sell our services to your own customers, it seems that customers love to take advantage of bulk ordering (12% mentioned this as an additional reason).

While we’re not trying to push you towards ordering more business cards, but if you were to purchase 250 double-thick business cards at $84.95, you could double that order to 500 for an extra $41. Rather than having to pay another $84.95 later when you need more. It also saves on delivery charges too so budget-conscious people could genuinely have wiggle room to print fancier business cards if they order in bulk rather than smaller orders more often.

How Much Should Business Cards Cost?

Next, let's look at how much customers are spending on their order of business cards. While we must keep the actual amounts a secret, what we can reveal is that from 2022 to 2023 the average amount spent on a business card order increased by 13%.

This is partly attributed to the number of business card orders using a luxury finish increasing from 62% of orders to 72%, which is a huge 16% increase. In our survey, this data is backed up with two stats:

58% of customers choose to spend more on luxury business cards so their customers will complement their card and notice the extra attention to detail.

24% of our customers think that making their business cards stand out will increase the chances of their card being kept and thus increase their ROI.

You may think that throughout Covid people have scrimped or ignored business cards as they worked from home. This data seems to indicate the opposite though. It also shows that our customers are receptive to the growing number of unique paper types we are offering them and sees the true value in luxury business cards.

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Foiled Business Cards Are Still Our Best Seller

One statistic that hasn’t changed is the number of business card orders that include a metallic foil finish. In both 2022 and 2023, while the total orders we took increased, the number of foiled business cards remained at a hearty 25% of the business cards we produced.

This is hardly surprising as our foil cards have been a massive hit since we’ve introduced them, and customer reviews seem to tell us you can’t get enough!

When we surveyed our customers about metallic foil business cards, a whopping 58% of customers agree that adding metallic foil to a business card will make the card more likely to be kept. An additional 30% think that it probably will but they're yet to try it.

We might sound like we’re beating a drum here, but there is value in luxury business cards, especially if it means your business card stands out and is kept by your clients.

Standing Out From the Stack

Speaking of standing out, the theme continues to be a key feature our customers love, especially our offering of painted edge business cards and color core cards. Mainly due to the fact that they stand out from the crowd even in a compact wallet. It literally adds another dimension to your business card, making easy work of dominating any thinner cards in their path.

From 2022 to 2023 customers upgrading to use painted edges or colour core business cards grew a huge 84% and it now sits at around 11% of all orders. We think it's the best way to stand out, especially if your clients keep all their business cards in a pile. As the competition gets stiffer, we offer all that we can to get your business card noticed!

When asked about standing out, specifically in a stack of business cards, 82% of customers think that it's an important factor when it comes to ordering their cards.

Survey results for how many customers (82%) believe it is important to stand out from a stack of business cards and how many (86%) believe a thicker business card is more professional.

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Environmentally Friendly Business Cards

Eco-friendly print continues to be at the forefront of our customer's minds, especially with the spotlight evermore so being shone on climate change and deforestation.

We have seen that as the public opinion about our planet changes, the increase in customers using recycled stock on their business cards has grown 63% over the period between 2022 and 2023. This is encouraging news, and it’s worth pointing out that eco-friendly is no longer synonymous with a lack of quality. On the contrary, our sustainable business card stocks are very luxurious.

In our survey, we asked "Do you care about printing on a recycled paper stock?". 54% of customers said they care about printing on recycled paper stock if they can.

Around 13% of customers choose a recycled paper type for their print media and we can see that trend continuing to grow at a quick rate in the coming years. At the end of the day, it makes total sense to invest in eco-friendly materials. Not only do they offer some beautiful textures, but the very fact that you’re using them speaks to your audience on another level, it tells them that you care.

As printers, it is difficult to print on anything but paper, but we’re always looking to add more choices of recycled business cards for our customers to choose from. Our current eco-friendly paper range is going from strength to strength, with our range including cotton, cannabis, wheat, rag, kraft and of course traditional recycled paper.

But we don’t just stop at the paper stock, we also use a range of vegan inks and ensure that we’re using the latest available technology so that we’re minimizing our carbon footprint as much as possible from start to finish.

Print Your Business Cards With Us

Order your business cards from the best in the business, Aura Print! If you want a taste of our premium paper stocks, you can order a business card sample pack, which we really recommend. Likewise, if you’re considering foil, we also have a foil sample pack that gives you an “in the flesh” visual on just how good our foil range of colors are.

So, there you have it, a sneak peek into how our customers are shopping when it comes to business cards. We hope you’ve managed to take something away from this article. Not just how customers shop with us, but habits in business card buying which will mean added competition in the space.

If you want to make sure your business card is kept and remembered, especially if you have clients to impress, then we can’t think of any better place to get your cards printed.

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