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Gloss Business Card Printing

  • Gloss coated business cards let your business shine.
  • Offers added protection and makes your printed colors pop for eye-catching results.
  • Print your glossy business card on one of our 40+ hand selected paper types.

Details matter when it comes to gloss-coated business cards. Their extra stylish protective coating provides a reflective surface that catches not only the light but also the eyes. The best part about gloss-coated business cards? They’re a great option for colorful, bold and bright designs that pop off the pages.

Leave premium quality gloss-coated business cards out on a table and they’ll become the focal point. A glossy business card makes bright colors pop and graphic design elements stand out. With its liquid-resistant coating, your designs last for longer against the elements. Whether you’re at a networking event or a fair outdoors, a gloss business card will hold up well against drinks being waved around or rain pattering away.

Let your brand vision come to life with gloss-coated business cards.

The Gloss Business Card - A Reflection Of Your Business

No one can deny a gloss business card’s ability to hold up against all manner of use. They’re known for their strength and durability. Just like your business.

Quite often, we’re asked which is better — gloss or matte business cards. Our answer? They’re completely different types of cards and it’s entirely up to you and your business values. But with gloss, the eye-catching nature and sharpness of the color and design are hugely appealing factors. Choosing gloss-coated business cards is always a great choice.

Create A Unique Look For Your Glossy Business Card

Our business card configurator is simple and straightforward — all you need to do is upload your own design to our website and choose the perfect finish, color, shape and paper. With our lustrous range of 40 handpicked papers to choose from, the choices are limitless. Whichever paper you decide on, you’re guaranteed to hand over a premium gloss business card to your newest customer.

Need a design? Our in-house designers are here to help. You don’t need to go elsewhere for a designer. Our team will create a gloss business card design for you and you can get it printed with us. We lift the stress of designing for you with our bespoke design and printing service. Just choose it when configuring your options.

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