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Metallic Foil Playing Card Printing

  • Add some shimmer and shine to your card decks with foil playing cards
  • Pick from our impressive foil collection of over 10 unique foil colors, including gold and silver
  • Pair your foil playing cards with a matching foil playing card box

Foil playing cards are a wonderful way to add a beautiful shine to the surface of your printed designs. Whether you’re wanting gold playing cards with a lovely foiled border or finer highlights to decorate your digitally illustrated characters, we have it covered at Aura Print. All our shiny cards are made bespoke to your artwork, so don’t be afraid to go all out with your foiled designs. Print with foil on both the front and the back of your cards, spreading that foil goodness all over your card decks.

Our foil playing cards are available in the choice of over 10 different metallic colors. From our in-house favorite gold foil playing cards to our cool toned silver foil playing cards to our deep black foil playing cards, we have every possible foil color you can think of! Each of our metallic shades is digitally printed onto the surface of your cards, reflecting the light with a mirror-like finish. Want to see our complete foil collection in person? Then check out our foil sample pack.

Gold Foil Playing Cards Printed To Perfection

Combine our metallic foils with the paper type of your choice to create the perfect custom foil playing cards. In the options below, we've selected our top picks for the best paper types for you to browse through. From our white uncoated to our vibrant colorplan, we have plenty of paper options for you to check out. What's more, each of our paper types can be upgraded to a double thick paper stock that truly stands out from the rest. To see all our papers in person, click here to view our paper sample pack.

Alongside our stellar gold foil playing cards is our soft touch laminate. This buttery smooth laminate is an essential part of the digital foiling process and is applied to all our shiny playing cards. With a matt finish, our laminate doesn't distract from the reflection of the foil, and it also helps to protect your cards too. Further protect your foil playing cards with our custom foil playing card boxes that can be made bespoke to match the cards designed to fit inside.

Print Custom Quantities Of Custom Foil Playing Cards

At Aura Print we've made it possible for you to choose the exact number of gold foil playing cards that you would be liking within a deck. We know that sometimes, you may not be wanting the traditional set of foil poker playing cards, and instead will want a custom quantity. Well, with our number of cards section below, you can enter the exact quantity of cards, and the number of decks, that you require. Each card in a deck can have a unique print and foil design on the front and back, so it's time to get creative!

Printing black shiny playing cards is often a new experience, and we understand that you may be needing some help with your designs. Our super design team is on standby to assist you with all things design. We can check over your artwork, provide tailored advice, and even design your cards for you with our "supply brief and we design" button. Want to learn more about our shiny playing cards? Give us a call, we are happy to talk you through the process.

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Can I print a custom size foil playing card?

Yes you can. You can print any size foil playing card by choosing the custom size option from the size/footprint section above and entering in your desired width and height in mm.

Can I print foil on the front and back?

Yes, we're one of the very few printers that allow you to print metallic foil highlights to both the front and back of your foil playing cards. The designs of foil can also be different too on either side!

How many foil cards can I print per deck?

You can print as many foil playing cards per deck that you need. Just input the amount of cards per deck and the number of decks you require in the options above.

What is the minimum amount of foiled playing cards I can order?

Theoretically there is no minimum number of cards you can print, but there is a minimum charge. We'd recommend printing more than 50 metallic foil playing cards, or at least one unique deck to take advantage of the pricing calculator.

Can I use different color foils on each card?

We offer as many foil colors as we can, but we're limited to allow you to print only one foil highlight color per side. This means you could have a foil gold back and a silver front to your foiled playing card, but we can't have two colors on one side.

What's the best paper choice for foil playing cards?

Similar to non foiled playing cards, we'd recommend printing on at least 300gsm card stock. The type of paper is purely cosmetic. If you're wanting something a little more luxurious we'd recommend printing your foiled playing cards on 400gsm silk.

Do you supply foil playing card boxes too?

We do offer foil playing card box printing but it is supplied separately. Our foil playing cards do not come with boxes as standard as each box will have bespoke requirements dependent upon the number of cards per deck and the thickness of the paper type chosen.

Do you have a foil playing card template?

To try and help our customers we do have a playing card template illustrator pdf file. If you look to the right of these FAQ’s you should see a section where you’re able to download our playing card template. We advise using Adobe Illustrator to open and edit the template. Also make sure to split out your foil and print elements onto separate artboards as the foil gets printed over the top of any CMYK print.

Artwork Requirements

The Basics

Allow 0.08" (2mm) of bleed around all artwork for cutting tolerances.

Format all artwork to CMYK.

Set your resolution to a minimum of 300DPI.

Supply your artwork in PDF, JPG or fully packaged AI formats.

Keep all text, logos and foreground images within a 0.2" (5mm) safe zone from the cut edge.

Metallic Foil & Spot UV Products

Separate all foil elements from CMYK artwork, place foil elements on a separate page, and supply as 100% K (black). See our helpful guide about how to supply artwork for foil printing.

Die Cut Or Kiss Cut (Shaped) Products Including Stickers

Indicate cut lines using a 1pt magenta line on a separate layer or separate page. See our helpful guide about how to supply artwork for die/kiss cutting.

Folded, Perforated or Drilled Products

Indicate any crease lines, perforation lines or drill holes using a 1pt magenta line on a separate layer or separate page.

Spot Colors

Supply your artwork as CMYK + 1 Spot Color. See our helpful guide about how to supply artwork for spot color printing.

Name your spot color layer with the color you've chosen, for example 'gold' or 'silver'.


Download Template Icon

Click the icon above to download our PDF template including all available sizes.

Sample Packs

Foil Printing Sample Pack