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Radiant Rose Gold Foil Business Cards

  • Set your business apart by choosing timeless rose gold foil business cards
  • Scream quality and refinement with custom rose gold foil business cards on 30+ materials
  • Choose our in-house design service to ensure unforgettable aesthetic

In the realm of business, first impressions matter, and what better way to make a dazzling statement than with rose gold foil business card printing?

Picture this: you hand over your exquisitely crafted rose gold foil business cards, its radiant rose accents shimmering like a beacon of elegance and charm. Suddenly, your brand becomes more than just a name – it’s a visual masterpiece that captivates hearts and minds. With business cards with rose gold foil, you’ll effortlessly elevate your brand’s image, leaving an unforgettable impression that sparks curiosity and admiration. So go ahead, embrace the allure, and let your business shine like never before!

Crafting Perfection: Printing Business Cards with Rose Gold Foil Elegance

Step into a world where business cards become legends, bedazzling everyone who sets eyes on them. With over 30 paper types, including eco-friendly options, we’ve got the perfect canvas for your masterpiece. Our state-of-the-art print and foiling technology ensures that every rose gold detail shines with unmatched brilliance. From bold full-foil designs to delicate accents on full-color print, we’ve mastered the art of turning ordinary business cards into extraordinary works of art.

But wait, there’s more! Our customization options are like secret weapons in your hands. Add painted edges for a touch of the wow factor or rounded corners for a playful vibe. And here’s the real showstopper: double-sided printing with as little or as much foil as you need! Our quality control team, armed with hawk-like precision, ensures that all of your business cards with rose gold foil leave our hands looking flawless. We don’t settle for anything less than perfection, because your brand deserves nothing short of extraordinary.

Designing Rose Gold Business Cards that Sparkle

At Aura Print, our design process is a collaboration, where your vision meets our expertise to bring your brand to life. Our design team understands the power of rose gold foil and how to make it dance on your business cards, and will work closely with you to understand your brand’s personality, translating it into a design that captivates and resonates with your audience. Just send us your design brief post-checkout and you’ll have the first draft of your design in as little as 1-working day, making room for any changes.

If you’re a design pro with a vision in mind, we welcome you to bring your design to the table. Simply place your order, send us your masterpiece, and our expert team will ensure it’s flawlessly translated into rose gold foil business card printing.

If you want to speak to a member of our team before ordering your rose gold metallic business cards, get in touch today.

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Artwork Requirements

  • Seperate all CYMK and foil elements onto their own artboard/page.
  • Allow 0.08" (2mm) of bleed around all of your artwork for cutting tolerances.
  • Format all artwork to CMYK.
  • Set your resolution to a minimum of 300DPI.
  • Supply your artwork in PDF, JPG, packaged AI or EPS formats.
  • Keep all text, logos and foreground images within a 0.1" (3mm) margin from edge of page.

Sample Packs

Foil Printing Sample Pack

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