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Why You Should Invest in Painted Edges

Why You Should Invest in Painted Edges
15 March 2024
Why You Should Invest in Painted Edges

At Aura Print, we’re not just your go-to printer, we’re your go-to painter too. Ok, not in a literal ‘painter and decorator’ sense, but we can certainly help give your brand the ultimate edge with our exquisite range of products, complete with painted edges. But what are painted edges, you ask? In this post, we’re going to take an in-depth look at one of our fanciest premium finishes and the reasons why you should consider painted edges for your next print project.

Picture this, your business card is sitting in a stack of competitor business cards on the desk of a potential client, doing its absolute best to close the deal that will inevitably make or break the success of your business…

Painted Edge Business Card Stack

The painted edge stands out, right? But that’s not the only product we offer painted edges on. You can also get premium painted edges on custom bookmarks and tags too.

Why Upgrade to Painted Edges?

Painted edges on the likes of business cards aren’t just a mere accessory but a statement of sophistication and true attention to detail. When you choose our painted-edge finish, you are selecting a premium option that significantly enhances your brand's visual appeal. Our painted edges are designed to complement and elevate your branding, making a memorable impression on your clients and customers, and injecting that all-important WOW factor.

Not only that but choosing to upgrade to painted edge backing cards for pins or tags shows your immaculate attention to detail, proving to your community of avid readers, or buyers of your latest clothing range that you take pride in the quality of your work, keeping them coming back for more! Creating luxury painted edge bookmarks and tags offers a bespoke touch that will set your brand apart. With a custom design complete with a band of color that matches your brand, painted edge bookmarks, and tags transform ordinary into extraordinary and create the most exciting reading sessions and shopping experiences.

The Paint Studio Painted Edge Printing Illustration

As many as 58% of our customers choose to spend more on luxury business cards so their customers and clients will complement their cards and notice the extra attention to detail, with a further 24% of our customers thinking that making their business cards stand out will increase the chances of their card being kept and thus increase their ROI (return on investment). If you’re looking for more reasons why you should spend more on business cards, don’t just listen to us, listen to our customers!

Customers, Take It Away

Our painted-edge products have received rave reviews from customers who appreciated the uniqueness they add to their brand, in this case, it was business cards. We asked our customer Tina why she opted for Firey Orange painted edges for Astutes business cards and the answer wasn’t anything short of music to our (and your) ears.

Green Painted Edge Photograph

‘‘I wanted to use our company’s accent color subtly and I think having a painted edge on our business cards achieves this and gives a high quality and unusual finish. First impressions are key, that's why Astute invests in high-quality business cards.’’

- Tina (Graphic Designer)

After we heard that Tina couldn't get enough of the business cards she designed for Astute that include a premium painted edge, we asked her about her experience with Firey Orange painted edges, and how business has been since the company started using them.

‘’We’ve had lots of compliments when handing these to clients, combined with a heavier card and soft touch finish they really stand out’’

- Tina (Graphic Designer)

Tina isn’t the only one praising painted edges, we asked another one of our customers Peter, from Marlborough Investments what he thought about the painted edges since receiving his order.

Orange Painted Edge Photograph

‘’We really love the painted edge and really does zing against what is actually a really dark inky blue rather than black.’’

- Peter

Choosing A Color for Your Painted Edges

Currently, we have 17 different colors to choose from. Whether you’re an extreme water sports brand and need Cyan Blue business cards with painted edges to symbolize the sea, or an independent fire depo requiring fiery orange painted edge safety tags there’s plenty of choice available for premium painted edge printing. At Aura Print we're constantly testing, optimizing, and expanding our product range, papers, materials, and print technology to ensure we deliver pure excellence every single time which means our colors are everchanging. Still, you can check out the current selection we have to offer for painted edges below:

Painted Edge Colour Swatches

Painted Edges: What You Should Know

Before you decide you want painted edges (and we’re pretty sure you will, because who wouldn’t want their brand or business to stand above the rest?) it’s worth seeing if this premium finish suits your order. Our talented print veterans have spent an endless amount of time tailoring what papers we can offer painted edges on to give you only the best results. So if you’re looking to print on Silk, Uncoated, or Recycled stocks then you’re in luck because these paper stocks are perfect for edge painting printing.

Sometimes, the process of painted edges can cause the paint to bleed onto the surface of your beautifully printed design, which is why we use a luxury laminate on both sides to prevent this from happening. Our lamination is available in gloss, matt, or a velvety soft touch. It’s also worth mentioning to achieve a painted edge product that’s of high quality, you’ll need to select a paper that's 700gsm or thicker, proving absolutely essential to get the best painted edge effect.

Last but not least, painted edges are only available in square or rectangle shapes, this is to ensure the application of the paint is evenly spread and full coverage is achieved. A match made in heaven for snazzy edge painted business cards, bookmarks, and tags.

Levelling Up Your Marketing Materials

If you're looking to take your marketing game to the next level and leave a lasting impression on your customers and clients, you might want to consider opting for our painted-edge feature when configuring your order. This premium feature is available on our fully customizable business cards, tags, and href="https://aura-print.com/usa/custom-bookmarks">bookmarks, and will add vibrant and eye-catching colors to the edge of your materials, making them even more visually appealing and memorable. Trust us, with sleek edge painting printing, your business or brand will be booming like never before. If not, we'll gladly eat our hats!