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Textured Business Card Printing

  • Print your textured business cards on a choice of 3 unique textured patterns
  • Each texture is hand embossed onto the paper stock to provide a non-repeat look
  • Our hand-selected papers offer only the best business card texture

Textured business cards create a memorable appeal with their natural-looking finish.

A top-of-the-line textured business card is tactile and professional looking, leaving a great impression on your new contact. With a brand as unique as yours, investing in the best business card texture leaves a lasting impression.

Bringing artistic elements and rippled detail, the best textured business card texture and design are memorably unique and sophisticated. Your textured business cards tell customers they’re receiving quality products and exceptional services right from the first touch.

Helping You Choose The Best Business Card Texture

Textured business cards have their own natural sophistication. Their distinct texture and bold look offer a richness of depth. Durable and authentic, your textured business card comes with a premium feel when you choose Aura Print. But where to begin with picking business card texture?

We offer top-of-the-range premium stocks with our textured papers. Choose from Conqueror Contour, Wove & Laid textures for the stylishly rippled feel that adds a touch of creativity to your brand ideals. Whichever card you choose, rest assured that you’ve chosen the best business card texture for your business.

Create a connection that feels as natural as textured business cards with Aura Print.

Textured Business Cards — As Authentic As You And Your Brand

Knowing how to create a textured business card that reflects your brand values is easy with our business card configurator. Ready with a design? Follow the steps on our website and start creating textured business cards for your business needs. Whichever paper you decide on, you’re guaranteed to give away premium textured business cards to your new and existing customers.

Stumped for a design or need a new design? Our in-house design team has invaluable experience in designing textured business cards. We’ll keep working with you until you’re 100% happy and ready to hand over your new card with pride. We take the burden of card design and printing off your shoulders.

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