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How To Use Swing Tags To Communicate Brand Values

How To Use Swing Tags To Communicate Brand Values
20 November 2023
How To Use Swing Tags To Communicate Brand Values

Ways To Use Swing Tags To Emphasize Brand Values

After developing a product that you’re proud of, you’ll need to think about branding and packaging. But what if you don’t want to hide your product in a box? What if you also want an environmentally friendly alternative to clear plastic packaging?

Read on to discover how hang tags are an environmentally friendly alternative that draws attention to sustainability and product quality while building trust. 

Eco Friendly Packaging Alternatives

Recycled materials are a great eco-friendly packaging alternative that can replace plastic boxes. However, recycled paper boxes with a cut-out viewing window can be expensive, especially if they aren’t bought in bulk.

Custom price tags, also known as swing tags in the product packaging industry, are becoming a popular substitute for product boxes.

Eco Friendly Tags Emphasize Sustainability Values

Social and environmental commitment can strengthen a brand and give it a competitive edge. Paper swing tags reinforce sustainability values while also minimising packaging waste.

Paper Swing Tags are one of the most eco-friendly product packaging solutions for communicating important messages to shoppers. Eco-friendly swing tags emphasize sustainability values, especially if you choose recycled paper hang tags or kraft tags to further reduce your carbon footprint.

Recycled Paper Hang Tags

jams jars with swing tags


Many homemade produce companies have brand characteristics that include always using fresh, local ingredients that are sustainably sourced or organic. A recycled hang tag can emphasize these brand attributes.

Shoppers are increasingly avoiding plastic packaging and a hang tag is a clear signal to the buyer that you are a green brand that minimises plastic waste to protect the planet.

kraft swing tags

Kraft Swing Tags Emphasize Natural Brand Attributes

Kraft paper is an unbleached paper which retains the natural color of the material. It keeps chemicals to a minimum and therefore consumers associate the natural brown color with conservation and sustainable business practices. This resonates with eco-conscious individuals and customers who are becoming more aware of the need to protect the planet.

Kraft paper tags promote an eco-friendly identity for businesses, sending subliminal messages that the brand is pure and natural. For example, kraft tags complement plant-based textiles to reinforce the natural element of the products and sustainability values of the brand.

Kraft swing tags with black designs are eye-catching, while also emphasizing your eco-friendly brand values. Especially, if your customers are looking for sustainable sourcing, local ingredients, or green brand attributes.

The kraft tag can enhance your brand and persuade shoppers to buy your product rather than the one next to it.

most trusted label

Swing Tags Can Reinforce Trust

In the past, standard paper price tags were enough, but today’s shoppers have more options among a large mix of products and services.

In such a competitive environment, brand trust has become an important differentiator when customers are buying products. It also contributes towards customer loyalty.


cruelty free label tags

Swing Tags Reinforce Company Ethics

Integrity and trust values can be reinforced with effective product labels and swing tag designs. This strengthens the brand and highlights the fact that it is responsible and respect-worthy.

Some brands include the cruelty-free logo on their tag as well as their own brand logo. Folded product tags are ideal for adding extra messages about your company ethics.  For example, the Bodyshop has a compelling ethical message and ask customers to sign their petition to fight against animal testing. The brand makes a strong promotion of its corporate social responsibility, positioning itself as a caring, green brand.


fair trade label

Draw Attention To Fair Trade Ethics

Fair Trade symbols are an example of displaying caring company ethics and differentiating your product from similar products nearby. Consumers quickly think that they are investing in an ethical company that is in line with their beliefs.

A Swing Tag Can Reassure Consumers About The Ingredients

You can use swing tags to quickly reassure customers about the food that they are buying. For example, you can make your vegan or vegetarian symbols stand out. Other product attributes might include low in fat, low sugar, sustainably sourced, local or organic produce.

Putting the information on the hang tag quickly reassures customers about the ingredients, while also showing why your product is different to similar items on the shelf.


choice label guarantee

Hang Tags Reinforce Quality

A premium hang tag quickly portrays your brand and product as being high quality.

The swing ticket reinforces branding messages and reassures customers of quality. A swing tag is the best way to draw attention to approvals, certifications, and awards.

foil tags

Foil Printed Hang Tags

High-quality swing tags add credibility to products. Gold foil printing is particularly effective at enhancing product branding, helping to achieve premium positioning. foil printed tags can be used to add a premium feel to handmade products and they can also double up as a gift tag.

We have a large range of eye-catching colored foil. Holographic foil tags reflect the light in different colors depending on the angle, so it is great for grabbing the attention of people walking by.

bottleneck tags

Bottleneck Tags

Bottleneck tags are used for promoting bottles of milk, wine, beers, gin and other spirits. They are often used to emphasize awards that a wine has won or if a product is a best seller.

For tips on how to design swing tickets, check out our article about how to make price tags for clothing. The same techniques can be applied to swing tags for all products.


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