The Basics: What Is A Vinyl Sticker?

Vinyl stickers are printed from a durable white vinyl material that’s also known as PVC. They are strong, available in hundreds of different colors, and can last between 5 and 10 years depending on where they’re applied. They’re also super cost-effective so if you need strong stickers that will last it’s a no-brainer.

PVC Sticker Printing

The process of printing stickers onto vinyl is sometimes referred to as PVC sticker printing. This is because the makeup of vinyl or PVC stickers is an abbreviation of polyvinyl chloride which is the material of the sticker. The adhesive backing is then applied to make one side sticky and the other not.

Vinyl Sticker Printing

What Are The Key Features Of Vinyl Stickers?

While there are hundreds of different reasons to use vinyl stickers over other materials, here are a few key benefits.

Vinyl stickers are:

  • Easy to wipe clean, ideal for keeping things sanitary
  • Don’t absorb water, so can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Can last between 5 to 10 years with UV and fade protection
  • Longer lasting with more vivid colours
  • Can have a gloss or matt finish
  • When removed, don’t break up or tear like paper stickers
Vinyl Floor Stickers

What Is The Difference Between Vinyl And Paper Stickers?

Vinyl labels and stickers are a popular choice because of their durability. Vinyl is much more hard-wearing than its paper counterpart. A huge benefit of vinyl stickers is that they’re completely waterproof so won't get soggy and fall off, unlike paper stickers.

Paper stickers are usually a cheaper option, although, in some situations, this is perfectly viable. For example, on the packaging to create a seal which will not be reused. Paper stickers tear easily and this could be of benefit in this situation. Paper stickers are more suited to indoor use where longevity is not a requirement.

Are Vinyl Stickers Waterproof?

Yes! Vinyl stickers are fully waterproof! It’s worth noting though that they’re not intended to be fully submersed and need to be applied to a dry surface to begin with. The laminating process we apply afterward also helps to protect from the elements. This process is what makes vinyl sticker scratch resistant as it protects the ink that is applied onto the vinyl.

Waterproof Vinyl Stickers

Custom Cut Vinyl Stickers

Our custom-cut vinyl stickers are digitally printed in full color with your customised artwork. We print your stickers inhouse on the highest quality digital printers and use the latest digital cutting technology for a clean accurate cut.

Custom stickers can have a gloss or matt finish. Both finishes have a laminate coating to protect your artwork from UV, scratches, and weather conditions.

Cut vinyl decals are more expensive due to the manual work involved. However, they can look fantastic, as the design stands out with no background. Ideal for vehicle graphics for your van or pickup.

Kiss Cut Gloss Vinyl Stickers

How To Print Vinyl Stickers

It is possible for small businesses to make and print their own stickers. Firstly, you would need to create your design and then try printing it on a desktop printer to preview how it will look when printed. You will then need to print to a blank vinyl sticker sheet and apply a laminate over the top of this to finish.

Making stickers this way is possible, although it can be a fiddly time-consuming process, with a degree of trial and effort to get it right. Your printer might not even be able to print onto vinyl as it might smear.

You would then need to cut out your design carefully. Again, when this process is done automatically by our machines, it gives a rapid, seamless finish easily, which can be difficult to achieve at home.

It is worth researching the cost of getting your stickers printed, balanced by the investment of your time and money in trying to make them yourself.

How Much Does It Cost To Print Vinyl Stickers?

This will depend upon a variety of factors including the size and shape of your stickers. For example, if your sticker is a square, it’s very easy and cost-effective for us to cut them on our guillotine all at once. However, if you require a custom-shaped sticker, then this means each sheet needs to be cut on our plotter one by one. The number of different designs and the number of stickers you need will also make a difference to the final cost.

simple sticker calculator to help give you a price for your order right here.

Business Logo Vinyl Stickers

Business logo stickers are an excellent branding opportunity. The consistent appearance of your logo on windows, advertising stickers, and car decals gives a credible image to your business.

Passing traffic can offer the perfect opportunity to advertise on vehicles for on-the-move promoting. Bright inviting window decals stand out and are perfect for providing key information about your business.

Business Logo Stickers

Print Your Own Stickers

If this blog has gotten you excited about printing your very own custom printed vinyl stickers then why not get in touch for a quote. Alternatively, you can check prices directly online by visiting our online sticker calculator page.

If premium paper stickers are more your bag, why not learn about all the fantastic uses for our foil stickers before swinging by our our our foil sticker order page!