1. What Is The Response Rate For Advertising With Flyers?

    Getting the best return on investment for your flyers is crucial. Come read all about expected returns and how to improve it!
  2. How to Write a Good Design Brief

    Our quick, easy-to-follow guide to supplying an effective print design brief for your bespoke prints
  3. Self-publishing Q&A with author Claire Culliford

    With high-quality digital printing becoming ever more affordable, self-publishing a book has never been easier.
  4. Why is Paper White?

    It takes a lot to turn trees into crisp white paper. There's thousands of years of history behind the making of inks and white papers...
  5. Recycled and Kraft Paper

    What are kraft and recycled papers, and how are they made? Read on to discover what they are and what they are used for.
  6. An Overview of Paper Types and Their Uses in Printing

    There are so many types and weights of printing paper that things can soon get confusing! In this quick guide we'll take you through all the major paper stock types, and their best uses in print.
  7. Business Card Statistics You Didn’t Even Know About!

    How do your prospects actually engage with business cards? And what can you do to increase that engagement? Read on for some helpful statistics and handy tips!
  8. Five ways to boost your marketing efforts with print

    From signage and loyalty cards to direct mail campaigns, there's tons of ways to boost your offline presence along with the online. Here are 5 ways to accelerate your marketing with print.
  9. Case Study: Print for Huddersfield's John Smiths Stadium

    Back in 2017 we created bright, hard-wearing crowd signage for the John Smith's Stadium on our 3mm aluminium signboard stock. Take a look at our work – and what to look for in a printing company if you need signage of your own.
  10. How to check your artwork for print

    CMYK, image size, print bleed, file types... there are some important considerations when you supply your artwork for printing. Here's everything you need to know.
  11. Why do I need my online brochure printing?

    While many of your customers may be fine with an online brochure, many others may really prefer to hold marketing material in their hands. So, what are the benefits and drawbacks of printed brochures?
  12. CMYK and RGB: what are they and when do we use them?

    What's the difference between the CMYK and RGB colour processes? How do they work? It's all right here in our snappy illustrated guide.
  13. Printing: What Is Bleed?

    'Bleed' describes the area of a design which is printed beyond a page's finished edges. Learn all about print bleed in our handy guide.
  14. Is Print Still Relevant In A Digital World?

    The pace of technology is only increasing, so what's in store for humble old ink and paper? In a world dominated by screens, does print even matter any more?
  15. Unconventional Places Where You Can Use Roller Banners

    Traditionally used for trade shows and corporate settings, roller banners can also be used in less conventional surroundings too – from market stalls and car boot sales to freshers' fairs.
  16. Pros and Cons of Designing Your Own Business Banners

    Should you design your own printed banners to promote your business, or leave it to a dedicated print designer? Here are the pros and cons of each, to help you decide for yourself.
  17. Business Benefits of Using Roller Banners

    What exactly are roller banners, and what are the benefits of using one to promote your brand, business or event?
  18. 7 steps for successful marketing at sport events

    Important considerations if you're advertising at sports events - like avoiding typos and negative connotations, optimising your ads' placement, and harnessing the power of good design for your marketing banners.
  19. Outdoor Advertising Designs That Make a Bold Statement

    Great outdoor advertising is unique. It works with its surroundings to stand out and provoke reaction; commanding attention without jarring the viewer. Let's take a look at some of the best.
  20. Printing onto textured paper

    Printing on textured papers involves a few considerations, including litho, digital and colour processes.