1. What Is The Response Rate For Advertising With Flyers?

    Getting the best return on investment for your flyers is critical. Come read all about expected returns and what you can do to improve it.
  2. How to Write a Good Design Brief

    Our quick, easy-to-follow guide to supplying an effective print design brief for your bespoke prints
  3. Self-publishing Q&A with author Claire Culliford

    With high-quality digital printing becoming ever more affordable, self-publishing a book has never been easier.
  4. Why is Paper White?

    It takes a lot to turn trees into crisp white paper. There's thousands of years of history behind the making of inks and white papers...
  5. Recycled and Kraft Paper

    What are kraft and recycled papers, and how are they made? Read on to discover what they are and what they are used for.
  6. Aura Print is Moving – Part 2: Attack of the Move!

    Back in June, we packed up all our stock and machinery and moved to a much bigger premises at Turnbridge Mills, Huddersfield!
  7. Aura Print is moving!

    Follow the story of Aura Print, from a one-man operation to a large new premises in Turnbridge Mills, Huddersfield.
  8. The Foil Printing Co., Our New Dedicated Foil Website

    Foil printing brings your branding to life, putting more all-important attention on your business cards.
  9. Metallic Foil Christmas Cards

    Tips, figures and bright ideas for creating extra-special foil printed Christmas cards to send to friends, family and corporate clients
  10. Printed wallpaper: custom doesn't have to be costly

    Custom printed wallpaper helps create the interior design you've always wanted, quickly and affordably.
  11. Printed Envelopes Make Your Mail Stand Out

    Custom printed envelopes help you stand out from all that other mail, increasing the likelihood that people will open and pay attention to what you're sending them.
  12. How to Create Business Cards with Impact

    Tips on how to design and print business cards that will actually work harder for you, putting more attention on your brand.
  13. Roland printers and pianos

    Our three Roland printers are perfect for vinyl banner printing in wide formats. We added a 4th.. and it's been signed by Sheeran(?)
  14. What to include in a funeral order of service

    Our easy-to-follow guide to creating funeral orders of service, covering design, external details and internal content.
  15. How our metallic foil printing process works

    Our foil printing process is carried out in multiple layers, from soft touch laminate to black ink then heat pressing foil. Find out more...
  16. Salon stationery ideas for beauticians, hairdressers and more

    Professionally printed business cards, flyers, leaflets and loyalty cards are essentials for any beauty business. Let's take a look at some of the beautiful options available for your prints!
  17. Promoting Your Event Online & Offline

    Event success really comes down to planning and attention. From email campaigns and social media to flyers and e-shots, we look at how to create a successful event both online, and off.
  18. What business stationery do I need for a new business?

    So you're starting out with your own business! Here's our handy guide to getting your offline branded materials just right – from brochures and business cards to banners, letterheads, flyers etc.
  19. The fantastic functionality of presentation folders!

    Custom-printed, high-quality presentation folders are a powerful offline promotional tool for your brand, cause or business. Take a look at our quick guide to create beautiful presentation folders!
  20. How to successfully get your customers on-board!

    What is on-boarding best practice, and what's involved in the process? Discover the steps you can take to secure more custom for your business.