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Magnetic Bookmarks Printing

  • Print your own magnetic bookmarks for selling at stalls, online or at expos.
  • No matter your fandom, supply us with your design and we'll print them on our magnetic material.
  • Ideal for sticking to fridges, PC cases or anything else metal!

Introducing our innovative magnetic bookmarks, the perfect solution for avid readers who are tired of losing their place in their favorite books. Able to be stuck to anything metal, you can captivate with magnetic bookmarks and bring a novel approach to reading.

From authors and schools to independent bookstores, impress readers with premium quality custom magnetic bookmarks that stick to anywhere metal. Every time your readers crack open their book or turn a page, your magnetic bookmark is there to remind them. Whether it's for advertising your latest novel or simply to act as a useful ingredients list while flicking through a cookbook that can be then put on the fridge, there are unlimited uses for custom magnetic bookmarks.

Magnetic Bookmarks That Stick

Customize magnet bookmarks using our easy-to-use configuration tool. Choose your size, and material, and then print whatever design you like, we’ve got endless choices to choose from.

Stand out from the crowd, or rather ‘stick out’ with over 300 customization options on our website. Choose to laminate or select a custom size for magnetic bookmarkers that look and feel unique to you.

Bookmark magnets are perfect for all types of books, from thick novels to delicate textbooks. They are an ideal gift for book lovers, students, and anyone who loves to read. With their slim design and durable materials, they are sure to become an essential item for any reader.

Fully Booked: Design Your Magnetic Bookmarks

Your custom magnetic bookmarks need a design that represents you.

Once you’ve selected your customizations, send your existing design to us for printing and we’ll do the rest. Stuck for a design? We’re here to help! With our team of professional in-house designers, we can create the perfect magnet bookmark design for you.

By choosing our customization options and professional design team, your magnetic bookmark needs are covered. Simply press order and everything will be priced up for you right away. No need to wait for a quote.

Click below to get started with your magnetic bookmarks!

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Posted in as little as 2 working days from proof approval using next day delivery.

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All bookmarks finished, quality checked and packaged in house.

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We confidently back this with our 100% workmanship guarantee.

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