Whether you love or hate them, stickers can be found absolutely everywhere. From heavily decorated laptop covers to sale stickers attached to clothing, stickers have infiltrated into all areas of our everyday lives. When it comes to removing your stickers, you are often left with a sticky residue that just won’t budge.

We know that sticker residue can be difficult to remove, and it may seem tempting to try and scratch it away. Before you go and potentially damage your surfaces, take a moment to read through our tips for how to get sticker residue off safely, to leave you with a fresh and clean surface.

How to remove sticker residue?

When it comes to remove the residue remains, you should first consider the material the adhesive is attached to. To remove adhesive from glass is a different process from removing it from clothing. In this first section, we will run through the methods to remove sticker adhesive from non-fabric materials, such as glass and wood. If you’re looking to remove sticker residue from clothing, feel free to skip forward to the next section.

If you haven’t tried already, the first method to remove sticker residue is to use your hands. Simply roll your fingers over the affected area to loosen the adhesive into clumps that can then be picked off. This will help to remove the larger areas of residue but can often leave behind tougher to remove areas of adhesive.

How to get sticker residue off using household items

Plastic scrapers are the ideal tool for removing stubborn stickers and are something that we all have in our homes. Credit cards and gift cards can act as a plastic scraper to get under tough spots of left-over sticker. A plastic material is much gentler on your surfaces compared to metal and is less likely to leave you with scratches across your glass.

Dish sponges can be used with a couple of drops of dish soap to wipe over spots of residue to remove it from the surface it is attached to. We recommend this method for items that are water resistant to prevent any water damage from occurring. Begin with testing a small area to be sure the sponge is not scratching your surface, before completing the entire surface.

Rubber erasers don’t just remove graphite, they can also be used to remove sticker residue remains. Use a bit of pressure and rub over the adhesive. Much like using your fingers, the eraser will move the residue to form balls that can then be plucked off.

How to get sticker residue off with heat

Sometimes, all that is needed to remove sticker residue is some additional heat. Heating up the sticker remnants softens the adhesive making it easier to remove sticker residue by hand.

Using hot water and a couple of drops of dish detergent is the perfect solution for removing sticker residue from glass and metal surfaces. Apply your detergent to a cloth and wipe over the affected area to melt the residue. We recommend hot soapy water for water resistant items, especially those that can fit within a sink, to help prevent any water damage from occurring.

Alternatively, a hairdryer can be used to heat up the left-over sticker residue. Start with a low heat and hold the hairdryer over the affected area. The residue will begin to soften under the hot air and be easily removed with your fingers. Make sure when using a hairdryer that you don’t hold it too close or use a too high a heat to prevent any burn marks on your items.

How to get sticker residue off with chemicals

Sticker residue and adhesives reacts to oils, leading them to dissolve. Cooking oils, such as vegetable oil and even peanut butter, can be used across stubborn adhesives to remove them easily. Take a cloth and some oil and carefully wipe in circles to remove the sticker remnants. Be careful with this one as vegetable oils and peanut butter are not known for being the cleanest of substances.

Alcohols are also ideal for removing sticker residue. Use some Wd-40 or rubbing alcohol and a cloth over residue patches which will begin to come away with ease. Some materials don’t react well to alcohols so it is always best to test a small area first before completing the entire item.

How to get sticker residue off clothes

When it comes to removing sticker residue from clothing it is best to act as soon as possible. Make sure you attempt to remove any residue before washing your clothes to prevent the adhesive from setting into the fibers.

The material your clothing is made from will affect the removal method required. Sticker residue on clothing made from natural fibers, such as cotton, can be removed by rubbing over the area with acetone or nail polish remover and a cloth.

For synthetic fibres, start by placing the clothes in the freeze which will harden the spots of residue. Remove from the freeze after 1-2 hours and instantly pick off as many hardened clumps of adhesive as possible. Use dish detergent and a cloth for the remaining areas.

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