3 Design Tips For Customer Thank You Cards

It’s no secret that improving customer satisfaction helps a business to retain customers. Sending your customers thank you cards with their orders makes them feel special and important. Most of all, it lets them know that you really appreciate their custom.

With a few design tips, a thank you for your order card can strengthen customer relationships. Maintaining good customer relationships increases loyalty and satisfaction rates.

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Why Is Customer Loyalty Important?

Acquiring a new customer is more expensive than hanging on to an existing one. It can be 5 to 25 times more expensive, depending on which industry you are in. So it makes sense to work on retaining customers rather than just focusing on gaining new buyers.

We can offer a selection of printed marketing materials to assist your customer retention efforts. For example, you can send a random gift of kindness such as custom bookmark when someone places their third order.  

Loyalty card printing lets you reward frequent buyers, and it encourages them to buy from you again. It’s perfect for hairdressers and coffee shops. But what about online businesses? That’s where thank you for your order cards come into play.


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3 Reasons To Use Thank You For Your Order Cards

1 Builds Stronger Relationships

Thank you for your order cards make customers feel valued and appreciated. Taking the time to show gratitude by sending a card that says ‘thank you for your order’ helps to build stronger relationships with your clients.


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2 Makes The Customer Proud To Shop Small

When you acknowledge their importance, it makes them proud to be supporting a small business. It makes them so happy that they are more likely to stay loyal to your business.


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3 Happy Customers Recommend Your Company

Happy customers not only come back to buy from you again, but they also spread the word about your company. Having a personal recommendation from a friend can be one of the most persuasive influences in the buyer decision making process.


3 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Cards

It’s worth spending a little bit of time to make sure your cards give a luxurious impression of your brand. We offer postcard size flyer printing with a large selection of paper types such as textured conqueror paper. If you want something a little bit different, have a look at our shimmering pearlescent paper. Alternatively, colour core paper has a central-colored layer to add a hint of branding along the edges.

If you are already sending thank you cards, you may already be benefitting from an increase in customer loyalty. Whether you are designing from fresh or tweaking your existing designs, the 3 tips below will make your thank you cards work harder for your business. 

1 Use Thank You Cards To Ask For Reviews

Gathering feedback from customers allows you to improve your products and services. It invites them to have a chance to tell you what wasn’t quite perfect. They may even give you suggestions for new products, leading to more sales. The feedback allows you to make changes and improvements to your business.

Reinforce That The Customer Is Important

Customers feel important if you ask them for feedback. It lets them know that you care about their opinion. It shows that you are customer centric business. Businesses that ask customers for feedback are perceived as a customer centric brand. Customers can develop an emotional connection towards the brand and retain with them for a long time. It also reduces customer attrition because if there is an issue they would rather tell you than go to the competition.


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Get More 5 Star Ratings

When a potential buyer is comparing alternatives online, they will see the positive feedback from real customers. This persuades customers to choose your products over the competition.

Having frequent good reviews is a ranking signal to search engines. Encouraging buyers to leave a review on Trustpilot, Facebook and Google My Business helps your SEO efforts. This means that your products will appear higher up in search results so that buyers find you before the competition.



2 Thank You Cards Can Be Used For Cross Selling

Cross selling refers to promoting other products to your customer. This lets them know about other product ranges that they might not have been aware of. It increases product awareness and can often lead to more sales. It is useful for the buyer to know about your other products for future reference. However, If you have a new product launch, we recommend including a separate flyer for maximum effect. 


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3 Include Your Social Media Handles To Increase Brand Loyalty

Make sure that you include your Instagram, twitter and Facebook handles so customers can connect with your brand. It increases the ease of communication and brand engagement. Connecting with your buyers on social media such as Instagram, twitter and Facebook, lets you target them with company news, updates and product launches.

You can also use the opportunity to ask customers to upload a photo of their purchase and use your hashtag. It promotes your products for free and customer reviews have much more credibility than an advertisement. Encouraging your buyers to show off their purchase helps to grow a social media community for your brand too.