What Are The Types Of Laminated Business Cards And Their Benefits?

Laminates make your cards more vibrant and durable than regular printed business cards. We have three types of laminate options which provide different benefits. Read on to discover the differences between matte, soft touch and gloss laminated business cards.

Choosing a lamination will increase scratch resistance and protect the business card from damage, dirt, discoloration and fading.

Types Of Laminated Business Cards

Different Types Of Laminated Business Cards

Gloss, soft touch and matt laminated business cards feel different. Soft touch laminate, also known as velvet lamination, has a matt finish and a velvety feel. Soft touch and matt lamination look similar, making it harder to choose a business card finish.

To make the choice easier for you, we have listed the advantages of each type of laminated business card. Read on to learn how to pick the best lamination type for your business card design.

Matt Laminated Business Card Benefits

Matt Laminated Business Cards

Matt laminated business cards can produce a lower contrast on dark colors, which gives a slightly softer look to your design. It is the best type of business card finish for protection against scuffs and scratches. It is easy to write on and it does not reflect the light.

Perfect choice for: Text heavy business cards and write on appointment cards.

Gloss Laminated Business Cards And Their Advantages

Gloss Laminated Business Cards

Gloss laminated business cards provide a protective coating, while enhancing your design. The gloss finish reflects the light to make all colors vivid and eye-catching. A glossy finish is a good choice if you want to make your design more vibrant and the colors look richer. The colors look deeper with cleaner lines which makes the images appear sharper with an overall vibrant finish.

Gloss laminated business cards are perfect for exhibitions. The reflection of light captures attention when they are stacked on an exhibition table. The gloss laminate offers high protection against dirt and damage. So you don’t need to worry about someone shoving your card in their bag or getting it dirty.

Best choice for: Colorful image-based business cards that need protection against dirt and damage.

Soft Touch Lamination Benefits

Soft Touch Laminated Business Cards

Our soft touch laminated business cards feel soft like the skin of a fresh peach or short nape velvet. It has a smooth matt look with a pleasant, soft and tactile sensation, which often catches people by surprise.

The ‘velvet-feel’ makes a wonderful first impression. After all, your card is the first physical interaction a customer will have with your brand.

It’s the perfect final touch if you want your business cards to make an impact with your new contact. Soft touch laminated business cards stand out at a busy networking event, helping your interactions to be more memorable.

Another benefit of soft touch lamination is that it makes text on business cards easy to read. The matt finish does not reflect the light, so it has good anti-glare properties. This also makes it a popular choice for brochure printing to give the cover a moleskin feel.

Like all our laminates, this finish does not affect the recycling process of business cards. We also have a selection of sustainable business cards. This includes business cards printed on recycled paper which can be customized with any of our laminate finishes.

Best choice for: Sophisticated first impressions and luxurious feeling business cards.

Laminated Business Card Design Service


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