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Do You Hand Write Addresses On Wedding Invitations?

Do You Hand Write Addresses On Wedding Invitations?
4 January 2021
Do You Hand Write Addresses On Wedding Invitations?

Do You Have To Handwrite Wedding Invitation Envelopes?


Picking a wedding invitation design and distributing them to your guests is one of the most time-consuming tasks when planning your big day.  


Fortunately, modern printing equipment can print custom envelope designs, so you do not have to hand write addresses on wedding envelopes anymore.  




Traditionally, brides-to-be would spend hours drawing faint pencil lines to help them to write in a straight line, only to achieve a mediocre result.  

Nowadays, luxurious results can be achieved by custom printing personalised envelope designs. Read on to discover how you can make your envelope design look like you hired a professional calligrapher to hand write the addresses.  


Why Choose Custom Envelopes And Not Address Labels?



Once you have spent time choosing a wedding invitation design that you’re proud of, you need an equally impressive envelope. The envelope is the very first impression that your guests will have about your wedding. The design of the envelope and invitation informs your guests about your wedding theme and how formal the day will be. Your eagerly anticipated invitation sets the tone and lets guests know what to expect. 


Address labels are not appropriate for the envelopes because they do not give a high quality finish that is expected of a wedding invitation style. Your custom printed cards and envelopes are a reflection of your style and how you feel about your wedding. 


Custom Wedding Envelope Printing



High quality custom printed wedding envelopes will make your invitation even more impressive and exciting for the recipient to open. It can be designed to complement the rest of your wedding stationery. You can use custom stickers to seal the envelopes for an elegant finishing touch. Which will also make opening them more special. 


Envelope Calligraphy



The most popular envelope designs are written in a fancy calligraphy style. However, this does not have to be hand written by a professional calligrapher for it to look effective. Our custom printed envelopes can be made in the same style and they ensure that the alignment and spacing is perfectly consistent.


Calligraphy Envelope Printing


Visit our custom envelope printing page to order your bespoke wedding envelopes. We can run a mail merge to print each individual address onto the envelope as part of your design.

If you want our design team to create bespoke envelope designs for your weedding invitations, simply submit a brief when you order online. Our designers will start working on it for you and get in touch to show you their ideas. 




Digital Envelope Printing

With our modern digital printing techniques, you can design your envelope with more customisation options than ever before. This means you can have an envelope design that matches your wedding invitation, using the same colours and font. Once you have designed your envelope, simply send us a document of the addresses along with your artwork and we will run a mail merge.  


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