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Sustainable Printing – Our Environmental Pledge

Sustainable Printing

Printing For The Planet

At Aura Print, our goal is to achieve full digital printing sustainability, while still offering you all the great options you’ve come to love.

Sustainable printing services needn’t cost the Earth (and indeed, it should not), which is why we’re committed to growing our environmental impact policy without making you pay a premium for it.

We understand that while print is a necessity for many businesses, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be mindful of the impact the print industry has had on our planet. This is why we are determined to lead the way into an economically sustainable future for both our industry and the place we call home.

Business Card Earth Design

Business Card Greenhouse Gardens

Paving The Way

Over the past few years, we’ve invested heavily in consciously ensuring all the paper stocks and printing inks we have on offer help pave the way for others in our industry, with carbon-neutral printed material and plant-based toners a mere tip of the iceberg for us.

Working behind the scenes to transform Aura Print into a fully sustainable printing company has, and remains, a compelling challenge that we’re now ready to shout about. From recycled media options, to plant-based toners and our ever growing eco-ranges, this little corner of our website is here to inform, educate and hopefully help pave the way for global digital printing sustainability.

This is by far a one-and-done policy. Our team is constantly on the look out for innovative sustainable printing methods that can be implemented without a knock-on premium, allowing our business, our customers, and our planet to flourish.

Our Paper Is Carbon Neutral

You heard us – all our paper media options, yes all of them, from recycled to silk, Kraft to Nevertear, are 125% carbon neutral.

What does this mean? Well, we source all of our sustainable printer paper from a single distributor, where we partner to offset all of the carbon created in manufacturing the paper itself. At a rate of 125%, we’re currently offsetting more carbon than is created – go us!

This is achieved through the purchase and retirement of carbon removal-based carbon credits. These credits are generated from reforestation in Central America, replacing removed trees with more than were originally taken down.

In 2023 we actually offset 32.929 tonnes of CO2e, with a percentage of every ream we purchased going to the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust who plant trees in the Yorkshire Dales.

So, whether you’re ordering sustainable art prints or sustainable card printing, you can place your order safe in the knowledge that the carbon footprint created by your order is fully offset.

Plant Based Toners

Vegan printing isn’t a new concept, in-fact it’s something we’ve been doing for a long time now. I guess its about time we shout about it?

Rather than using animal products, our natural and sustainable printer inks are vegetable derived, not only resulting in cruelty-free screen printing (because who doesn’t want that?), but also helping ease the recycling process, reducing print pollution rates, and guess what? Better quality print made with sustainable ink!

But what about our printers and printing processes? Well, because we keep up to date with cutting-edge print tech, all our printers have eco friendly printing settings that reduce the amount of energy required for each of our print runs.

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Business card design green daisies

Recycled & Eco Friendly Paper Choices

At Aura Print, we’re constantly striving to innovate and offer paper types that allow you to add that ‘eco-friendly’ stamp to your products. From Greeting Cards to Business Cards, Flyers to Invitations, we’ve been working toward further diversifying our recycled and eco ranges for a long time now.

As of January 2023, our sustainable paper range increased 3-fold, so why not opt for one when you place your next order?

Business Card Eco Friendly Kraft

Mission 2023 and Beyond: Old Favourites and New Arrivals

Constantly striving to diversify our recycled & sustainable paper stocks, consider one of our old favorites or new arrivals for your next print order – hey, it might just help save the planet!

Recycled Paper

Our recycled paper is a crisp, white uncoated stock perfect for versatile, sustainable printing. The ‘no sheet ever looks the same’ characteristic of recycled paper lends itself to rustic printing where planet-saving imperfections are just your style.

Recycled Paper

Cotton Paper

Cultivated from the land and woven to perfection, our cotton stock delivers strength and softness perfect for gift cards, invitations, and anything else that may require a skilfully crafted all-rounder.

Cotton Paper

Kraft Brown Paper

Created from wood chips treated with a hot mixture of water, sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfide, the wood is essentially pressure cooked to create the rustic, rigid paper many have come to adore.

Kraft Brown Paper

Cannabis Paper

Cannabis, another bio-cycle stock is a truly modern, environmentally responsible and sustainable paper for printing and one we’re excited to stock. High-quality cellulose from European-grown cannabis is visible in the subdued color and sparse vegetal inclusions, and the hemp is palpable in the paper’s slightly coarse texture. Talk about natural!

Cannabis Paper

Rag Paper

Now this is what we call ‘a paper that gives back’. Made from plant fibers, Rag is a compostable stock, thus providing nutrients to grow new plants. The combination of cotton and FSC-certified cellulose from fresh fibers results in an ecological paper with amazing purity, durability, a stunning feel and an elegant style ideal for letterhead printing and embossing.

Rag Paper

Wheat Paper

Another compostable stock in the bio-cycle range, this natural/ivory stock is both acid free and pH neutral. The naturally stunning imperfections of our wheat stock are a result of the composition of resource-saving fibers such as straw, grass, cotton and cannabis.

Wheat Paper

Business Card Earth Thank You For Your Order

Stay Tuned For More Sustainable Printing Initiatives

For now, that's the bread and butter of our sustainable printing methods. We're building upon more we can do on both a local and global scale. From planting trees, making our packaging more green and making our office energy saving. When we have more to share we'll update this page.

While we work on more initiatives, why not take a look at some of our sustainable printing options below!

Recycled Business Card Printing

Recycled Business Card Printing

With a great choice of recycled paper and kraft paper stocks, our recycled business cards are amazingly eco friendly.

Recycled Flyer Printing

Recycled Flyer Printing

With zero loss of quality, our eco friendly leaflet printing takes as little as two days from proof approval to print.

Recycled Hang Tag Printing

Recycled Hang Tag Printing

Perfect for handmade items and etsy sellers, our recycled hang tags can be printed on kraft or recycled paper.