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Social Media Business Cards

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Grow Your Audience With Social Media Business Cards

Whether you’re just starting out with blogging or are a seasoned content creator, media content has taken off as a serious business. Should you put social media on business cards even as a content creator? You absolutely should, as social media takes place on several platforms. Whether you blog on a website, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok or all of them, you need social media business cards as every entrepreneur should.

When you hand out blogger business cards, it shows commitment and professionalism. It’s also a tangible way to introduce people to your business or answer all their questions when they want to know more about you. With social media business cards, your online presence is easily evident. From YouTube business cards for your crafting channel, lifestyle blogger business cards for your vlog content or podcast business cards to get people listening to your industry insights, business cards present innumerable opportunities to collaborate with other bloggers, a wider audience or a new sponsor. Grow your online presence by taking your business offline with social media business cards.

Duplexed Podcast Business Card

Single Sided Video Game YouTuber Business Card

Personalized To Your Audience: Blogger Business Cards

If you’re a solopreneur or responsible for creating social media business cards, then every element of the card is up to you — from the paper, finish, colors and more. Putting together a card is fun and easy with our online customization tool that helps you see what your blogger business cards look like. With a huge range of options, create cards to attract your audience or the sponsor you want to work with.

We have a wide collection of premium handpicked papers — there are so many that anyone you choose is perfect for your social media business cards. Choose Kraft for your foodie YouTube channel business cards with an artisan vibe or uncoated paper for a minimalist style to your lifestyle blogger business cards. For a professional-looking finish to your podcast business cards, we recommend a matte finish for a smooth yet subtle feel or a shiny gloss coating to showcase your makeup blogging business cards. However you customize your social media business cards, you’re choosing the best quality for your branding.

Order A Sample Pack Of Marketing Business Cards

Creating the right engagement is so important, so why not order a sample pack of business cards? We have a pack full of our best-selling examples to help you finalize your social media business cards.

How To Order


Ready to reach out to a wider audience? Get creating your social media business cards with our online tool and select your customizations. From uncoated paper for minimalist blogger business cards, cotton paper for book enthusiasts on YouTube or matte finish for podcast creators, we’ve got everything you need.



Get designing your blogger business cards with our options. If you have an existing design for your branding, we’ll print your cards in the sharpest resolution. Alternatively, our in-house design team can create a unique graphic design for your cards that highlights your content creation business. Select your chosen design option when you place your order.



Once you’ve chosen your options, we’ll send a digital example of your social media business cards. When you’re ready, let us know and we’ll get printing your business cards. They’ll be with you in no time so you can increase your audience reach as soon as possible.

Red Foil YouTube Business Cards

Red Foil YouTube Business Cards

Bring attention to your channel with the sparkle of red metallic foil on your YouTube business cards. Bright and eye-catching, this glimmer of red captures the attention of influencer brands, small businesses and agencies who are eager to work with you. Use the foil to highlight your social media handles or logo to make your YouTube business cards shine.

Rounded Corners Fashion Blogger Business Cards

Rounded Corners Fashion Blogger Business Cards

Smooth and sophisticated, adding rounded corners to your fashion blogger business cards speaks to the flawless lifestyle and home content that your audience loves to see. Add a touch of recognition to your unique style and attract the lifestyle brands that share your values and some of whom also use rounded corners on their business cards.

Spot UV Podcast Business Cards

Spot UV Podcast Business Cards

Looking to create a buzz about your podcast channel? Whether you’re chatting about different topics, interviewing important people or sharing life-changing advice, grab attention with spot UV finish on your podcast business cards to get people listening. Spot UV is a unique finish where parts of the card are raised and coated in gloss against a matte-finish background. For your podcast business cards, highlight your logo or podcast handle as the raised element for a memorable impression.