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Fitness Business Cards

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Build Your Core With Fitness Business Cards

Whether you’re a yoga instructor, a nutrition expert or a personal trainer, a good set of fitness business cards add credibility to your brand identity. From providing accountability to your clients, devising training plans or helping people get back on track, there are plenty of examples of business cards for personal trainers, fitness instructors and wellness coaches.

Fitness, physical therapy and health coach business cards are flexible and versatile — place them on the front desk of a training studio, leave them on your table at a fitness conference or at a bootcamp session in the park for passers-by to pick up. Give your clients direction beyond physical fitness as a measure of health — wellness business cards add another dimension to your business. From life coach business cards to help people achieve their life goals to acupuncture business cards for those in need of pain relief, your business isn’t complete without cards to do the talking for you. With fitness injuries needing specialist attention, physical therapists can get the word out about their expertise in recovery with physical therapy business cards. Create the best personal trainer business cards to bring clients to you.

Fitness Business Card Design Late Night Instructor

Business Card Fitness Design Powerlifting

Sculpt Your Fitness Business Cards With Little Effort

It’s no sweat customizing your fitness business cards. With our online tool to do the hard work for you, your business will have strong representation with great-looking cards. Want to bring your wellness and life coach business card ideas to life? You’re in the right place. Hop on to our website and get customizing. Our vast range of configurations means there’s something for everyone. So whether you’re looking for papers for personal trainer business cards or finishes for fitness business cards, we have them all.

Our variety of handpicked papers gives you a solid foundation for cards that look and feel good, so whether you choose silk, pearlescent or Kraft, the strength of your business shows through every time. Not sure which paper to choose? Textured paper adds an interesting touch with a noticeably fuzzy feel for acupuncture business cards, while the raw and rustic vibe of Kraft paper is a great base for the toughness of a bodybuilding gym or training plan. Yoga instructors might prefer the minimalism of uncoated paper, or sustainable cotton paper for an eco-friendly option. Run a personal training service? Consider matte coating for the smooth surface of your personal trainer business cards or add rounded corners to your nutrition and weight loss business cards. With so many options available, you’ll never run out of ideas when you customize your cards with Aura Print.

Order A Sample Pack Of Fitness Business Cards

Find inspiration by ordering one of our sample packs online today. Help drive the creativity behind your fitness, gym, or yoga business card design by browsing a relevant selection of our expertly crafted cards.

How To Order



Create fitness business cards to build a strong business image. From papers for personal training studios to finishes for physiotherapists, we have a huge range of customizations to create the cards you want for a solid brand identity.



Sculpt your card with a design of your choice. Whether you have an existing design or need a custom design from us, you’re guaranteed to receive cards printed in the sharpest clarity. Choosing our custom design service? Our professional design team are experts so whether you need nutrition, wellness or personal trainer business card designs, we’ll create whatever takes your fancy.



When you’re ready with all your options, place your order and we’ll send over a digital proof for approval. Once you’re happy with it, we’ll get printing as many as you want so your business will be in the best shape possible.

Rounded Corner Weight Loss Business Cards

Rounded Corner Weight Loss Business Cards

Help clients and customers a turn a corner with their goals when you choose rounded corners for your weight loss business cards. With a smooth and sleek feel, your cards show your approach keeps every client’s needs in mind. Add rounded corners as a touch of refinement and sophistication to your cards for clients who are looking to turn their health and their life around.

Color Core Personal Trainer Business Cards

Color Core Personal Trainer Business Cards

Build a strong core for your business with color core business cards to show clients they’ll get the best results. With the front and back faces of the cards in white, the middle layer of the card is in a color of your choice. Feel free to match it to your brand color so clients will remember the strength they achieve with you when they hold a card that’s 3 times as strong as others.

Nevertear Physical Therapist Business Cards

Nevertear Physical Therapist Business Cards

Whether you provide recovery from a sports injury or help with mobility issues, nevertear is a good option to use for physical therapist cards. Give your clients a good impression with a card that’s as robust and durable as their muscles will be with you. With the added benefit of being waterproof, nevertear is a good choice to hand over to clients who need your services on a regular basis.