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Printed Festival Wristbands

  • Fits around festival goers wrists with an easy peel-off adhesive backing
  • Waterproof and dirt resistant, great for busy festival grounds
  • Print custom festival wristbands, including numbers on each wristband

For a creative accessory for your next festival, why not try custom festival wristbands? Wristbands are a fun and unique way to admit entry for your festival patrons, keep track of the number of guests you attract, and allow special patrons a VIP access pass. And, with our printing options, you can have a custom band for each and every one of your guests.

We’ve provided you with a great selection of printing options for your custom concert wristbands. Choose from as little as 50 wristbands to over 2000 printed wristbands, so no matter what size your concert is, you’ll have the right amount of bands for everyone. Our waterproof and dirt-resistant wristbands are perfect for a busy (and sweaty) weekend of music appreciation.

Stand Out With Custom Festival Wristbands

Whether you’re hosting this year’s biggest hit music festival or a smaller intimate concert, custom festival wristbands are bound to be popular with your attendees. A great alternative to traditional paper ticket, printed festival wristbands are easy and comfortable to wear. Simply slip on the band and attach with an easy-peel adhesive backing. And, once the day is done, all you need to do is cut the band to remove it.

Here at Aura print, we want your custom concert wristbands to be as convenient as possible. Our team are on hand to help you with any wristband questions that you may have. From helping with wristband sizing to providing expert advice to guide you through the process, we’re here for whatever query you may have.

Custom Concert Wristbands Designed In-House By Our Team

Wondering how you can jam-pack all the fun and excitement of your festival into one custom festival wristband? This is where our studio team of designers are here to assist. Our in-house team can take all those great ideas you have and turn them into a beautiful wristband design. Take your custom concert wristbands from plain and boring to fun and creative.

We don’t want to limit your festival wristbands to just one design. Our printing options can allow for over 5 different designs for your printed paper wristbands. So, whether you’re wanting different colored bands for each of your music tents or need a way to easily separate your crowds by age, different wristband designs are the way to go.

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Posted in as little as 3 working days from proof approval using 1-3 day delivery.

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All wristbands finished, quality checked and packaged in house.

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We confidently back this with our 100% workmanship guarantee.

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